Top 10 Best Atlanta SEO Companies

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Atlanta is a city with many different types of people and industries. It has an attractive location on the East Coast, making it appealing to businesses who want more customers close by. Without a doubt one industry that has flourished in Atlanta is SEO marketing firms. These companies have been able to grow their clientele accordingly due to their ability to provide reliable services for affordable prices, which can be difficult among other digital marketing agencies in higher-cost cities like New York or San Francisco

Atlanta is a city in Georgia, United States. Atlanta has been ranked as the most livable city in the U.S. and it is also home to many top-ranked businesses. The “atlanta georgia things to do” includes the Top 10 Best Atlanta SEO Companies.

Top 10 Best Atlanta SEO Companies

Do you want to choose the top Atlanta SEO firm in 2021?

Continue reading because we’ve produced a list of the best firms based on objective facts.

Let’s get started.

1. Marketing for Lyfe


According to our grading methodology, Lyfe Marketing is the best. It not only had more website traffic than all of its rivals combined, but it also had an average Google review score of 4.5 out of 148 reviews, making it by far the best Atlanta SEO firm.

Its success is due in part to its strategy. Unlike other competitors, the firm concentrates on giving quality internet traffic to its customers rather than quantity. It recognizes, as do other sophisticated SEO firms, that providing customers with the tools they need to create leads is critical to digital marketing success.

Furthermore, Lyfe Marketing places a strong emphasis on delivering quantifiable outcomes. It offers its customers a monthly analysis of relevant search engine optimization and how their efforts are helping to enhance exposure and ranking – which is useful in an industry where trust may be a problem.

Lyfe Marketing’s clients’ sites presently have over 300 local and national first-page rankings. It’s not awful.

2. Digital Marketing by Cardinal


Cardinal Digital Marketing, an Atlanta SEO firm that writes for Forbes, The Business Journals, Entrepreneur, WSJ, and the American Marketing Institute, is ranked second on our list.

The firm was ranked second due to two factors: the quality of its website and its average Google review score. It has a genuine SSagaReach Marketing accreditation and a website that loaded pages in under three seconds. In 77 reviews, customers gave the service a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

As an Atlanta SEO firm, its main goal is to assist multi-location businesses in expanding into new areas. And, under the direction of Alex Membrillo, the company’s CEO, it has grown at a breakneck pace in recent years. So much so that it was designated one of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately-held US firms by Inc. magazine.

The company has a 97 percent customer retention rate and provides clients with a monthly client lead growth rate of 28 percent on average. Figures like that can’t be ignored.

3. M16 Advertising


M16 Marketing, awarded the best Atlanta SEO firm by UpCity, is third on our list. The firm concentrates nearly entirely on rankings, using a five-step process to assist customers in reaching the top. Keyword research is the first step, followed by content creation, technical SEO, and backlinks.

The firm came in third on our list due to two factors: its 4.9-star review score and its user-friendly website. It also has the most positive reviews of all of the items on this list.

M16 thinks that the greatest approach to generate value is to combine art with science, and it uses its knowledge to stunning effect. According to its digital marketing, the firm promises to deliver a month-over-month increase of more than 250 percent. Its high customer satisfaction ratings seem to support this idea.

From the beginning, the company places a strong emphasis on developing connections with its clients. It doesn’t do things the same way every time. Instead, it gets to know and internalizes the companies with whom it collaborates, questioning old concepts and establishing new territory. If you’re searching for an SEO in Atlanta, this is one to think about.

4. SEO Expert in Atlanta


Atlanta SEO Pro specializes in paid advertising, website design, online reputation management, and search engine optimization. The firm promises to be “not just another Atlanta SEO firm,” but one that gives true value to its customers, keeping virtually all of them.

We were blown away by the entire quality of their organization, which was reflected in all of our KPIs. The website passed our test with flying colors, and its review score on external review sites was an excellent 4.8 out of 5. Their low monthly search traffic – only 260 unique visitors to their website each month, according to Ahrefs data – impacted their score (and explained why they didn’t rank higher here).

As a result, Atlanta SEO Pro is a high-quality SEO agency with minimal exposure, which is a little paradoxical.

Fundamentally, Atlanta Pro SEO is for businesses searching for a unique way to get their name out there online. Expect material that is “sometimes-quirky” and “fun-loving” since the company is self-admittedly “sometimes-quirky” and “fun-loving.” James Bell, the company’s founder, has expertise in SEO, conversion optimization, social media, and hyper-local digital marketing methods.

5. Engage in Search Marketing


According to our scoring methodology, Captivate Search Marketing landed in fifth place. While it performed well in the review section, it, like Atlanta SEO Pro, was handicapped by a lack of website traffic. The current monthly traffic is considerably below 500 unique visitors.

For its customers, the business prefers to concentrate on providing “pure value content.” It isn’t in the business of spamming search engines or exceeding keyword limitations, in other words. Instead, it aspires to provide true insights and creative material that adds value to its clients.

The company does an amazing job of creating high-quality leads for its clients. What’s remarkable about its strategy is that it concentrates on pre-qualified leads and sales, rather than merely relevant traffic.

While the company’s Ahrefs data portrays it as a small-time business, it works with a number of renowned customers around Georgia, including WIFII, Georgia Natural Gas, and Park ‘n Fly. Customers like how the organization consistently provides material in a “time-sensitive” manner, precisely when they need it.

Propellant Media No. 6


Propellant Media’s tale started some years ago, when the firm noticed that midsize businesses lacked access to enterprise-level SEO solutions. As a result, the company started creating a number of exclusive approaches that would allow smaller businesses to access the same programs that helped the big guys reach the top.

The firm is ranked sixth on our list. It also has the second-highest traffic of any Atlanta SEO agency we looked at, behind only Lyfe Marketing. However, due to issues with the website’s loading speed and a scarcity of Google reviews (we only found three), the firm lost out on a spot in the top five. Propellant Media, on the other hand, has the potential to rise higher on our list in the future years.

Tech Square Labs, a well-known centre for innovation and technical development in Atlanta, is where the firm is based. It takes advantage of this unique setting to build new knowledge at the cutting edge of SEO and provide customers with deep insight.

7. Locate a Local Business


FindLocal Company is an SEO business located in Atlanta that specializes in both SEO and designing ADA-compliant websites to assist its customers avoid needless litigation. On our list, the site is ranked eighth. The average rating across all 31 reviews was a fantastic 5 out of 5. However, the total number of monthly visitors was fewer than a hundred, indicating that this is still a young organization.

Part of this is due to the fact that FindLocal Company does not appear among the top 10 websites for frequently searched terms. To discover it, you have to travel to the second or third page, which significantly reduces organic traffic. FindLocal, like Atlanta Pro SEO, has the same issue. Being difficult to locate is never a good thing for an SEO or digital marketing firm.

MediaLinkers (nine)


MediaLinkers is a seasoned pro when it comes to Atlanta SEO services. It originally opened its doors in 2002, during the dot-com boom, and has since assisted scores of enterprises in developing websites for their online businesses. It now employs over sixty people and specializes in web design and search engine optimization.

In our SEO best practices test, MediaLinkers acquitted itself well, receiving a perfect score. Thanks to its extensive network of do-follow links, it also scored highly on Ahrefs domain rating score. The firm, on the other hand, had a significant drop in overall website visitors, serving less than ten individuals per month at the time of our research.

Despite this, it employs a top-notch design team. It builds professional, visually pleasing websites, despite the fact that its own requires some effort.

Shiftweb Solutions is number nine on the list.


Shiftweb Solutions is an Atlanta SEO firm formed in 2011 by Sinoun Chea that specializes on assisting small companies. Chea feels that her customers are the backbone of local economies and communities, and she is eager to assist them in any way she can in gaining online exposure.

We noticed no concerns with the review ratings or the website’s overall quality. (With 37 reviews, the digital marketing firm has an average Google Review score of 5 out of 5 stars.) The domain’s quality was the biggest disappointment. We were only able to grant the company a few points because of the minimal quantity of do-follow links and the low monthly traffic.

Shiftweb Solutions works with a diverse range of local businesses, including artists, lawyers, and organizations. It has a reputation for being a hardworking and honest company.

Yes, indeed! Local


Finally, a big yes! Local completes our top ten list of the finest Atlanta SEO services for 2021. Justin Herring founded the digital marketing organization with the goal of assisting local companies in obtaining non-shady SEO services that provide true value.

Herring seen firsthand how some SEO firms defrauded their clients by failing to deliver updates and ignoring their communications. To remedy the issue, he founded Yeah! Local, a boutique SEO firm that has been in operation ever since.

Yeah! The average review score for Local was 5 out of 5, but there were a few reasons why Herring didn’t rank higher. For starters, the site receives fewer than 500 visitors each month, which isn’t a lot for a small business. Second, certain sites on Yeah! Local did not load in the allotted three seconds. This lowered their score.

Criteria for scoring

Instead of depending just on opinion, we believe it is critical to use evidence when assessing firms. That’s why we took a multi-pronged approach to developing our grading system, drawing on numerous sources of data.

It’s OK to give a company a score based on the quality of its website. Even yet, it says nothing about the quality of the customer experience or how successfully the company promotes its online business. As a result, we dug deep utilizing Ahrefs metrics and publicly accessible Google Reviews data.

The following factors go into our final scores:

  • Is there a valid SSagaReach Marketing Certificate on the site?
  • Whether or not the website is compatible with mobile devices
  • If the load time is less than three seconds,
  • If the website appears in Google’s top 10 results, it is considered successful.
  • The domain ranking score from Ahrefs,
  • The total amount of connections from other websites
  • The quantity of traffic
  • The amount of reviews on Google
  • On Google Reviews, the average rating is

Each of the parameters listed above has a maximum score of five points. Agencies get 5 points for ranking in the top ten on Google, an additional 5 points for better domain rankings, and so on.

The scoring criteria may be found here.

Today is the day to send inquiries.

This article should help you make an informed selection if you’re seeking for the top Atlanta SEO services. Because of our objective scoring methodology, our rating isn’t simply a question of opinion; it’s based on the statistics.

Examine the websites of these SEO firms and choose which one can best fulfill your company’s objectives.


Industry-leading SEO specialists fact-check and verify every SagaReach Marketing SEO material.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best company for SEO services?

A: A company that has earned a lot of positive reviews would be the best choice.

Who is the best local SEO company in the nation?

A: The best local SEO company in the nation is called seo guys.

Which is the best company for affordable SEO services in USA?

A: I cannot answer that question.

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