What Are Google Business Reviews?

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Google Business Reviews is a platform that allows businesses to review their Google reviews. It helps business owners know which of their reviews are positive and negative, as well as what the best ways to improve them are. The goal is for all these bad reviews to be removed by offering solutions through this new system.

Google Business Reviews is a tool that allows businesses to have their reviews listed on Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google products. The reviews are based on the quality of the business. Read more in detail here: google reviews.

You already know how important a good reputation is as a company owner.

The way a prospective consumer perceives your company will have a significant impact on whether or not they make a purchase. It also contributes to converting a first-time buyer into a devoted follower of your business.

Google company reviews are one of the most effective strategies to create and strengthen your internet reputation.

Although Google isn’t the only location where you may get this type of feedback, it is definitely the most popular internet search engine. This implies that when it comes to establishing your reputation, it should always be your first port of contact!

Google Business Reviews

Customers provide Google reviews on your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) profile.

You, as the owner of the company, then have the choice of responding to this comment. This is an excellent method to show that you care about your audience and that their input is vital to you.

These evaluations are crucial for a variety of reasons, which we’ll go over in more detail later!

Reviewing a Google Business

A consumer must offer a star rating out of five stars to post a Google company review, with five being the highest and one being the lowest.

Google assigns your company an overall star rating based on this, which is subsequently shown alongside your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. The more stars you have, the more likely prospective consumers are to trust your company.

Users may also comment in depth about their experience and upload images when leaving a review:

Google Business Review Details

Photos uploaded during an evaluation of your company will appear in your GBP listing instantly. You won’t be able to choose which photographs are shown or in what order they are displayed, but you may report a photo for removal if it violates the Google Photo Guidelines.

A customer’s review will appear on your business listing after it has been submitted. Each review will include the author’s name and profile picture, allowing prospective consumers to judge the credibility of each suggestion.

Anyone may see a user’s profile and read all of the evaluations they’ve left on GBP listings by clicking on their name. The ability to examine past reviews might aid a user’s confidence in the legitimacy of another’s experience. 

Local Guides by Google

You may acquire evaluations from Google Local Guides in addition to collecting them from ordinary customers. Contributors to the Google Local Guides program must offer evaluations and images of local companies, as well as amend company information, respond to queries, and double-check facts on Google Maps is a mapping service provided by Google..

Guides are rewarded with specific benefits and badges for their efforts; learn more about Google Local Guides here.

Where can you find Google reviews for companies online?

The Local Bundle

When a person searches for a local company on Google, the top three results are normally shown at the top of the page. This portion, which is distinct from the extra organic listings, is referred to as the Local Pack.

The average star rating from reviews will be shown inside the Local Pack listing:

Google Local Review

Google Maps

When a user searches for local companies on Google Maps, the ratings display as a star rating inside each result:

Google Maps Business Reviews

When a user uses Google Maps to search for a specific company, they will be provided with detailed information from the GBP listing to the left of the map.

Users may scroll down to see the review summary, which includes an overall star rating, as well as images and excerpts from reviews. These reviews may be sorted by relevancy, recency, and rating or filtered by keywords: 

True Food Kitchen Reviews

Examine the justifications

When a searcher specifies a particular intent for a local search, such as’vegetarian café,’ Google uses information from reviews to provide the most relevant results.

Part of the search phrase appears in bold when stated, as seen in the figure below; these findings are known as review justifications:

Vegetarian Cafe Local Reviews

Encouraging your customers to provide reviews with certain keywords may help you boost your search visibility for such phrases. 

Your Internet Site

Google evaluations may display immediately on your company website in addition to appearing in numerous locations in Google Search and Maps. You’ll want to show off yours so that potential clients can better appreciate the advantages and worth of your company.

Our Showcase Reviews widget is a simple solution that lets you show off your Google reviews on your website. You may also use this tool to display client feedback from over 80 other review sites!

What are the benefits of Google reviews for businesses?

Consumers will read up to 96 percent of answers to their evaluations, with many anticipating a quick response as routine. As a result of this expectation, replying to reviews has become a standard part of providing excellent customer service. 

Receiving a steady stream of good feedback from former and current consumers will inspire others to put their faith in your company. Using reviews to boost your internet reputation is a free approach to boost sales and earnings in the future. 

Furthermore, review answers have been shown to be a Google ranking indication, which means you may quickly increase your brand’s position by just responding.

How to get your business’s Google reviews up and running

If your company doesn’t already have a Google Business Profile, you’ll need to create one before you can start collecting reviews. To get started, see our step-by-step guide to creating a GBP listing.

Before you consider about reviews, you should spend some time improving your listing once it’s up and running. Check out chapter three of our Complete Guide to Google My Business for further information on how to maximize GBP.

Managers of single listings may now modify their profiles—and their reviews—directly inside Google Search and Google Maps using Google Business Profile. 

Simply put your company’s name into the search field to bring up the GBP control panel. You may go to the ‘Customers’ section from here, where you’ll discover the ‘Reviews’ section. You may read and respond to consumer comments here:

Gbp Customer Interaction

How to increase the number of Google reviews for your company

Requesting feedback from clients isn’t always as simple as it seems.

For some basic ideas on getting started, as well as an extension on the numerous advantages of receiving more reviews, see Brian Barwig’s guide to asking for reviews.

Check out our specialized tutorial for additional information on how to gain reviews on Google particularly.

What should you do if you get a bad rating on Google?

It’s critical to respond to consumer comments if you want to create and maintain a stellar reputation.

Google will notify you anytime a consumer leaves you a new review, making the task of keeping track of them a breeze. However, you should not wait to respond after you get a notification email.

There are three types of reviews: positive, negative, and neutral.

It’s crucial that you react to a review, regardless of its attitude or veracity.

It might be difficult to answer in a timely and professional manner all of the time. Fortunately, with these review response templates, we’ve done the hard work for you.

What to do if your company receives great Google reviews

You’ve gotten a good review—congratulations! You now have the chance to strengthen your connection with the reviewer and ideally convert them into a loyal client.

Begin by expressing gratitude to the consumer (by name) for taking the time to offer feedback. After then, you should respond to the feedback in a kind manner. To avoid appearing like a “cookie cutter,” be careful to refer to any particular issues they’ve brought up.

It’s usually a good idea to finish your response by urging the consumer to return to your company soon.

How to deal with bad Google reviews for your company

Negative reviews are not only annoying, but they may also harm your reputation.

When you hear bad comments, resist the impulse to respond right away. Instead, take some time to process this information and come up with a suitable answer. You may be able to salvage the situation and mend the connection with the dissatisfied consumer.

Even when responding to a bad review, thank the consumer for expressing their opinions. Continue by apologizing for the bad experience and inviting the consumer to provide further information about what went wrong.

Make sure you provide them your contact information in case they want to talk about it further. You should also make it obvious that you want the chance to set things right.

What should you do if you get a bogus Google business review?

Fake reviews may be just as damaging to your reputation as bad evaluations…and they’re considerably more annoying to deal with. 

If you get a negative review and suspect it is phony, be cool and don’t answer right away. Take some time to determine whether or not the feedback was provided by a real consumer. If you suspect it’s a hoax, respectfully request that the consumer contact you directly. You may then choose whether or not to report the event to Google.

Google has established a feature that allows users to request the removal of bogus reviews, as well as monitor and manage the escalation process. Learning how to use this tool will assist you in learning how to erase Google business reviews. 

According to a SagaReach survey, 82 percent of customers have read a phony review in the previous year, illustrating how widespread the issue is.

Online Reviews Can Be Trusted

Word-of-mouth marketing has long been regarded as one of the most effective marketing strategies, and this remains true today.

We know, for example, that 92 percent of customers would accept a personal recommendation for a product or service above any other kind of promotion. 

Online reviews are basically word-of-mouth recommendations amongst strangers in the digital era. Consumers see these evaluations as a reliable source of information, despite the fact that they lack the personal touch of feedback from friends or relatives. 

According to research, 84 percent of individuals trust internet recommendations exactly as much as peer recommendations. This emphasizes the need of developing and keeping a good internet reputation.

This may be accomplished by:

  • exemplary client service;
  • products/services of good quality; and
  • You should reply to each and every review you get.

Spreading the Word

Now that your Google Business Profile profile is up and running, and the reviews are beginning to roll in, you’ll want to do all you can to spread the news!

With our free review link generator, you can quickly create a Google review link for your customers that can be simply shared to encourage additional input.

Google Review Link Generator

Have you triumphed over Google Business Reviews?

When you’ve mastered the process of obtaining Google business reviews, reacting to them, and using them for your company’s benefit, you’ll be wondering, “What’s next?”

Depending on the extent of your to-do list, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are several different internet locations where you may get client feedback and improve your reputation.

Are you ready to take the next step in improving your customer satisfaction? Let’s get started!

Alix Coe

SagaReach’s Content Marketing Manager is Alix. They are mostly interested in reporting on the newest industry news and offering insights into the realm of local SEO.

Google Business Reviews are reviews that Google has created to help businesses find out what their customers think about them. They are mainly used by local businesses, but they can also be used for national businesses. Reference: google ratings and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google my business reviews?


Are Google my business reviews important?

A: Google reviews are very important when it comes to making a decision. When you search for a service or product, the first result is usually from their website and will have some information about them that can help you make your decision.

What do you get from Google reviews?

A: From the moment I first had contact with Google, my life changed. It was like they found me and wanted to help me. They really opened up a world of opportunities for people who had no idea how to go about them on their own.

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