The 8 Best Free Flowchart Templates [+ Examples]

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Flowcharts are great tools for presenting complex ideas and steps in a concise, easy-to use format. They can be used as templates to generate your own flow charts from scratch or as examples of how others have done it. Here’s 8 free flowchart templates you can download today.

The “recruitment flowchart | free template” is a free flowchart that you can use for your recruitment process. The chart has 8 different types of flows, which are all illustrated with examples.

The 8 Best Free Flowchart Templates [+ Examples]

To flourish, a great company requires a variety of factors, including strong leadership, a competitive edge, and a distinctive vision. The procedure, on the other hand, is one factor that may make or ruin a company (or lack thereof).

There are two key roadblocks to a successful corporate deployment of a clear, repeatable process. The creation of that process is number one, and gaining buy-in from stakeholders is number two. The easiest approach to overcome both of these possible hurdles, though, is to establish a procedure in a straightforward and logical manner.

Flowcharts are often used in enterprises to perform this objective, as flowcharts:

  • Create a visual representation of a process roadmap for a comprehensive knowledge, and…
  • Employees that need to know and follow the procedure will find it simple to understand.

To assist you in creating actionable flowcharts for your organization, we’ve compiled a list of the eight finest flowchart templates for you to download and start using right now to improve any process in your company.

Let’s get started.

→ Access Now: 8 Business Flowchart Templates [Free Tool]

What is a flowchart, exactly?

A flowchart is a graphic representation of a decision-making, results-achieving, or outcome-projecting process. Flowcharts start at one point on the image and guide users through the process, allowing them to pick from a variety of outcomes or possibilities until they reach the finish.

Flowcharts may be used for a variety of reasons in the workplace, including:

  • Process and team alignment
  • Nurturing emails
  • Creating a customer journey map
  • Onboarding of customers or employees
  • A/B testing is the process of comparing two options.
  • QCing the work
  • Progression in your career
  • Customer service

Here are eight business flowchart templates and examples, each with a download link so you can start using the design right away in Google Slides.

8 Business Flowchart Examples

1. Process Flowchart Template (Basic)


This Template is available for download.

For individuals who are just starting started with flowcharts, the simple flowchart template is the best option. The creator of the template may describe a starting position, two possible outcomes, and the consequences of those options. Because of its restrictions, this flowchart template is best suited for simple operations such as an A/B test.

Basic Process Flowchart Example Flowchart


This template depicts how a visitor to a company’s landing page may convert into a lead.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

This flowchart is useful for individuals who want to create an A/B test to figure out the best method to acquire the results they want.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

The basic process flowchart is simple to use and understand, making it suitable for documenting simple or uncomplicated processes.

2. Flowchart Template for Swim Lanes


This Template is available for download.

The swim lane flowchart template is used to divide a process’ phases into various sections. These separate sectors might represent time periods, teams, people, or labor needs for your company.

Swim Lane Flowchart is an example of a flowchart.

customer onboarding flowchart example

The swimlanes in the illustration above are segregated by department to depict the customer journey process.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

Those in charge of cross-functional procedures will find swim lane flowcharts especially useful.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

This template depicts the many process phases that occur across various companies.

3. Flowchart Template for Tasks


This Template is available for download.

What each form on the flowchart indicates distinguishes a task flowchart template. When many teams’ work is intermingled throughout the process, this style is advantageous since people can quickly distinguish the tasks for which they are accountable. For easy reference, these tasks are listed in a key on the flowchart.

Different sorts of activity may also be represented by the shapes.

Landing Page Flowchart is an example of a flowchart.


The various shapes in the example above show the beginning, finish, and actions made throughout the process of seeing a landing page. This task flowchart example shows the many outcomes that might occur when a prospective client sees a landing page in a “if this, then that” structure.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

Project managers who want to keep track of a variety of tasks and their results.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

The task flowchart shows how numerous contributions to a product contribute to the final output. Each stakeholder may observe how their tasks affect the project’s overall flow.

4. Template for a Complex Flowchart


This Template is available for download.

This design is ideal for a flowchart that does not need gridlines or distinct forms. Depending on which stages are followed along the process, it allows for numerous ends.

Hiring Flowchart is an example of a flowchart.


The hiring flowchart shown above is an example of a complicated flowchart with several events and results.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

Teams tasked with managing processes with many endpoints or projects involving several phases and stakeholders.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

It might be tough to maintain track of complex procedures. For multi-step procedures, this flowchart template gives an understandable picture.

5. Template for a Circular Flowchart

circular flowchart template

This Template is available for download.

The circular flowchart template not only has a unique design, but it also offers a unique route structure.

Example of a Flowchart: Social Media Flowchart

social media flowchart example

The template, for example, may be utilized as a decision-making framework in the figure above. It’s being utilized to assist a social media manager in deciding which site to use to publish material on.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

This template may be useful for social media managers, product marketers, and content strategists.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

This template is more visually appealing than some of the more difficult ones, therefore it may be better for visual learners.

6. Template for a Linear Flowchart


This Template is available for download.

A linear flowchart template is useful when there is only one ideal conclusion and each step of the process either leads to that result or causes the process to terminate.

Example of a Flowchart: Email Nurturing Flowchart


A nurturing stream, for example, may be one of the examples mentioned above. Whether someone registers up for an event or not, the procedure concludes with the picture.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

Specialists in email marketing, as well as sales teams.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

This flowchart structure has a distinct beginning and finish since it just has one aim.

Template for a Tree Flowchart


This Template is available for download.

When there are several alternatives and each option has a clear and distinct next step, a tree-style flowchart design makes the most sense.

Phone Tree Flowchart is an example of a flowchart.

phone tree flowchart example

When calling a company by phone, this example shows the numerous choices and following actions a caller may take.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

This flowchart would be ideal for a company’s support staff, which might use it to map out replies from automated chat assistance or a phone tree (as described above).

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

Each action has a preset result and a clear next step.

8. Flowchart Template for Organizations


This Template is available for download.

An organizational flowchart (or org chart) template is the last flowchart that firms would choose to use.

Example of a Flowchart: Organizational Flowchart

organizational flowchart example

While not strictly formal, this diagram aids employees in rapidly determining who reports to whom and who is accountable for what.

Who can benefit from this flowchart?

The leaders of a firm and/or a department use this template to establish the chain of command in a certain area of the organization. Human Resources teams might utilize it to guide team structure and organizational choices.

This Flowchart Template’s Highlights

Users may easily choose who they need to contact for their project or to get their queries addressed by seeing how a team is formed at a glance.

Templates for Business Flowcharts

The quickest and simplest approach to create flowcharts is to use business flowchart templates. All of the above templates are available for download here and may be customized in terms of shape, format, color, and graphics.

To better explain and discuss procedures in your firm, download the templates for free.

New Call-to-action

The “call flow diagram template” is a visual representation of the steps in a phone call. Flowcharts are perfect for presenting information to your audience and can be used to educate, train, or sell.

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