Seven Benefits of Chatbots to Your Site’s SEO and User Experience

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The rise of chatbots has coincided with an explosion in the popularity of voice search. The benefits for businesses from using a chatbot are many, and it’s not just about SEO and user experience anymore. Here is what you need to know as an entrepreneur or marketer on why these bots are so important for your website

Chatbots are becoming more popular and they have many benefits. They can help with SEO, user experience, customer service, and much more.

Seven Benefits of Chatbots to Your Site's SEO and User Experience

Chatbots are crucial for websites, much as marketing is for companies.

According to research, chatbot use as a brand communication medium has increased by 92 percent since 2019. Chatbots are expected to handle 75-90 percent of healthcare and banking enquiries by 2022, according to CNBC. Juniper Research expects that by 2023, chatbot purchases on eCommerce platforms would total $112 billion. In addition, by 2020, 67 percent of customers globally will have utilized a chatbot for customer service.

The message is simple: organizations are increasingly using chatbots to provide a smooth customer experience and, as a result, improve their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Chatbots are being welcomed with open arms by customers, who are growing to favor this communication channel for its faster response rates, enhanced website surfing experience, and high user happiness.

Let’s look at the top seven advantages of employing chatbots for your website now that you know why they’re so important to the success of your brand’s communication, customer service, and marketing strategy.

Why Use Chatbots for SEO and User Experience on Your Website?

1. Enhanced customer engagement and search capabilities 

Consider this if you’re concerned about the quality of consumer interaction with chatbots: Consumers have had neutral or positive experiences with chatbots, according to a survey.

Customers, in other words, like interacting with chatbots. This is due to a variety of factors:

Chatbots provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, according to users. Furthermore, bots are an excellent tool for locating important information, as seen below:

chatbots example Image Credit:

They can also respond to queries quickly and effectively.

According to studies, 68 percent of customers prefer chatbots because they respond promptly, making them a must-have for all types of websites. They make it simple for clients to acquire answers to basic, FAQ-type questions:

FAQ-type questions Image Credit:

Finally, they enable consumers to rapidly and accurately search for answers and self-serve rather than waiting for an employee to help them. Customer engagement rates might skyrocket as a result of this improved and accurate user experience.

All of these efforts and benefits may contribute to a better customer experience and higher SEO results in the long run. 

Pro tip: Putting a chatbot on your website and calling it a day isn’t enough. By using customer engagement analytics software, you must actively measure the performance of your user interaction. As a result, be sure to complete your research and invest in a reliable instrument.

2. Longer time spent on the website

You must guarantee that clients spend quality time on your website if you want to improve your SEO efforts. In order to rank your website in search engine results pages (SERPs), Google looks at how much time consumers spend on your landing page to see whether they like it (or not). Your SEO will suffer if people quit your website at a rapid rate.

In other words, your SEO is determined by the length of time people spend on your website. Here’s where chatbots may come in handy. Zootopia, a Disney chatbot, is an intriguing case in point. Users are successfully engaged with interesting and quality discussions thanks to the chatbot’s conversational user interface:

chatbot user interface Image Credit:

Chatbots, for example, may provide proactive help by asking whether the user needs assistance. This leads to increased user engagement and, as a result, increased website stay time.

3. A Unique User Experience

The ability to customise the browsing experience from start to end is one of the main benefits of employing a chatbot for your website. 

Take, for example, H&M’s Facebook chatbot. The chatbot provides customised product suggestions based on the customer’s likes, choices, and requirements by asking them a series of pertinent questions:

H&M Image Credit:

That’s not all, however. The bot also offers fashion advice, employs emojis to engage consumers, allowing customers to save, share, and search for outfits, and links users to the H&M website for purchase.

Because on-point personalisation enhances the user experience on your website, your SERP ranks increase as well.

4. Improved Customer Relationships

Chatbots assist in the development of client relationships. As a result, they’re valuable additions to any website. Some sophisticated chatbots are now developed with the brand’s personality in mind to increase user engagement. Take, for example, Casper’s conversational chatbot Insomnobot 300:

Caspers chatbot Image Credit:

To engage consumers and give a greater customer experience, the bot employs tongue-in-cheek humor.

To cut a long tale short, chatbots may serve as a customer’s virtual guide and give assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, these bots never get tired, take sick days, or take coffee breaks. This enables the brand to give customer support at the user’s request and respond to the user’s requirements and questions with a simple click of a button, optimizing the user experience and increasing brand loyalty.

5. Improved Website Usability and Functionality

Chatbots are a great way to improve the functioning of your website. What do you mean by that? Chatbots can help customers go through the sales funnel and give rapid support at key stages in their journey.

As a consequence, your users’ website navigation becomes more fluid and linear, resulting in a more enjoyable user experience. All of these elements add up to a higher usability score for your website, which is a key aspect in improving its SEO. 

6. Improved Website Rankings

The arithmetic is simple: the better your customer service, the more favorable reviews and ratings you’ll get on search engines, applications, and social media sites. As a result, the higher your SEO ranking, the better. As you can see, customer experience and SEO are inextricably intertwined and mutually beneficial, and both may be enhanced by using a powerful chatbot driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Chatbots, for example, may easily replicate the in-store, customized experience that shop assistants are renowned for. A chatbot may also assist customers with simple navigation. It allows customers to see your business as a trustworthy, customer-focused organization, which fosters increased brand loyalty:

chatbots sample 2 Image Credit:

Finally, your business’s word-of-mouth PR becomes more favorable, and your brand is able to leverage goodwill via user ratings and reviews.

7. Continuous, real-time data collection from users

Finally, real-time data – data that gives vital and actionable insights about the customer’s likes, dislikes, preferences, pain areas, and so on – is at the core of a great customer experience. 

Chatbots play an important role here as well. Throughout the buyer’s journey, these bots may gather, store, analyze, and extract vital customer-centric data. They look through chat chats for clues as to where clients are having problems on the website. They may also be utilized to conduct real-time surveys that genuinely catch the customer’s pulse.

In other words, chatbots may give real-time data on what keeps customers happy and what makes them leave, allowing for more educated and smart business decisions. Furthermore, they help clients believe that the company really cares about them and makes them feel valued and heard.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots are clearly no longer utilized just as customer support tools by businesses of all sizes. Instead, these bots are increasingly multitasking in order to increase sales, respond to consumer concerns, tailor the user experience, improve customer happiness, and improve the website’s SEO. According to estimations, bot-only conversations have an average satisfaction percentage of 87.58 percent.

That said, it’s critical to make sure your chatbot adds genuine value to the user’s surfing experience rather than being an irritant every time they visit your site. So think about how you can use this all-purpose tool to offer your website the SEO boost it requires by revisiting your chatbot’s marketing plan.

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The “benefits of having a chatbot” is that they are able to provide a more personalized experience than other forms of communication. This can be seen through their ability to answer questions, provide information, and help users navigate the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chatbots help SEO?

How chatbot are changing the user experiences and what are its benefits?

A: Chatbots are a type of software that interacts with its users via text, voice or natural language. They take in users questions and respond back to them by carrying out commands given by the user. The chatbot is being used primarily for customer service purposes but other applications include document checking, banking services, information research etc.

Why you should have a chatbot in your website?

A: Chatbots are very helpful in reducing the labor associated with customer interaction, increasing productivity and efficiency. They can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to help desk support, routing inquiries from social media or email inboxes based on keywords and queries entered into chat services like Facebook Messenger or Slack.

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