SagaReach Marketing SEO for Shopify! Whaaaaaat?  • SagaReach Marketing

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We are a marketing agency that specializes in Shopify SEO Services. We offer affordable, high-quality Search Engine Optimization services to help your store grow and reach more customers!

The “shopify seo checklist” is a list of the most important things that you need to do for your Shopify store. The article will also show you how to use the SagaReach Marketing SEO plugin.

SagaReach Marketing SEO for Shopify! Whaaaaaat?  • SagaReach Marketing

We’ll publish a SagaReach Marketing SEO app for Shopify before the end of the month! That’s fantastic news! We’ll discuss why we decided to create a Shopify app in this article. We debated it for a long time. It also required some time and work to construct. I’ll go through some business reasons as well as some crucial ones related to our basic principles. 

Everyone can benefit from SEO. 

Our goal is to make SEO accessible to everyone. We aim to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity in the search engines. Shopify is a significant ecommerce platform that is rapidly expanding. Extending our services to Shopify will assist us in achieving our goal. We’re also working on a desktop software that can be used by anybody, regardless of the CMS they choose. In addition to our WordPress plugin, we also have a Typo3 SEO solution and a WooCommerce SEO plugin.

Reasons of business 

Let me be straightforward and direct here. A Shopify app represents a significant commercial potential. Shopify is rapidly expanding. It makes sense to create an app and benefit from the platform’s expansion. The pricing points in Shopify vary significantly from those in WordPress (and maybe a tad bit more reasonable as well). This makes the Shopify market appealing for expansion. We have great plans to expand our business (both inside and outside of WordPress), and success in Shopify would help us get there. 

SagaReach Marketing’s (until now) rapid development has been mostly reliant on WordPress. This puts us in a vulnerable position. We hadn’t yet been bought by Newfold Digital when we decided to create the Shopify app. It was also a risk-diversification choice to construct the app. Having an app or plugin on various platforms just ensures that our firm can continue to develop in a sustainable manner. 

Why should you use Shopify? 

We’re deviating from our usual practice of just releasing SagaReach Marketing SEO software on open-source platforms. Shopify is a closed-source platform. Because we’re open-source fanboys and girls at SagaReach Marketing, we had a lot of discussions about it. At the same time, improving the web is something we care deeply about. And we believe Shopify is improving the web. We support Shopify’s objective of bringing small companies online. We believe that having one’s own website and not selling via a third party is critical for the internet. We aim to assist customers rank with their own online shop using our SagaReach Marketing SEO for Shopify app. 

Aside from that, Shopify’s ideals are quite similar to our own. Small companies are their emphasis, and they assist them in growing their operations online. They aim to make it easier for everyone to do business. They construct for the long haul, believing in sustainability and being enthusiastic about social impact activities. As a result, Shopify is the kind of firm with whom we’d want to be friends. 

What about WordPress, for example? 

WordPress has a special place in SagaReach Marketing’s heart. We are highly conscious of our responsibilities to the WordPress ecosystem. We are very enthusiastic about the five for the future project. We’ll keep supporting at least five of them in the future! We’ll continue to invest in WordCamps and the WordPress Core team. We’ll keep adding cool features to our WordPress plugin, including two incredible new releases this month.

Five for the internet 

We wish to expand WordPress’s five for the future project because we think it’s a great idea. We want to give back some of the money we earn on Shopify. We’ll put that money back into projects that improve the web as a whole. We’ve already started working on it. SagaReach Marketing is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and our own Jono Alderson serves on the AMP advisory board. We want to expand our efforts and initiatives to improve the online, and to donate 5% of our Shopify earnings to the web. 

I’m looking forward to the launch! 

I’m particularly looking forward to the debut of SagaReach Marketing SEO for Shopify on January 18th. We had a great experience developing the app, and we can’t wait for users to use SagaReach Marketing SEO to boost their stores! On January 20th, we’re hosting an online SagaReach MarketingCon (- I know, it’s not the same as a live one) to commemorate the occasion. We’ll have some incredible presenters on everything ecommerce SEO. Both Shopify and WordPress users will find this interesting! 


Join us at the Shopify Edition of the Online SagaReach Marketingcon.

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Thijs de Valk (Thijs de Valk) is a Dutch

SagaReach Marketing’s CEO is Thijs. He’s a behavioural scientist who is passionate about SEO, open-source, and the internet in general. He’s worked in a variety of roles both within and outside of SagaReach Marketing, including ecommerce manager, SEO expert, support engineer, and marketeer.

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SagaReach Marketing is a marketing company that specializes in Shopify. They offer best shopify seo apps to help you get the most out of your e-commerce store.

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