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This guide is everything you’ll need and more to rank your roofing website in Google’s top search results. You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your organic search results and Google Maps ranking.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website and the number of potential customers that contact you.
  • Dominating your market means leaving your rivals in the dust.

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What is Roofing SEO?

With SEO for home services like roofing, your website’s organic search traffic quality and quantity may be improved via a variety of techniques.

Users that put in the term “roofing” will get results from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Afterwards, search engines rank websites depending on their relevance to their visitors.

This is why being on the first page of Google’s roofing search results, such as “roofing businesses,” is so important.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for roofing businesses may assist you in being found by customers who are doing internet searches. You may rank better in search engine results pages (SERP) for terms like “top roofing contractors” and “roofers near me” by using relevant and well-researched keywords across your website. Because of this, visitors are more likely to click on your website listing and learn more about your business, resulting in a greater number of long-term sales leads for you.

Four out of five customers use search engines to discover local information, therefore investing in SEO for your roofing company is critical. Being at the top of search results not only increases your visibility, but it also gives the impression that you are reliable to the person doing the search.

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How Long Does Roofing SEO Take to Get Good Results?

Roofing SEO Service for may the many months before you notice any real progress. This is due to the fact that Google needs a certain amount of time to scan your page and watch how visitors interact with it.

An SEO Campaign that go on for a long time has better results. It will take many months to see the benefits of a successful roofing SEO strategy if you put in several hours each week.

There are two main variables that influence the outcome: In the SERP, a successful roofing SEO campaign for leads to higher rankings, but the most important result is an inflow of new clients that increases with time.

New clients should keep coming in over time, and you’ll ultimately reach a stage when sustaining your client base is your primary concern.

What would it mean to be the “Best Known Roofer” to your perfect customer?

Our Long-term roofing SEO expert services have a staggering return on investment. It’s easy to make up for the thousands of dollars a month that roofers invest in SEO by completing one or two more jobs each month with a fresh batch of roofing lead customers.

When your SEO approach is working to its full potential, you should be receiving 10-20 times as many leads and jobs per month as you were before you implemented the SEO plan.

Within the first 4-6 months, we want to see a positive return on our investment. After then, it’s all profit for your business.

It’s one thing to know how to optimize for search engines; but, you must also be able to evaluate the results of your roofing SEO efforts. KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are tools we use to assess the efficacy of our job. Your roofing company’s KPIs should be aligned with your company’s objectives, budget, and schedule.

KPIs let us know what parts of your SEO strategy are performing and which aren’t. This gives us the flexibility to make month-to-month changes to ensure we’re on the right track with your overall plan. Here are a few examples of what we track and analyze:

Rankings in organic search – changes in rankings over time for specified roofing keywords

The amount of traffic that comes from people clicking on your site from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is known as organic traffic.

People that call you or fill out a form on your roofing website asking for additional information about your products and services are known as new leads.

Time on Site/Bounce Rate: This tells us whether people are staying on your site and exploring it more, or if they are clicking away quickly. Having said that, pay attention!

How the Search Engine Results Work for Roofing.

If you’re new to SEO, the first step is to determine whether or not your existing roofing website appears in Google searches for your primary keywords.

Is your roofing company listed on the first page of Google when you search for relevant keywords? In this case, the keywords might be something like “roofing business in your city” or even “roof replacement.”

Perform keyword research for your roofing local business based on the services you provide and the most essential to your company’s growth and profitability.

For now, let’s just make sure you know the difference between organic and paid search results.

There are three types of listings you’ll get when you do a Google search: local, business and image.

Paid Google Ads Listings

There may be up to four Google advertising listings at the top of a Google search result, with the word “ad” next to it to let you know it’s a paid commercial, although a subtle one. You may pay Google to show your company’s advertisements depending on keywords you choose in this area. Pay-per-click advertising gets its name from the fact that you only pay when someone really clicks on your ad.

Google Maps Listings

Ranking in the top three of Google maps, which appear in local search results, is the single largest source of new business for all of our customers. When someone types in “roofer in your city,” three local companies will appear in the maps portion of Google’s search results. Gold stars with reviews are the most aesthetically pleasing. The only way to get on these maps is to earn it; you can’t buy your way in (although there is a method we can accomplish this using our system to sneak an ad in there as well, which we’ll discuss later). When you’re on the first page of Google Maps, you’ve got an endless supply of free visitors.

Organic Search Listings

For local seo, roofing services focus on the organic results appear underneath the map listings in Google’s search results. We think these listings are essential, but over time, they’ve fallen farther and lower down the local search results page, losing some of their significance. But if you can rank your way to the first or second page of the organic results, you’ll see some traffic flow to your site. These are not sponsored listings; rather, they appear at the top of the search results as a result of Google’s search algorithm. Search engine optimization (SEO) enters the picture.

Choosing Your Keywords

There will always be the obvious keywords like:

  • “Your city” roofing
  • “Your city” roofing contractors
  • “Your city” roofing companies
  • The less than obvious examples are things like:
  • roof replacement service
  • emergency roof repair
  • residential roofing “your city”
  • metal roof installation
  • asphalt shingle roofing companies
  • commercial roofing contractor

And you may want to show up for many other service keywords that a great deal of roofing contractors also offer like:

  • siding contractor
  • Insulation contractor
  • Storm damage restoration contractor
  • Window replacement
  • Gutter installation

We advise you to create a list of the top 20 keywords you believe people are searching for while looking for a roofer. Make them into services and subservices and then separate them. Also perofrm proper keyword rankings check on your roofing website for a better overview and a better seo strategy to boost your conctractor seo website traffic.

The 2 Aspects of Search Engine Optimization for Roofers.

Getting your business listed in Google maps for the keywords you want it to appear for is the next step.

The top organic and map positions are out of reach if your website isn’t properly and strategically optimized.

Whether you want a crash course on optimizing your website, I can tell you if you need work on it or not.

Both the Google Maps listing and top organic results for your roofing business come down to two things: There are two types of SEO: on-page and off-page.

On-Page SEO

If you want to get found on Google Maps, you must focus on on-page SEO. Because Google is a computer, it wants to know what services you provide and where you offer them. For this, you’ll need to write pages of content centered on your keyword phrases and locations.

Off-Page SEO

You must show Google that your website has authority, credibility, and trustworthiness. These “Votes” are obtained off-site by acquiring high-quality inbound connections from other websites. Getting your company included on major directories and local websites, commonly known as “Citations,” is essential. For this reason, Google will offer you an SEO ranking advantage over your rivals if your site has superior authority and reliability.

Just a little heads up:

Off-Page optimization is considered by many in the SEO business to be THE most critical ranking factor. We’ve found this to be true for organic listings, but not for Google Maps.

On-Page SEO is critical for local search engine optimization, especially when a Google Maps listing shows in the results.

On-Site SEO Optimization plan is critical if you want your website to rank well in Google Maps. Yes, backlink is an essential and should be part of your strategy.

For local roofing companies, we’ve found that a 70-30 on-page/off-page strategy works well.

Step 1: It’s time to build out your pages of content on your website.

Most roofing websites will include the typical Home page, about page, contact us, services page, and maybe an insurance claims page — that’s about it in most cases.

Going above and above is necessary if you want to beat your competition and establish yourself as the leading online roofing company in your region.

Most of the roofing websites we develop and install our system on will have more than 100 pages of high-quality content marketing, but this will take time.

In most cases, roofing service contractors provide a wide range of services in addition to roofing, such as siding, gutters, insulation, and so on.

You can truly get Google to notice your site and, as a consequence, be ranked higher in search results by expanding out the website and establishing separate pages for each service and location they are targeting.

Here’s an example of a contractor’s website, which offers a variety of services:

  • Homepage – About Us – Services – Insurance Claims – Contact Us – Reviews
  • Main Service Page – Roofing (homepage), roof repair, roof replacement, metal roofing, tile roofing, asphalt roofing, cedar shake roofing, residential roofing, commercial roofing, EPDM Rubber Roofs, Built Up Roofing, TPO Roofing,
  • Secondary Service Page – Siding, vinyl siding, metal siding, LP SmartSide, James Hardie siding
  • Secondary Service Page – Gutters, gutter guards, seamless gutters, copper gutters
  • Secondary Service Page – Damage Restoration, Storm damage restoration, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration
  • Secondary Service Page – Insulation

As previously said, the pages may build up quickly, yet the majority of roofing contractors fail to do so, and as a result, they are losing out on valuable SEO exposure. If you want to be the best in your industry, you must consider this.

Outside of their home location, many roofing contractors provide their services to a wide range of other towns and cities. If you want to be discovered in organic search results (and occasionally on maps), you should also create a page about the regions you serve, which connects to more specific sites about those areas.

Step 2: Optimize Each Page for Proper Search Engine Optimization.

On-Page SEO work begins after you’ve written and fleshed out the content for each of the pages we laid out above. As previously mentioned, proper optimization from an SEO viewpoint is critical to your success in dominating search engine results, particularly in Google Maps, where the majority of traffic is clicked.

The following are some of the most critical on-page SEO Campaign considerations:

Your primary service keyword and city should be in the title tag on each individual page – your Brand Name should be in the Title Tag on the homepage.

Use numbers and excellent content in your meta description so that search engine users will be encouraged to click on your link.

H1 Header tag identifies the service being offered on the page. If feasible, the URL for subpages should include the main keyword (without looking spammy)

H2 and H3 subheadings should be used to make content easier to read for humans and easier for search engines to comprehend.

Alt tags should be used to describe the images in the images.

When feasible, include YouTube videos that pertain to the services.

Where necessary, internal connections will go from one page to another relevant one.

Optimizing Title Tags.

For search engine optimization purposes, the meta title tag is the most critical element on any given website. Not only does it tell searchers about your site before they click through, but it also tells Google what the page’s content is about.

Each page’s title tag should be optimized for the primary keyword you’re attempting to rank for. My home page title tag should seem as follows if I’m Joe’s Roofing Company of Chicago.

Chicago IL Roofing Contractor | Joe’s Roofing Co.

Avoid stuffing the title tag with keywords and location more than once. That no longer works and is seen as spammy by Google.

Your company’s brand name in the Title Tag is critical for homepages because Google associates it with the Brand Name of your Google Maps listing, giving you a higher chance to rank in Google Maps.

For a subpage, you could optimize the title tag as follows:

Chicago Emergency Roof Repair | 773-333-333 Now!

When visitors click on this title tag, they will be sent directly to the business’s website, where they may contact or email right away. This is a clever little ruse that really works.

Optimizing Meta Descriptions.

In Google search results, the meta description is the text that appears underneath the title tag. Because so many individuals fail to do so, Google will be able to insert anything they want. That kind of person should be avoided at all costs.

Although the meta description isn’t a ranking element and doesn’t tell Google anything about the page, it’s a significant conversion factor that may assist visitors discover more about your website when they’re looking through search results. If correctly adjusted, it may boost your click-through rate.

If you want to get as many clicks as possible from search engine results, you should utilize your primary keywords together with eye-catching numbers and characters to entice people to click. An excellent meta description might be something like this:

Are you trying to find a reliable Minneapolis roofing company? The best roofing company in the Twin Cities is Prominent Construction, LLC. See for yourself by reading the more than 200 5-star reviews we’ve received. Now is the time to get a FREE estimate!

What do you think I’m getting at? That’s the link I’d rather click on than anything else!

H1 Tags.

The H1 tag is headline on any page – there should only be 1 H1 tag per page. It’s idea to repeat your main keywords, but to put them in a sentence, such as “Chicago’s #1 Rated Roofing Company”.

H2-H3 Tags.

In order to keep your readers’ attention, you should utilize subheaders to break up long blocks of information on a page. To assist with On-Page SEO, you may utilize this technique to make it easy for visitors to scan the page and locate what they’re looking for.

As long as it makes sense, you may have several H2 and H3 tags on a page.

You might say anything like “Read our 5 star reviews” or “We provide an industry leading 50 year roof warranty” as examples.

Keyword in URL of Page.

It’s always preferable to keep things simple, but if you’re creating a service page, make sure your keyword appears somewhere in the URL.

To be sure, if it’s your homepage and you want to rank for roof repair on Google, your page URL should be one of two options: www.your-domain-name-here/roof-repair or www.your-domain.com/services/roof-repair/.

Images & Videos.

Relevant pictures should be included in your page’s content. As a general rule, we advise clients to utilize photos shot on the job, rather than stock photography. These pictures are more effective at converting customers than stock images are.

To a search engine, the alt tag serves as a description of the picture. You should use the alt tag to explain the picture instead of stuffing it with keywords.

Also, if you have films to provide about a particular service, post them on youtube and include the embed code on your website to make them accessible to visitors. Which one of these companies is YouTube’s owner? Google was dead on with his prediction. Embedding relevant videos on sites has resulted in massive improvements in page rank for our clients.

Quality and Well Written Content is Key.

Your material must be of high quality and enticing to the reader in order to be successful.

A 200-word homepage with a picture isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’ll need between 500 and 1000 words of well-written material describing the service you do and why you’re the best person to do it.

Remember, you must persuade the visitor that you are the best candidate for the position.

Roof repair or metal roofing is a popular search term, so if you want to rank well for it, create a dedicated page on your website with relevant content such as headers, pictures, and a catchy title tag.

Location Pages.

In the roofing industry, there are no shops; instead, you go to the client. As a result, it’s probable that you’ll cover an area of at least 25 miles surrounding your city.

You’ll need to build “city pages” or “location pages” if you wish to score well in Google’s search results outside of the city where your office is located. They’d be specialized web sites that focus on a certain city and the products and services you provide there. Anything inside your service area: cities, towns, neighborhoods, etc.

Remember that it’s 2018 and Google is savvy, however. You can’t simply reuse the same information in a different city every time. It’s just no longer functional. The material on each page of your website should be unique and tell a story about your roofing business and the location in which it is located.

Work With A Reputable Roofing SEO Company.

In order to compete in the local roofing market, you need to make sure that your roofing company appears when customers search for a roofer in your area. Search engine optimization is here to stay. As a result, local SEO for roofing contractors is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your company.

It’s important to remember that there’s a good method and a bad way to conduct local SEO for roofing. White Hat and Black Hat SEO are terms used in the industry to describe how your company chooses to implement its SEO strategy. The short term benefits of black hat SEO may outweigh the risk of being penalized since it does not follow the rules and does not play by them.

But on the other hand, White Hat Roofing SEO like the kind SagaReach Digital Marketing – Local Roofing SEO Agency practices follows the laws and may endure for many years, guaranteeing that you get the most out of your time and money. We can generate more traffic to your roofing company by establishing connections from reputable and relevant websites and enhancing your social media presence.

We can assist you with our roofing SEO company services if you’d like!

By using our industry knowledge, we increase the visibility of your roofing company’s website on search engines.

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