TVSquared launches cross-platform analytics solution in UK and Germany

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TVSquared is the UK’s first cross-platform analytics solution for digital marketing. The new platform, called CrossFit Analytics, helps advertisers gain greater insight into how their ads are performing across TV and online channels. A recent study found that brands lose around $16 billion in wasted advertising spend every year on underperforming campaigns. Out of all channel types, social media has seen some of the highest ROI by far.

TVSquared has released ADvantage XP, a cross-platform measurement and attribution platform for all types of TV, in the UK and Germany.

The scalable system allows TV campaigns to evaluate ad exposure and results on a continuous and impression-based basis across linear, streaming, and addressable TV.

TVSquared offers a large coverage of global convergent TV, now adding millions of British and German homes, thanks to smart TV viewing data and direct publisher integrations.

Furthermore, TVSquared verifies homes using their audience IDs in order to precisely correlate exposures to results and harmonise data across platforms.

The analytics from ADvantage XP measure incremental reach, including extra streaming households reached outside of linear TV, and give attribution insights on key performance KPIs like sales, registrations, and app activity, among others.

“TV is reinventing itself in real time, and marketers need a uniform approach to quantify and attribute value across platforms,” said Jo Kinsella, president of TVSquared.

“With our scalable, unified platform at the heart of the TV ecosystem, TVSquared is ideally positioned to harness the relevant data sources and give uniform measurement and attribution.”

“Adoption of convergent TV tactics is at the top of marketers’ thoughts throughout the world, and we’re thrilled to support that momentum with the introduction of ADvantage XP in the United Kingdom and Germany.”

The introduction of ADvantage XP in Europe follows the publication of a new study titled “The State of Converged TV: A Look at Global Trends & Adoption” by TVSquared and Dynata.

The poll, which indicated that more than 80% of respondents regard cross-platform TV measurement to be a critical concern, demonstrates how people are changing their perceptions of what constitutes television as streaming expands.


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