Sarah Danzl, Head of Global Communications at Degreed

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Sarah Danzl is head of global communications at Degreed, a startup aiming to put quality education into the hands of more people. She works with social media influencers and journalists while marketing their product to generate awareness in key markets around the world.

Sarah Danzl, Head of Global Communications at Degreed

Ignite Marketer of the Week - Sarah Danzl

Sarah Danzl is a writer., Head of Global Communications at Degreed, is featured in this edition of Marketer of the Week by Ignite Visibility.

Danzl is commended by Ignite Visibility for her unwavering devotion to Degreed’s culture and quality, as well as her unwavering commitment to her community.

Sarah Danzl

Sarah Danzl is an advocate for disaster and humanitarian aid, as well as education, health care, and human rights. Not just in her day-to-day acts, but also in her professional life, these traits shine through.

She studied Media Relations, Public Relations, and Marketing at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as Women and Gender Studies. This training laid the groundwork for her to become the leader and marketer she is today.

Danzl’s current role at Degreed is Head of Global Communications. Degreed is an upskilling platform that links learning to chances. It combines everything individuals use to study and grow their professions with opportunities that match their particular ability.

The Beginning of Sarah Danzl’s Career

Danzl got a job as a Marketing Assistant at The Peloton after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder.

She helped the Vice President of Development with all marketing for the 150 million-dollar real estate development in Downtown Boulder during her stint at The Peloton.

She took over, communicating with sales representatives, planning events, and organizing press and media briefings.

She also devised, developed, and implemented a referral reward program, published the business newsletter, and produced and disseminated email and postal notifications on top of these responsibilities.

Sarah Danzl Career Timeline - Ignite Marketer of the Week

Ignite Marketer of the Week Sarah Danzl’s Career Timeline

Sarah Danzl Pursues Her Dream

She left The Peloton after working there for a year and went to work at the Mental Health Center of Boulder County as a Capital Campaign Coordinator.

Danzl worked there as an intern throughout his undergraduate years.

Her new position entails leading a $12 million capital drive to construct additional functional therapy and wellness rooms. She designed the campaign’s identity, devised and implemented a social media strategy, and handled all aspects of public relations.

Danzl’s participation in social media led to a new stepping stone: recruiting.

Sarah Danzl is a Social Media Recruiter at TransFirst. She used a variety of social media platforms to find, recruit, and hire staff. She also developed and managed the company’s social media profiles, as well as creating and maintaining them.

She was immediately elevated to Director of Online Communications. She plunged right in, tackling social media as well as affiliate marketing.

Danzl created social media strategy for TransFirst and Merchant Express, including content creation, copywriting, and blogging.

In 2011, she developed and launched the company’s affiliate marketing network. Danzl designed this program not just to attract new affiliates, but also to properly manage current ones.

Danzl had developed into a content specialist after many years of practical experience. She was hired as the Head of Customer Marketing at Xyleme, Inc. Content teams can easily produce, publish, and manage their work using Xyleme’s industry-leading content management tools.

Degreed’s Current Position for Sarah Danzl

At Degreed, Sarah Danzl wears multiple hats.

She oversees four teams as Head of Global Communications: Client Advocacy, Public Relations, Internal and External Communications, and Content Marketing. These are multinational teams, which makes her work a little more difficult since she has to deal with time zones in the UK, Brazil, and Europe.

If it seems like a lot, it is because Danzl is an exceptional leader.

Danzl is in responsible of developing Degreed’s worldwide communication strategy and ensuring that it is in line with the company’s present and future commercial objectives. She informs senior leadership and the board of these strategies, as well as reporting on progress and KPIs.

With her content, client advocacy, PR strategy, execution, and results, she has constantly elevated the standard. On marketing efforts, she specializes in customers and their stories. She has nurtured and developed the team, putting their well-being and growth first. She’s also the driving force behind a number of Degreed projects.

Her teams have grown to be some of the most prominent in the organization under her guidance. Danzl has done it by promoting the efforts of each team individually. Client success, data, and operations are just a handful of the departments with whom these teams often work.

Without Danzl’s worldwide approach, these PR and communications teams would not be the same. They may use it to follow the company’s lead, define and achieve objectives, promote the right message, prioritize sales possibilities, and tap into competitive intelligence.

Danzl is thorough in his work as the Head of Global Communications. She makes a special effort to accommodate for cultural differences and obstacles in each country.

Danzl’s current work is driven by her passions.

Sarah considers work to be more than just completing tasks and achieving objectives.

It’s all about self-care and creating a pleasant work atmosphere.

Sarah Danzl took the initiative and is now a member of Degreed’s diversity business working group.

She works with Degreed’s workers to increase diversity, inclusion, and a feeling of belonging.

Degreed’s Good Deeds method is also being developed by Sarah Danzl. Every three months, the firm devotes one day to volunteering in the community.

Degreed currently hosts four company-wide volunteer days each year under Danzl’s direction. They have given back to the local community for a total of 10,000 hours in 2021 alone!

Breaking It Down: KPIs Degreed

The success of Sarah Danzl may be ascribed to her results-driven marketing strategy.

Degreed received over 1,000 pieces of PR coverage in 2020 under her guidance, a growth of 875 percent over 2019!

Degreed expects to surpass the previous year’s target of 1,500 pieces by the end of 2021.

Bloomberg, Forbes, and Fortune all covered one of her team’s recent public relations projects. It achieved a 71 percent overall coverage goal and a 330 percent unique target coverage goal!

LENS Los Angeles, a recent Degreed event, included focused workshops to assist people utilize technology and data about the capabilities individuals have and don’t have, all in order to optimize investments in recruiting, managing, and training the workforce.

As you can see, the term “results-driven” just scratches the surface of Danzl’s marketing strategy.

Sarah Danzl’s Final Remarks

Sarah Danzl has shown her marketing abilities are unrivaled. She goes after several divisions and components of digital marketing.

Danzl’s dedication to her team is admirable. Her determination to make the workplace a safe, varied, and inclusive environment motivates us.

We at Ignite Visibility want to recognize marketers that are thinking outside the box and producing results for their businesses!

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