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With all the content on social media channels like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, it’s hard to express your message without getting lost in the sea of posts. SagaReach Social Media Management Agency helps businesses get noticed online by using Twitter marketing, among other Digital Marketing Service in the toolbox, that are more effective than any other platform.

SagaReach  is an international leader in social media marketing for local businesses that want to grow their brand or market their product to specific target audiences — and we offer a variety of services too.

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What are Twitter Ads?

Twitter is a social media behemoth with over 336 million monthly active users and over 500 million postings each day. Despite the overwhelming number of tweets, our highly skilled Twitter advertising firm will help your company cut through the clutter and get its message through.

Is your company trying to reach out to customers who have significant buying power? Ads on Twitter may have a significant effect on your marketing approach if this is the case In the U.S., Twitter is the fifth most popular social media network for adults, with 46% of adults checking the site at least once a day. This makes Twitter a critical marketing opportunity for businesses looking to reach Millennials and Gen Xers in one location.

Despite the fact that people of various ages are using Twitter, those aged 30 to 49 account for 27% of the site’s viewership, while people aged 50 to 64 account for 15% of the site’s very varied user base.

We’ll use the latest industry data and platform technologies in your marketing campaign to find your perfect customers. In order to get the greatest outcomes, we adhere to industry best practices and maximize every opportunity.

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Why use Twitter advertising services?

Twitter is an excellent social media platform for implementing your digital marketing strategies because of its rapid growth and varied user base. You may reach more people and achieve your marketing objectives with the assistance of Twitter advertising.

There are many reasons why you should use Twitter’s advertising services, including the following:

With over 336 million monthly active users, Twitter is a great place to discover your audience. Because of the large number of people that use our site, it’s much easier to connect with potential customers.

Your existing customers, as well as prospective ones, may all be discovered on Twitter. Take use of this platform to build relationships with other users and broaden the reach of your business.

Users that viewed an In-Stream Video Ad on Twitter were 70% more likely to recall that company, according to the data. Ensure that your customers will remember you by using video recall techniques in the future.

There is a low cost to Twitter advertising services, making it a viable marketing approach for most businesses of any size. Marketers have discovered new methods to reduce advertising expenses while still reaching a larger audience via social media.

The average time spent on social media each day is almost two hours. In order to reach your audience, you must advertise on platforms that they actively utilize on a regular basis.

Most companies have a limited advertising budget and need to get their ads in front of their target demographic as quickly as possible. Twitter is a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes because of its speed and results.


What goals should I have for Twitter advertising?

Twitter is a massive social media platform with a worldwide user base. It’s critical to precisely identify your marketing objectives before you create a plan for this platform. Here are some of the top goals for your Twitter strategy that can help you make the most of your time on this platform, from increasing website traffic to raising brand awareness:

Increase the number of people who know about your company and are willing to spend money on your brand, goods, and services.

Don’t be afraid to engage with customers on a deeper level. This may include things like retweets, hashtags, and replies to other people’s tweets on Twitter.

Use Twitter to drive more traffic to important pages on your company’s website, such as those that show your distinct advantages or provide visitors the chance to become leads.

The process of installing an application has completed.

Use ads to persuade people to install your app.

Increasing your Twitter following is critical if you want to be taken seriously on the social media platform. To ensure that you’re building a following that is both interested and relevant, use smart targeting to increase your audience.

Short films work well on Twitter because of the nature of the service. More people watching your videos will raise awareness of your brand and assist you in achieving many of your marketing objectives.

Here at SagaReach, we have a team of marketing experts that can assist you in determining what the ideal objectives are for your company and give you the best Twitter Marketing Strategy. We are aware that each business is different, and as a result, a customized Twitter marketing approach is required. Together with our team, you’ll have goals that are well-defined and a plan on how to get there.

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How does targeting work for Twitter advertising?

Twitter advertising is a great method to reach your target audience, regardless of how little or large it is. But how does Twitter’s targeting work? This platform’s audience will be determined by the following factors:

  • Use carefully chosen keywords and phrases to help you connect with your target audience depending on what they’re searching for.
  • Personal characteristics and pursuits: Make an effort to learn as much as possible about your target market before developing a marketing strategy. Gender, income, age range, and general interests are all factors to consider.
  • Lookalike audiences: Look for people who are similar to the people who follow your rivals.
  • Remarketing is the practice of contacting customers who are aware of your brand but have not yet purchased anything from you or provided you with their contact information. Users who have viewed or interacted with your tweets or who have been to your website may be remarketed to on Twitter.

Advertising on Twitter may help you discover your target demographic and provide you with the tools to track your success.

How to measure Twitter advertising results?

You should always keep tabs on the development of your social media marketing campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness.

We at SagaReach will assist you in determining whether or not your Twitter marketing plan is on track. Analytics tools such as those provided by Twitter and Google can help us assess whether your efforts are yielding the results you expected in terms of social media engagement, brand recognition and website traffic.

We’ll look at and assess the usefulness of the following:

  • Engagement levels
  • Reach
  • Click-through rates
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Page views
  • Average time spent on your pages and website

Our staff will keep track of your progress and results and use that information to help you fine-tune your marketing strategies to get the best results.

Who should use a Twitter advertising agency?

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re probably eager to get your Twitter marketing campaign off the ground. The fact that social media marketers can start and enhance your campaign in numerous ways can be beneficial if you’re still on the fence about hiring a professional advertising team.

If you don’t have a lot of spare time, working with a Twitter advertising firm is a good option. For a Twitter campaign to be successful, you’ll need to commit a significant amount of time and work.

Businesses that don’t have a social media plan may also profit greatly from the assistance of marketers. Using the services of a professional social media consultant may help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Twitter advertising.

Having a well-trained marketing staff also means you won’t have to be concerned about whether or not your Twitter campaign is going in the correct way. At SagaReach Twitter Marketing Service, we work with companies of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors to help them achieve their goals and put their best plan into action.

What to expect when working with a Twitter advertising agency?

Your Twitter advertising campaign will be handled by a marketing team that becomes an extension of your own staff when you employ them to do it. The success of your company’s overall marketing strategy is dependent on selecting the appropriate marketers.

You’ve hired a team to handle your Twitter marketing. What should you expect from them? You’ll get the following advantages by working with the appropriate advertising agency:

  • Marketing work and strategies that are consistent with advertising trends.
  • Support from professionals who receive ongoing training.
  • Transparent pricing and deliverables.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • Excellent communication skills and responsiveness.
  • Knowledge of the latest features for your business that will help you stay ahead of your competition.
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Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses.

You may make use of our social media marketing services on any of the platforms listed below. Click on one of the links below to discover more about our SMM promotion services, or contact us to set up a free consultation.


Because Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, you can be sure that your message will be seen by a large number of people. Expand your company with the help of the most popular social media site.


A picture is worth a thousand words, according to the saying. To find new goods, utilize one of the most popular social media sites, which is used by 60% of internet users. Today is the day to begin developing an audience.


Boost your company’s visibility on Twitter. Twitter is utilized by people of various ages, ranging from 18 to 64. Use a reputable social media site to build trust and lasting connections.


Using pictures, animated GIFs, and videos on a smaller scale, Pinterest allows users to save and discover content from the internet by creating pinboards.


LinkedIn is a U.S.-based business networking and job search website and mobile app. This area has a huge number of decision makers that can be reached.

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SagaReach's Social Media Marketing Agency FAQs

Followers, engagement, and website traffic and conversions are some of the most important performance metrics we track. All of these factors have a long-term impact on sales. These indicators will increase on a monthly basis, and we’ll keep tabs on them to evaluate how well they serve you.

Growth on Facebook will be determined by advertising and the success of your social media initiatives, both of which we have control over. Our customers often experience a 100-300 percent increase in organic followers each month on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

It is important to us that your social media platforms have a strong following, as well as active interaction. You may see an increase in organic website traffic as a result of gaining new fans. It’s best to pay for social advertising if you want an instant boost in website traffic.

For our customers, results are defined as an increase in the number of people who follow them and interact with their content. Every month, the outcomes should become better and better.

In order to observe a significant increase in conversions, we advise our customers to use this service for at least 6-12 months. This is due to the fact that our social media management service focuses on growing your brand’s fan base, engagement, and word-of-mouth. In the near term, you should use our sponsored social advertising services to drive conversions.

  • We offer monthly contract durations as an introductory offer. Your account will be maintained on a month-to-month basis once the original contract period has expired. You may terminate your subscription at any time by providing a written or digital notification of 30 days’ notice. After 30 days, we’ll stop providing all services and give you your data back.

Setup is one-time only. Primarily, it’s used to get you set up on our end so that your campaign may get started right away. We’ll get you set up in our search and analytics systems, and take care of other back-end stuff for you. On top of that, we’ll create all of your advertising accounts.

You’ll have a personal social media account manager assigned to you. Social media marketing is a specialty of this individual, and it’s probable that they’ve worked with other companies in your sector before. It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of interaction with this individual. In order to provide you with consistently high-quality work, we do an internal assessment of all of our social media content and visuals.

We learn more about your choices for content through the survey. We’ll define the content approach we’ll use for your company in the social media plan we create just for you. Then, we’ll start planning your social media posts in a content calendar if you agree with this strategy. In advance of it being published on your social media accounts, you’ll have a chance to evaluate all of the material.

We don’t need any material from you. In any case, if you already have material, we’d be delighted to include it.

Your social media account manager will be able to create original material that is tailored to your company’s image and target audience. Stock imagery, easy design tools, and current news are all readily available to us. This will help us provide engaging content for your audience.

We can increase the number of your fans organically and via paid methods. Organically, we may use a variety of approaches without spending money on advertising. You’ll require a marketing budget if you choose the paid route.

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Our Happy Clients:

There's no BS...they do exactly what they say." We needed SagaReach's services, and they have more than met our expectations. They're upfront, honest, and fast to respond to all of your needs. They're also dependable; you can rely on them, and they deliver on their promises with no BS.

John McCabe,
Metro Vancouver Movers

I am in awe of these guys. With their support, we've been able to expand our firm so much that the only issue we're running into is having too much business. SagaReach helped us get to where we wanted to be. Many thanks to all of you!

Garth Solomon,
Tectum Salinas Roofing

It's been a pleasure working with the SagaReach team! When it comes to providing unmatched customer service and paying close attention to the demands of our company, their devotion and enthusiasm shine through loud and clear. We hope our partnership will be fruitful and long-lasting.

Sandy Horton, Mr HandyMan LA

We've witnessed a 200 percent increase in online contact forms filled out and returned since working with SagaReach on our new website. They worked diligently with us to create a website that satisfied all of our requirements. Thank you so much to everyone at SagaReach for your efforts and dedication!

Amish Vashista, Law Firm AV

When it comes to converting your website ideas into reality, SagaReach is the best. Due to our high regard for their services, we have already sent along their contact information to a number of our business associates.

Fred, Fred's Junk Removal

In a year's time, we redesigned our website a total of thrice. The original business and SagaReach could not be compared. Professionnal, innovative, detail-oriented, and good at communicating I could have saved time and money by working with SagaReach the first time around.

Connor Nichols, ConnorGP

From Industry Practitioners:

I have seen Josh’s growth from a SEO freelancer into a full stack Digital Marketer. I highly recommend local businesses to work with him and his team!


Scheiler Mew

CEO, ServiceLifter

Saw this kid (Josh Saga) coming from miles away, ready to blow the industry with amazing results. I’ve been doing Local SEO for more than a decade, and I haven’t spotted someone who can learn and execute better than SagaReach.


Chris Palmer

CEO, Chris Palmer SEO

Josh and his team has been with IMG for quite some time, and he contributes a lot for the growth of the SEO space, especially in the Affiliate and Local SEO scene. He knows his stuff.


Kyle Roof

Founder, PageOptimizerPro & CEO of HighVoltage SEO

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