This Could Change My SEO Career Forever

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As the digital era continues to grow, so will market opportunities for those who can successfully harness its power. Search engine optimization is one of these opportunities and it seems like a new way of optimizing your business could be on the horizon. erica has done extensive research into this emerging trend that could have a huge impact on companies in 2018

The “seo edge” is a tool that was released by Hubspot. It’s a free tool that helps users with their SEO career. The tool can help you rank better in search engines like Google and Bing.

This Could Change My SEO Career Forever

Do you want to hear something outlandish?

I recently paid $650 for a book.

And there are no returns or assurances of any sort included.

But that’s not even the most bizarre aspect…

The list price of the book was $1,000!

The author, on the other hand, offered a $350 discount to his paid email members.

So I snatched up a copy since it was a steal.

Is it possible that I am insane?


But first, let me explain why I purchased it:

The book in question is titled “elBenbo Press” and was written by Ben Settle, a well-known email marketer and copywriter. And one of the greatest corporate thought leaders I’ve ever met, in my view.

Ben’s major offering is “Email Players,” a monthly newsletter. However, it teaches much more than the name implies.

In reality, it no longer teaches email marketing and instead focuses on cutting-edge business tactics.

I’ve learned so much about how to build and administer a successful internet company in only three months as a member that it helps individuals study SEO more efficiently and effectively.

Consider the following example:

A single statement in the October edition offered me insight into how to respond to an inquiry about my Mastering On-Page SEO course from an inquisitive consumer, which resulted in an immediate sale. I wouldn’t have replied appropriately to the individual if I hadn’t seen that one phrase in the newsletter, and I would have lost a new client who I’m delighted to have in my course.

As you can see, a single piece of advise from Ben’s monthly email covered more than half of the cost of his astronomically expensive book.

Which is why, when you think about it, $650 is a great value…

So, what’s the deal with this elBenbo Press book?

What’s more, why should you be concerned?

(Isn’t this meant to be an SEO newsletter?)

Ben’s 7-figure book and newsletter publishing methodology, which he’s fine-tuned over the past 20 years, is taught at elBenbo Press.

His whole publishing system is handled on a shoestring budget with no paid workers or virtual assistants.

I’ve seen the benefits of Ben’s effective publishing strategy from the outside.

It is undeniably effective.

And it’s quite effective.

But now I’d want to take a look behind the curtain and study the whole book and newsletter production system so that I may put it to my own use.

I can already see where this newfound knowledge will lead me in the SEO industry…

Perhaps a printed SEO newsletter sent to your home on a weekly basis…

Alternatively, I may produce printed SEO books on themes where my members are most in need of assistance…

Alternatively, you might create additional SEO tools that simplify the process of ranking your website quicker and higher than ever before…

While simplifying every aspect of the design and fulfillment process to make it self-manageable.

The options are limitless.

And I have enormous aspirations.

Maybe you’ve experienced anything similar to this?


I paid $650 for the book because I think it’s a great deal considering what I’m going to learn.

It’s a personal investment in order for me to improve as an SEO instructor and company owner over the course of decades, not just years.

With the information I’ll get from that book alone, I’ll almost certainly boost my annual revenue by six figures or more while assisting more people with SEO than I ever dreamed.

As a result, it’s a massive deal.

Furthermore, the book eliminates all of the aggravation and guesswork associated with attempting to figure out every step of the procedure on my own.

Ben is essentially throwing up his whole publishing approach on a silver platter for anybody to steal and use to their own benefit.

In the same manner that I developed the Mastering On-Page SEO course that I discuss in my weekly newsletters.

This course will teach you my whole on-page SEO methodology, which allows me to rank more of my material in the top ten places on Google for the keywords that are most important to my websites.

Every single page I post is optimized in the same manner.

But these techniques didn’t appear out of nowhere.

Like Ben, it took me a long time (about 7-8 years) to figure out the optimal on-page SEO technique after a lot of trial and error.

But now, instead of wondering about what to do to appease Google’s algorithm, I just rinse and repeat the improvements every day like clockwork and enjoy the long-term ranking gains.

It’s my take on Ben’s elBenbo Press book, except it’s exclusively focused on website on-page SEO.

So, if you’re like me and get giddy at the prospect of investing in something that potentially return 100X your money if done well, you’ll be a terrific match for my Mastering On-Page SEO course.

And I’d be delighted to share the method I’ve devised for making my websites a huge success.

If that sounds appealing, sign up for my SEO newsletter below, and I’ll email you a link with further information:

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This article is about how you can use your SEO skills to change your career and become a digital marketing professional. Reference: seo career logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO a long term career?

A: SEO is a long term career, but it is not something that can be done full time.

Is SEO a good career choice in 2020?

A: I am not sure if SEO is a good career choice in 2020, as the field changes so much from year to year. What do you like about it?

Is SEO a good career?

A: SEO is one of the best careers that you can have. It has many job opportunities and it would be a great career for somebody looking to work remotely, such as someone who lives in Australia.

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