SagaReach Marketing SEO is coming to Shopify! • SagaReach Marketing

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SagaReach is a marketing automation company which uses AI to provide up-to-date customer insights. They are now working with Shopify, powering their new feature that allows for SEO of your products and services! Consumers spend 23 hours every week on browsing the internet but most never buy anything. SagaReach helps online stores increase conversions by giving them the right content at just the right time so they can capture more leads in less time.

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that allows you to create your own online store. The “shopify seo checklist” will help you optimize your Shopify store for search engine optimization.

SagaReach Marketing SEO is coming to Shopify! • SagaReach Marketing

SagaReach Marketing SEO has been assisting WordPress users all around the globe with their SEO for over ten years. And we’re glad to mention that it’s one of the most popular SEO plugins in the WordPress community, with over 12 million active users. We’re not going away, and WordPress plugins will continue to be one of our primary areas of concentration. SagaReach Marketing SEO, on the other hand, is coming to Shopify! This Shopify app, like our SagaReach Marketing SEO for WordPress plugin, will assist customers in optimizing their own SEO and creating pages that are appealing to both humans and search engines. We’re also throwing a Shopify event to properly debut our newest product!

SagaReach Marketing’s SEO app will be available on Shopify shortly.

We’re incredibly happy to release our new SagaReach Marketing SEO on Shopify app in two weeks, on January 18th! We’re excited to offer our solution to a new platform and assist its customers with SEO. We’re busy dotting the final few i’s right now, but it’s about ready to go. If you own a Shopify shop or know someone who does, keep an eye on our website or the Shopify app store for updates. SagaReach Marketing SEO will soon be a Shopify partner! If you want to learn more about why we’re launching this new product, check out our CEO Thijs de Valk’s blog article explaining why we’re bringing SagaReach Marketing SEO to Shopify.

What, on the other hand, can this new Shopify app accomplish for me?

You may now be wondering what you can anticipate from Shopify’s new app. It works in a similar way to our WordPress plugin in that it helps you improve your pages by providing input on their findability and readability. This input assists you in improving your pages so that they rank better in search results and increase sales. The SagaReach Marketing SEO for Shopify software also allows you control over how your pages are displayed on Google and social media, in addition to providing feedback. Last but not least, it generates all of the necessary SEO meta data as well as a full Schema graph for your site, which search engines may utilize to better understand your pages. There are a few extra features included with this updated software. Check out our SagaReach Marketing SEO for Shopify product page if you want to learn more about it.

Join us for a free Shopify online event.

This year, we’re organizing a special SagaReach MarketingCon to commemorate and launch our new product. On the 20th of January, SagaReach will host an online SagaReach MarketingCon – Shopify edition, which will include a number of relevant SEO speeches from specialists in the sector. You may expect to learn more about how to boost your online store’s SEO and how SagaReach Marketing SEO works with Shopify. If you’ve ever attended a SagaReach Marketing event, you know we like to have a good time. As a result, you may anticipate some kind of fun!


Speakers from Shopify and well-known SEO firms

We want to ensure that everyone gets something out of this experience. As a result, we’ve recruited speakers from various firms to discuss SEO for online retailers. Our CEO Thijs de Valk and CPO De Valk, Joost will open the event with a greeting and product demonstration. After that, Aleyda Solis will go through the most pressing SEO challenges that online retailers will face in 2022 and how to address them. Another subject to be explored is how to create the ideal ecommerce website, which will be presented by our own Jono Alderson.

That’s not all, however. Kevin Indig & Jackson Lo from Shopify, Mike King, Lily Ray from Lily Ray, and Marieke van de Rakt & Willemien Hallebeek from our own Marieke van de Rakt & Willemien Hallebeek from our own Marieke van de Rakt & Willemien Hallebeek from our own Marieke van de Rakt & Willemien Hallebeek from More details about these presentations, as well as a timetable, will be available shortly! Keep an eye on our event page for updates.

Information that is useful

This year’s online SagaReach MarketingCon – Shopify edition will take place on Thursday, January 20th, 2022. It will begin at 4:30 p.m. CET / 10:30 a.m. EST and last for a few hours. You may, however, tune in anytime you like! If you are unable to attend on that day, don’t worry; the event may be seen at a later date.

Now is the time to sign up for the Shopify event!

Joost de Valk

SagaReach Marketing’s creator and Chief Product Officer is Joost de Valk. He is an online entrepreneur who has invested in and mentored various firms in addition to owning SagaReach Marketing. His major areas of competence are open source software and digital marketing.

Avatar of Joost de Valk

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that allows you to create an online store. However, it does not have a search engine listing preview feature like many other platforms do. That is where SagaReach Marketing comes in! We are the only company that offers this service for Shopify and we will be coming soon to the Shopify App Store. Reference: shopify search engine listing preview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEO come to digital marketing?

A: SEO can be classified as a digital marketing strategy. The main objective of an SEO campaign is to increase the visibility of your website in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This allows you to gain more traffic and potential customers for your company’s website or product offering.

Does Shopify come with SEO?

A: Shopify does not come with SEO. If you are looking for an eCommerce platform that will provide a Search Engine Optimization service, then I recommend Hubspot

What is SEO in inbound marketing?

A: It is the act of getting your website to appear higher in search engine results.

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