The Simplest Answer to, “What Is Product Marketing?”

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The term “product marketing” is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not just about selling products, it’s also an important skill to have if you want your company to succeed in the competitive world we live in today. Plus, deciding what product your company needs and whether or not it will fly can be tough- regardless of how many features are already built into the current solution. If you’re interested in learning more about what product management entails, then this blog might help!

Product marketing is the process of marketing products to customers. It can be done through advertising, public relations, sales, or other means. Marketing can also refer to the study of such activity and its principles. Read more in detail here: what is good product marketing.

The Simplest Answer to,

What would you say if you had to describe product marketing right now?

Many people have trouble answering this question, but it isn’t your fault. Despite the fact that product marketing is an important department in both B2B and B2C businesses, it’s difficult to find a decent definition of the term anywhere – even on Google.

It’s made more challenging by the fact that it’s one of the few jobs that touches on product, marketing, and sales. It all boils down to getting to know your target client and experimenting with techniques to learn more about them and how to communicate with them effectively.

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What is the definition of product marketing?

The process of bringing a product to market is known as product marketing. This involves determining the product’s positioning and message, introducing it, and ensuring that salespeople and consumers are aware of it. Product marketing tries to increase product demand and utilization.

Product marketing doesn’t end after a product is launched (if it did, then product marketers at a one-product firm wouldn’t have much to do after that). The last phase in the marketing of a product is to ensure that the correct people are aware of it. Customers’ wants and comments are taken into account throughout the product’s lifespan by those who know how to utilize it.

Let’s talk about how to get started with product marketing and how other parts of your company can help this product flourish.

Implementing inbound marketing approach into your strategic strategy is a smart way to start conceptualizing your campaign. As we previously said, product marketing is ongoing, and your strategy should reflect this. Inbound marketing is a method for recruiting your target audience and converting them into loyal customers who promote your goods.

The “Attact, Engage, Delight” paradigm below demonstrates this.


More components of your organization, such as tactics that define your target demographic, create a clear positioning or marketing message, and numerous other ideas, may help you attract, engage, and please your consumers. In summary, if you start your product marketing strategy with this model and a grasp of inbound approach, you’ll be well on your way to success.

Let’s get started now that we have a solid basis to work with.

What does the product marketing process include before, during, and after the introduction of a product?

Your Customer Is At The Center Of Your Product Marketing

In the beginning, HubSpot confronted a problem that many small firms face: product uncertainty. Except for a small percentage of individuals who thought of HubSpot as “marketing services” — which is definitely part of our product stack — our audience used a variety of different phrases to describe us.

This is one of the main reasons why companies set up a structured product marketing department, and it all begins with your customer persona.

It doesn’t matter how good a product is if it doesn’t attract the attention of the individuals who will profit from it. So, who is the target market for this product? What narrative are you telling to market this product to them, and how (and where) are you reaching them? Working with the rest of your marketing team to define your consumer and build message is crucial when preparing to launch a product.

Product Marketing’s Seven Crucial Steps

The marketing of a product may begin after product marketers have a clear understanding of who their product is intended for. Here are seven things product marketers can do before, during, and after the launch of their product:

1. Product Research: A useful and well-made product isn’t created in a vacuum, and it’s not promoted in one, either. Product marketers collaborate with product developers in the weeks and months leading up to a product launch to test the product both internally and externally in controlled beta environments.

2. Product Story: Products are also introduced to the market via a narrative. What is the solution to the issue that the product addresses? Who is affected by this issue? What is the solution to this issue? What sets it apart from the competition?

3. Product-Focused Content: The next stop for product marketing is the content producers’ workstations. Product marketers may use this section of their website to produce and A/B test varied marketing copy, blog material, case studies, and landing pages devoted to explaining the product.

4. Product Launch Strategy: No product marketing team is complete without a documented launch plan that lays out every step of the marketing process and identifies who is accountable for what.

5. Product Launch Meeting: On the day that the product is released, everyone involved gathers. This is the product marketer’s best hour, similar to a rocket launch – it’s the finale of a product marketing effort.

6. Community Engagement: Because product marketing produces enough industry discussion, it’s customary for the marketing team to capitalize on what the market is saying about them. This involves soliciting feedback from partners, influencers, and current consumers.

7. Sales Enablement: As a product is being readied for the market, the sales team is preparing a sales plan for this new business opportunity. It is the responsibility of the product marketing team to meet with sales representatives before, during, and after the product is released to the general public. This guarantees that the message for this product is constant from the first sales call to the last.

With all of this in mind, you may be asking what a product marketer is responsible for in order to see these initiatives through to completion. Let’s get started.

Job Description for Product Marketer

A Product Marketer, also known as a Product Marketing Manager, promotes goods and their features to the target audience of a firm. Their responsibilities include researching the company’s goods, emphasizing important aspects to attract buyers, and developing product marketing campaigns.

Responsibilities of a Product Marketer

The primary role of a product marketer is to promote a product’s value to the target audience. This is accomplished by using a mix of strategy and ideation techniques, such as:

  • Choosing a marketing content mix for development and distribution
  • Creating and controlling marketing campaign budgets
  • Collaboration with content developers to create material that accurately portrays the product and brand image
  • Creating a timetable and managing a content calendar

Pay for a Product Marketer

In the United States, the income of a product marketer or product marketing manager varies substantially based on experience and rank. According to 2021 industry statistics, the following are the median salaries for various tiers:

  • Product Marketing Assistant or Entry-Level Product Marketer: $43,630
  • $111,890 for a product marketer or product marketing manager.
  • $166,928 Director of Product Marketing

Make a Plan to Promote Your Product

Consider how the parts above could take form as you build your product marketing team and strategy, as well as who you’ll need to collaborate with to make it a success. Consider the answers to these questions while developing your next great product marketing strategy.

Product Marketing Kit

Product Marketing Kit

Product marketing is the process of developing a product, and then communicating that product to customers. There are many different roles within this process, including product managers, product designers, and marketers. Reference: what is product marketing alliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by product marketing?

A: Product marketing is the process of creating, promoting, and delivering a product to market by establishing its benefits in order to meet or exceed customer needs.

What is product marketing and why is it important?

A: Product marketing is the process of promoting a product in an engaging and attractive manner to customers. It entails planning, organizing, executing and evaluating marketing communications programs that support a corporate strategy or product line.
In short, its talking about how your company markets its products – from ads on television to viral videos.

What is product marketing focus?

A: Product marketing focuses on the companys overall image and relates to how products are marketed and positioned.

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