What Is Prime Wardrobe? Everything You Need to Know

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Prime Wardrobe is the best way to get your online clothing store up and running. The platform offers an easy-to-use, intuitive website builder that will help you launch a successful ecommerce shop without any tech knowledge or experience.

“Prime Wardrobe is a clothing subscription service that offers a $300 limit on your purchase.” Prime Wardrobe is a clothing subscription service that offers a $300 limit on your purchase. The company has been around since 2011 and has over 100,000 members.

What Is Prime Wardrobe? Everything You Need to Know

Amazon Prime Wardrobe makes online clothing buying simpler than ever before by allowing Prime members to purchase a selection of sartorial essentials for free. 

Customers may try on dresses, clogs, T-shirts, joggers, and more in the comfort of their own homes after placing an order, and only pay for what they retain. You may purchase apparel for women, men, kids, and babies, as well as shoes and accessories, via Amazon Prime Wardrobe. 

We’ll go through the ins and outs of Amazon Prime membership in this guide, as well as everything you need to know as a consumer. In addition, we’ll look at how the Prime Wardrobe service differs from clothes subscription programs and buying apparel via standard Amazon Prime. We’ll also look at the advantages and disadvantages of selling your own items on Amazon’s marketplace.

101 The Prime Wardrobe 

The phrase “try before you buy” has swept over the world of internet shopping. Prime Wardrobe, like other Amazon Prime services, is meant to keep consumers coming back by being user-friendly and free to Prime members. 

Here, we look into how Amazon Prime Wardrobe works from the consumer’s perspective, including:

  • What is Prime Wardrobe and how does it work?
  • What is the Prime Wardrobe’s policy on returns?
  • When do you have to pay for Prime Wardrobe?
  • What kinds of garments can you get via Prime Wardrobe?

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What Is Prime Wardrobe and How Does It Work?

Prime Members may browse a range of apparel brands and order up to eight things (with a three-item minimum) for Amazon direct shipment to their doorstep. 

Shoppers have seven days to try on the products at home and return anything they don’t like. Only the clothes they retain will be charged. 

The following is how it works:

  1. Customers only need to log in to their Prime account to see what goods are available for Prime Wardrobe.
  2. Enter the term for what they’re looking for, such as “summer dress.”
  3. Consumers may then click the Prime Wardrobe box under “Filters” on the far left side of the browser to ensure they’re just looking at Prime Wardrobe eligible goods. 

Customers may also use the Prime Wardrobe landing page1 to search selected criteria like “Retro Prints,” “The Comfort Zone,” and “Sweater-Weather Essentials” if they aren’t sure what their wardrobe needs.

All Prime Wardrobe returns are free (more on that below), and there are no additional expenses since the service is included in their monthly Prime Membership subscription. 

Prime Wardrobe’s Personal Shopper, an extra service that enables Amazon professional stylists conduct their shopping for customers for just $4.99 a month, is one that does charge a monthly subscription for subscribers.  

Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe 

Customers may order the same amount of clothing items from Personal Shopper as they can from Prime Wardrobe, and the same return policy applies. The only difference is that with Personal Shopper, consumers are immediately cast in their own HGTV program, “What to Wear Next.”

Here’s how this personal shopping service works in a nutshell:

  • Customers establish a profile and fill out a brief survey so that Amazon stylists are aware of their preferences, which range from personal style to budget to size. 
  • Customers may give their stylist specific requests. Customers may, for example, express their desire for a pair of designer jeans to be featured in every curated collection.     
  • Prime customers may now see their stylists’ recommendations and choose three to eight things to try on at home. 
  • Customers then have a seven-day try-on time to determine the best fit for them and return the remainder. 

At any moment, users may terminate their Personal Shopper service. 

What Is the Return Policy for the Prime Wardrobe? 

Items from the Prime Wardrobe may arrive on various days; nevertheless, a prime client can normally anticipate their whole purchase to arrive within 4-6 business days. 

The seven-day trial period begins after the final package is received. Customers may go to their Amazon account’s Your Orders page and pick which things they want to retain and which they want to return before the time ends. 

Customers may return their packages to UPS using the given return label. If a customer’s purchases arrive on various days and in several shipments, they may return them using any of the return labels. 

Items must be returned in their original packaging, unused, unwashed, and undamaged with tags intact—no wearing an evening gown out for the weekend and then attempting to return it for free. 

If a consumer chooses to retain one of their goods after the try-on time has ended and wants to return it, they have 30 days from the end of the term to return the item or items for a refund. 

When Do You Have To Pay For Prime Wardrobe?

Customers will be charged for any things they still have in their possession at 11:59 p.m. local time at the conclusion of the seven-day try-on period. 

What Kinds of Clothes Can You Get Through Prime Wardrobe? 

On Amazon Prime Wardrobe, Prime members may shop for tiny labels and national brands, with prices ranging from extremely low to designer-level high. 

The following are some well-known brands:

  • Levi’s
  • Calvin Klein is a well-known fashion designer.
  • J Brand
  • Theory
  • Armani AIX
  • Lucky Brand is a brand that is known for its
  • Alex and Ani are a couple. 
  • … and much more 

Depending on the season and what’s trendy, certain companies may spotlight particular apparel products, making it even simpler for shopaholics on the fence to pick what to include in their Prime Wardrobe box. 

For example, the Amazon brand Daily Ritual has a Prime Wardrobe page dedicated to “Elevate Your Everyday,” where customers will discover pages upon pages of basic, comfy, but elegant essentials like jersey dresses and poplin trousers. 

Amazon Prime vs. Clothing Subscription Services vs. Prime Wardrobe 

Amazon has mastered the art of generating income through retail, subscriptions, and digital services. 

Amazon recognizes that by 2021, most consumers have had enough of in-person buying: malls are dead zones; the prospect of an ongoing epidemic looms, making face-to-face purchasing even less appealing; and the number of ways to TBYB grows by the day. 

In addition to Prime Wardrobe, Amazon has stepped up their fashion game with the debut of StyleSnap, a service that allows users to snap a photo of a piece of clothing and search for it online. 2

Despite this, some buyers may question whether a subscription service like Stitch Fix or Nuuly is a better fit for them, or if getting items from Amazon the old-fashioned method is a better option. 

Let’s look at some of the features that distinguish Prime Wardrobe from its rivals, as well as Amazon Prime itself:

  • Fees — Most subscription services demand a one-year commitment and a monthly styling price of $10 or more (in addition to whatever you pay for the clothes you keep). Unless you opt to employ the Personal Shopper service, Prime Wardrobe needs no commitment and no price. 
  • The ability to choose – In a Business Insider review, writer James Brains said that Prime Wardrobe’s TBYB apparel service is superior to others since customers can pick precisely what they want—most other services have a built-in stylist, whether you like it or not. 3
  • There are no upfront fees — Unlike buying straight from Amazon Prime, you don’t have to pay anything up ahead with Prime Wardrobe. So, unlike Amazon Prime, which charges you up front and then sends you a refund after the item is returned, if you opt to return an item with Prime Wardrobe, you’ll never be charged. 

Prime Wardrobe is undoubtedly the finest online retail choice for those who like to conduct all of their clothing buying online—in bulk—and aren’t set on a certain brand but are open to a variety of styles. 

Prime Wardrobe’s Influence on Small Businesses

Smaller entrepreneurs have been motivated to establish their own versions of this concept by companies like Amazon, which launched Prime Wardrobe in the United States in 2018. 

Take, for example, TryNow, a San Francisco-based firm that provides technology to Shopify Plus users. 4 TryNow has already raised $12 million as of March 2021 to continue their growth objectives. Clearly, investors perceive the potential in the TBYB market. 

Power Digital Marketing can help you sell your products on Amazon. 

There are several advantages for customers who utilize Amazon Prime Wardrobe, as we’ve discussed, but what about sellers?

Whether you’re a clothing business selling via Amazon Marketplace, you may be wondering if your goods will show up in Prime Wardrobe. 

Amazon claims that:5

The Prime Wardrobe approved goods, as well as the minimum and maximum items

Each order is subject to change at any moment at our sole discretion.

So, whether or not your brand makes it into the Prime Wardrobe catalog, you may want to think about selling your apparel and accessories via this online behemoth. 

Consider the following advantages of selling on Amazon, as well as Amazon seller blunders to avoid6:

  • Reach out to a fresh and diverse audience of people from all around the globe.
  • Gain credibility—Amazon has worked hard for years to earn the confidence of its millions of customers.
  • With the optional Fulfillment by Amazon service, you can delegate all shipping obligations to the experts. 

Are you ready to learn more about how to become a successful Amazon seller? 

With Power Digital Marketing, you may try on new possibilities.

Power Digital Marketing offers a dedicated Amazon marketing team that can assist you in effectively listing your product, adapting to Amazon’s ever-changing algorithms, improving SEO, and launching new campaigns. Our staff can also keep you informed about upcoming Amazon services like Amazon Moments and Amazon FBA. 

Your product will stand out like a gleaming gem among the millions of things available on Amazon using SagaReach Marketing. 



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Watch This Video-

“Prime Wardrobe” is a term that refers to the opportunity for brands to use influencers in order to promote their products. It’s also known as “Product Placement.” Abuse of this system can be seen when brands pay influencers without the influencer disclosing it. The FTC has put out a list of guidelines on what you need to know about Prime Wardrobe. Reference: prime wardrobe abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you dont pay prime Wardrobe?

A: If you dont have a prime membership, the game will be shut down.

Is there a fee for Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

A: There is no fee for Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Does Amazon Wardrobe charge your card?

A: No, Amazon does not charge your card for orders made through the Wardrobe.

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