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What Is SMS Marketing?

Text messages are opened and read on average 150 times each day by the typical individual.

You’re losing out on SMS marketing if you don’t include it in your multi-channel marketing efforts for your San Jose, CA Business. 

Text messages are opened and read on average 150 times each day by the typical individual.

You’re losing out on SMS marketing if you don’t include it in your multi-channel marketing efforts for your San Jose, CA Business. 

To reach North America’s text messaging population of over almost 330 million individuals requires well-thought out SMS marketing campaign methods. SMS marketing has benefitted a wide range of businesses. SMS marketing is used in a variety of ways by various sectors.

Health and Beauty.

Sending appointment reminders through SMS helps salon owners cut down on no-shows.


Location-based marketing is used by San Jose, CA business owners in this sector to deliver last-minute discounts and special offers through SMS to hotel and restaurant guests.


Incentives such as loyalty incentives, special offers, and discounts are sent to consumers through SMS by retailers.


SMS marketing is used by travel companies to confirm or update flight schedules and to provide QR codes for travel tickets, flight schedule reminders, information on nearby car rentals and other benefits.

Real Estate.

To schedule a viewing, real estate brokers and firms send invites to open houses to their prospective clients.

It’s important to grasp the practical applications of SMS marketing so you can utilize it to your advantage in today’s contemporary companies and to maximize your income.

SMS marketing is a potent tool for growing your company. Sending SMS-based marketing materials and transactional messages is part of this strategy. This may take the shape of discounts, freebies, or other types of incentives. It may also be a courtesy call or a request for information. Regardless of the shape or size, they all serve the same purpose: spreading the word about your company’s products or services. Only those who have agreed to receive SMS communications from your San Jose, CA business will get them.

But first, you must know exactly what SMS marketing is before you can develop effective SMS advertising tactics.

As a San Jose, CA business owner, you’ve probably pondered questions like:

SMS marketing, in a nutshell, makes use of the SMS or text messaging service on a mobile phone to connect with and engage consumers. If you send more than one SMS, it will be delivered in two pieces because of the character restriction. As a result, SMS marketers should craft messages that are both succinct and engaging.

SMS technology is used by digital marketing firms that provide SMS marketing services to help manage online reputation and engage customers. This is an excellent method to send customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, reward consumers for their loyalty, and wish them a happy birthday.

So, should you look into hiring an SMS marketing firm or purchasing SMS marketing software or applications with bulk SMS capabilities?

Investigate how text message marketing works and why San Jose, CA businesses continue to use it even after all these years.

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How Does SMS Marketing Work?

Customer consent is required before they will be able to receive text-message marketing offers. Customers may contact you in a variety of ways, including via phone, in person, or online. Shortcodes (five- to six-digit numbers) and keywords may both be used in this way. A person agrees to be included in your SMS marketing campaign simply by texting these terms.

How can companies maintain track of the hundreds of people they’re text-marketing to?

Quality SMS marketing initiatives with a high return on investment (ROI) need what?

Both questions can be answered by automation.

Consistency is required if you want to build a successful San Jose, CA business connection with your clients. To keep your company in the forefront of consumers’ and prospects’ minds, use drip marketing campaigns, in which communications are sent out automatically on a regular basis. Using marketing automation in email, survey, and SMS campaigns is quite popular these days, too.

Building and managing a database with the contact information of your consumers is necessary for an effective SMS marketing campaign. Customers and potential customers will have to affirm their permission to receive SMS marketing materials before they may begin getting them.

In certain advertisements, you’ll be asked to text a keyword to a specific phone number in order to get a free gift, service, or product. You may also be familiar with internet pop-ups that solicit your participation. This is one method a San Jose, CA business may use to create a client database for drip marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing Software and Apps

Text message marketing software applications may automate your SMS sending if you want to handle your SMS marketing campaign yourself or have a marketing team in-house. Software applications for SMS marketing are comparable to those for email marketing, except they’re built to deliver short SMS messages rather than ones with more information.

You may deliver customized messages to all of your database’s subscribers with just a few clicks using SMS marketing software and email marketing software. CRM (customer relationship management) solutions, for example, are well-integrated with text message marketing software.

To put it another way, your CRM and text message marketing software can talk to one other. This kind of connection enables you to sync your CRM contacts with your SMS marketing software and input whatever data you’ve collected from your SMS marketing campaigns into your CRM, saving you time and increasing your sales and marketing efforts at the same time!

It is possible to use a number of text message marketing apps to promote your San Jose, CA business, but you must choose the one that best fits your company’s requirements.

So, what are the best ways to make use of this new technology and reap the rewards? If you want to be successful with SMS marketing, you’ll need a solid strategy.


What Are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

More over half of the world’s population sends and receives SMS messages. While this does not ensure marketing success, it does provide a large market to tap into.

The following are some more reasons why SMS marketing is a good choice for your company, and why you should make the investment in establishing effective SMS campaigns, whether on your own or with the assistance of an SMS marketing agency:

Open rates for SMS messages may reach up to 98 percent within 15 minutes of delivery, making it a viable marketing medium for direct mail campaigns.. Studies indicate that your target audience will read time-critical communications practically instantly because of this.

With additional marketing channels like social media and email marketing services combined, more than half of SMS marketing initiatives produce a good return on investment (ROI).

A well-written SMS marketing text may make customers feel unique by offering them special attention. In the event that customers are dissatisfied with the San Jose, CA business’s level of assistance and attention, their worth to the company may drop by 45 percent.

Study after study shows that 45% of those who get promotional text messages really respond to them. Start-up companies seeking to build brand recognition may grab the attention of their target market by using effective text message marketing techniques.

An SMS survey receives around 31% of responses. Consequently, your online reputation management efforts will be more successful with this channel. The feedback you get from consumers is a goldmine of information about how well your brand is doing.

Well-executed bulk SMS marketing campaigns increase consumer involvement and loyalty. Personalize your communications regarding special offers and promotions so that customers would want to read them instead of reading generic and irrelevant information. It’s okay to wish them a happy birthday with a personal note on their birthday.

Your social media followers will grow and your online reviews will rise as a result of using SMS marketing. If your SMS content is well-crafted, it may persuade your customers to like your page or leave a review.

In order to better serve your consumers, you must engage in this activity if you want to see results. There are only two ways for your SMS receivers to interact with your bulk SMS marketing efforts: by clicking on the links given or by disregarding them. Your approach has to be reevaluated if consumers aren’t clicking on the recommended links.

SMS Marketing Best Practices for Excellent Results.

It’s important to follow SMS marketing best practices in order to get the most out of your SMS marketing efforts. SMS marketing best practices include doing the following right away:

Send well-timed messages.

You should send communications to your clients when they are most likely to make a purchase choice. Sending promotional SMS messages mid-morning may be appropriate if your San Jose, CA business offers lunch deals. Make sure you aren’t sending messages at inopportune times of the day or night. These may be overlooked if only for the sake of expediency. Send discount codes, however, at irregular intervals to keep your brand top-of-mind for your consumers.

Send messages about exclusive deals or promotions.

Send your clients offers and discounts that are only valid for a short time to encourage them to make a purchase.

Send reminders and appointment confirmation.

If your customers have booked appointments, SMS marketing may serve as a helpful reminder or an invitation to make an appointment through a link in your SMS message.

Keep it professional.

Don’t forget to use a pleasant tone and communicate clearly. To avoid seeming unprofessional, do not use text-speak in your communications.

Have an opt-out option.

Make it easy for your consumers to opt out at any moment by explicitly outlining the procedures involved.

Location, location, location.

Increase foot traffic in your San Jose, CA business by using location-based marketing.

Make use of technology.

Make use of modern technologies, such as SMS marketing software, to plan and track your SMS campaigns.

Let email and SMS Campaign work together.

Use email marketing to help your SMS campaign succeed. If you decide to go this way, you may get SMS and email marketing software for a reasonable price.

Keep an eye on your efforts and results.

Follow these SMS marketing best practices religiously and keep tabs on your results.

Employ a professional

provides growth-focused and high-converting SMS marketing service solutions if you’re not sure about operating a successful SMS marketing campaign. Your SMS marketing firm will be equipped with the necessary resources and know-how to help you start and track a successful SMS marketing campaign.



Use the most recent and most successful marketing tool on the market today to increase your customer base and get your company the results it deserves. It is our pleasure to assist you with the development of your SMS marketing campaign and offer full service SMS marketing. Everything is taken care of for you by us, including:

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  • Full Reporting on each Text Message send out.

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