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We have a proven track record of boosting our clients’ accounts. Because we’re a social media marketing business that does everything from cultivating a following to creating viral content, we also handle community management and pay-per-click advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. When it comes to top-level influencer techniques and trade secrets, we’re the experts. We use the same strategy across all social media platforms to help companies go viral.

We guarantee social media engagement and follower growth because we plan content publishing schedules, take viral photographs and videos, and promote engagement and growth on social media platforms. Because we’re a social media management company, we can promise audience growth depending on your desired demographic, as well as more active participation (including likes and comments).

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To develop unique content, improve brand engagement and followers, manage communities, and handle paid social media advertising, we use tactics exclusively known to top influencers at our social media agency.

Content for social media that goes viral is what we do best, and it’s what we specialize in. What’s the best way to go about it? We keep a careful eye on fads and audience preferences, and our own work has gone viral on occasion ( we received 10 million plus views on our own viral posts at no additional cost). A brand or account experiences virality when extraordinary images or videos are made and shared by others in order to further amplify the message. We’re a social media firm that works with top-tier talent, such as videographers and photographers, to create shareable content.

We specialize in social media ad optimization, including the delivery of advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and other social media platforms. We specialize in social media advertising. In Los Angeles, we are a social media marketing business with a team of marketers that specialize in providing advertising to the most engaged audience, establishing landing pages to measure traffic, and monitoring data to discover the precise formula required for niche conversions.

Here are our Services:


Identify your brand’s ideal customer and devise a plan to increase your customer base on a monthly basis. To reach over 10,000 new people each month, expand your market.


Increase interaction and post virality by devising, capturing, or designing unique content. Think of catchy captions and memorable branding.


Respond to any direct messages or comments from your followers. Recommend products and answer queries about them to customers. In charge of reputation management.


Create and implement sponsored social media marketing strategies on a variety of platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pintrest.

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Social Media Agency In Los Angeles That Grows Your Social Media Followers

By assessing the target demographic, writing unique articles, creating viral content, and cross-promoting, we increase the number of people who know about the company. Over 10,000+ new monthly followers are generated by our social media firm in Los Angeles, which employs a follower growth approach.

We do in-depth research on the intended audience: In order to provide relevant content, we do extensive research on the target audience in order to better understand their interests and inclinations. After that, we create the best images and videos for various social media sites. On the other hand, platforms like Instagram and TikTok cater to the Millennials and Generation Z crowd. Facebook, on the other hand, is excellent for reaching Baby Boomers and Xers. We are a social media firm that makes use of 3rd party tools, as well as Instagram and Facebook analytics, to figure out precisely what sort of audience is most engaged with a certain business.

We establish a plan for increasing the number of people who see our postings, and we create content that does just that (increase virality or product word of mouth marketing). We’re a social media management company that uses cross-promotion to increase the number of people who see and interact with your content.

We collaborate with high-profile accounts that share a brand’s target demographic in order to aid in the dissemination of the message (story) that lies behind the logo. We are a Los Angeles-based social media business that creates short campaigns, giveaways, and other types of postings with incentives to increase engagement. In order to keep the new followers, we provide a regular content schedule and high-quality updates.

Social Media Agency In Los Angeles That Creates Exceptionally High Quality Content

Content that captivates your audience on social media is very important to you and us! We are a Los Angeles-based social media business that specializes in developing posts that elicit strong emotions in viewers. Depending on the intended audience, we do research and evaluate the most re-shared types of content.. In addition, we look at the postings of our rivals and focus on the ones that get the most views and comments. Celebrity videographers and photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, models, and influencers are all part of our team. Our content production comprises a social media content plan, a social media calendar, branding standards, and product photography or influencer posts shot by a skilled photographer.

We are a social marketing firm in Los Angeles that specializes in developing a content strategy that helps companies to expand organically via post sharing. Developing content strategy to optimize audience development. One of our founders’ images has garnered over 20 million views after being re-posted by a variety of social media accounts. For companies, we use the same approach, collaborating with top talent to produce posts and videos that wow the audience and compel them to follow and promote the brand with their friends and family. We organize all of our content into a social media calendar to help companies stay on top of their posting schedules and make future content creation a breeze.

The creation of branding rules is important since it allows us to maintain brand identity across various social media platforms and postings. By following a set of branding principles, we may improve the identification and recall of our brand. Businesses may express their message more clearly and coherently through infographics. Tone, message, and the overall topic of the articles are all part of the branding requirements. For some of the most well-known Instagram accounts, such as Bvlgari and Nestle, our social media firm in Los Angeles has developed branding standards.

We are a social media business in Los Angeles that specializes in photography and filmmaking for brands and influencers. We collaborate with product, fashion, and beauty photographers to create visually stunning imagery that effectively communicates the brand’s unique selling proposition. Hair and make-up artists on our team work with us to create photographs and films that are worthy of publication, as do photographers on our team.

Social Media Consulting In Los Angeles That Manages Your Community

Marketing agency in Los Angeles that works with brands to increase their presence online via partnerships with consumers, partners, and others. They also manage communities on social media.

Growing a brand’s online presence necessitates the creation of a community. Customers, partners, and staff make up the social media community. We’re a social marketing firm in Los Angeles dedicated to helping businesses expand their online presence by providing a human face to the online discussions and interactions they make.

Managing social media communities has a number of advantages, which we’ll go through below:

  • Collect ideas and feedback from audience through messages and comments
  • Increase brand awareness while focusing on the target market
  • Increase understanding of the target audience and their expectations, wants, and needs in relation to the service or the product
  • Increase follower engagements, website clicks and sales

Social Media Agency In Los Angeles With Focus On Paid Advertising

Social marketing agencies like ours specialize in increasing paid social media advertising ROI on a variety of social networks (such as Facebook and Instagram) as well as on mobile apps (such as Snapchat, TikTok, and Pintrest).

Advertising budget is critical for maximizing social media reach and effectiveness. Other platforms like Facebook and Twitter enable marketers to “clone” their most loyal customers and retarget them with new ads. This is a great way to reach new customers. As a result of the ease with which companies can now engage with their target audience, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have grown more popular for turning prospects into customers.

We are a Los Angeles-based social media consultancy that assists businesses in setting advertising budgets, selecting platforms, and developing content. We provide end-to-end social media advertising services, including campaign development (videos, photographs, and other marketing materials), influencer or celebrity casting, and posting optimization to maximize return on investment.. The final result is an ad campaign on several social media platforms that is highly optimized and cost-effective and produces new website hits and conversions.

Social Media Los Angeles – Digital Strategy And Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing and digital strategy are the emphasis of this Los Angeles-based social media business.

We’re a Los Angeles-based social media business that draws on the expertise of celebrity influencers to create effective growth strategies for our clients’ integrated marketing campaigns. Using our expertise in digital marketing analysis, we can create a “big picture” strategy that uses social media not only as a “little portion” of brand popularity on social channels, but also to help improve SEO, raise the visibility of Amazon products, and better coverage in the press.

As a component of “growth hacking,” we are a social media firm in Los Angeles that specializes in integrated marketing. We don’t look at social media as a “alone marketing instance,” but rather as a way to assist other marketing channels perform better. We assist companies on how to make the most of their social media presence by linking it to their SEO strategy at the same time. By leveraging their social media fame, we assist them acquire better interview chances and increase their media exposure.

With the support of social media and Amazon, our Amazon sales and product reviews have increased dramatically. Boosting traffic and promoting product reviews on our clients’ shops helps them increase their exposure on Amazon while also enhancing their total Amazon revenue.

Using social media traffic to get traction on Google and increase rankings for some of the most competitive keywords is what we do as a social media Los Angeles firm. Traffic has more than tripled in the last several months, and conversion rates have risen as a consequence.

We are a Los Angeles-based social media business with experience in creating branding standards and creating content to promote client brands. Working with top content producers, we build publishing plans and produce distinctive photographs and videos that enhance interaction. Celebrity photographers, influencers, stylists, and picture editors are just some of the professionals we work with.

Social Media Marketing Los Angeles – Influencer Campaigns

Macro, micro and consumer influencer programs with an emphasis on social media marketing in Los Angeles

Using renowned influencers, we increase traffic to websites and sales for our clients. In our influencer marketing efforts, we focus on influencers who are relevant to a brand’s specialty and who have a following that is similar to the brand’s target audience. Over 800,000 celebrities, macro, micro, and consumer influencers are part of our influencer network.

We look for influencers that have a similar audience to the brand’s target demographic, and we concentrate on those with the greatest results within the specified segment to maximize campaign ROI. With our broad influencer network, we are able to find industry aficionados that are part of the same target market as the brand itself…. When compared to broad influencer marketing initiatives, tapping into a certain specialty area generates two times as many impressions, clicks, and transactions.

As a social media firm in Los Angeles, we negotiate the entire gamut of cooperation with influencers and ensure publishing as part of our gifting program, including gifting or sponsored posts.

For example, our creative team works on the campaign’s overall concept, captions, and posting instructions. We produce directions for influencer photographs and videos to better promote brands and increase interest. We use prior campaign expertise to build these instructions.

We execute the whole campaign: we are a Los Angeles-based social media business that handles everything from influencer selection to publishing. When a campaign has been running for over 24 hours, we check to make sure influencers are adhering to the parameters, posting on schedule, and collecting insights data.

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Our Happy Clients:

There's no BS...they do exactly what they say." We needed SagaReach's services, and they have more than met our expectations. They're upfront, honest, and fast to respond to all of your needs. They're also dependable; you can rely on them, and they deliver on their promises with no BS.

John McCabe,
Metro Vancouver Movers

I am in awe of these guys. With their support, we've been able to expand our firm so much that the only issue we're running into is having too much business. SagaReach helped us get to where we wanted to be. Many thanks to all of you!

Garth Solomon,
Tectum Salinas Roofing

It's been a pleasure working with the SagaReach team! When it comes to providing unmatched customer service and paying close attention to the demands of our company, their devotion and enthusiasm shine through loud and clear. We hope our partnership will be fruitful and long-lasting.

Sandy Horton, Mr HandyMan LA

We've witnessed a 200 percent increase in online contact forms filled out and returned since working with SagaReach on our new website. They worked diligently with us to create a website that satisfied all of our requirements. Thank you so much to everyone at SagaReach for your efforts and dedication!

Amish Vashista, Law Firm AV

When it comes to converting your website ideas into reality, SagaReach is the best. Due to our high regard for their services, we have already sent along their contact information to a number of our business associates.

Fred, Fred's Junk Removal

In a year's time, we redesigned our website a total of thrice. The original business and SagaReach could not be compared. Professionnal, innovative, detail-oriented, and good at communicating I could have saved time and money by working with SagaReach the first time around.

Connor Nichols, ConnorGP

From Industry Practitioners:

I have seen Josh’s growth from a SEO freelancer into a full stack Digital Marketer. I highly recommend local businesses to work with him and his team!


Scheiler Mew

CEO, ServiceLifter

Saw this kid (Josh Saga) coming from miles away, ready to blow the industry with amazing results. I’ve been doing Local SEO for more than a decade, and I haven’t spotted someone who can learn and execute better than SagaReach.


Chris Palmer

CEO, Chris Palmer SEO

Josh and his team has been with IMG for quite some time, and he contributes a lot for the growth of the SEO space, especially in the Affiliate and Local SEO scene. He knows his stuff.


Kyle Roof

Founder, PageOptimizerPro & CEO of HighVoltage SEO

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