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Did you know that Pinterest has a user base of more than 250 million people? This platform offers your company a fantastic chance to interact with prospective customers who are already interested in your product or service. Your company will be able to connect with more valuable leads by using Pinterest advertising.

Pinterest advertising services and how to set up your company’ Pinterest advertisements will be covered in depth on this page.

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Why should I use Pinterest advertising services?

Your company may have relegated Pinterest to the bottom of your list of social media sites to use. Given that 81% of Pinterest’s users are women, the market for attracting prospective customers may seem to be limited. Pinterest, on the other hand, is an excellent platform for promoting your company and attracting new customers.

You should use Pinterest advertising for three reasons:

  1. You reach more interested leads.

With Pinterest advertising, you may reach a larger number of potential customers who are interested in your products or services. You don’t always reach individuals who are interested in your material when you publish it on your page. Your company may connect with individuals who are searching for the information you provide by utilizing Pinterest Ads.

Your company gets exposed to individuals who are interested in comparable goods when you launch a Pinterest advertising campaign. By using this tool, you’ll be able to connect with these potential customers. When people see your material, they’re more likely to look into your goods and subscribe to your board on Pinterest.

  1. You can focus on running your business.

It’s difficult to manage a social media marketing strategy when you’re preoccupied with operating your company. To be successful, you must prioritize your company’s day-to-day operations, which leaves little time for Pinterest promotion. You won’t have to worry about running a campaign while still operating your company if you use Pinterest advertising services.

You may put your trust in a team of professionals to handle your campaign. They’ll have Pinterest marketing specialists, so your campaign will be managed by pros. You’re going to get a campaign that works.

  1. Pinterest influences purchases.

When someone uses Pinterest to find anything, they are likely to stumble across a slew of other things as well. Pinterest is a place where people share and discover new things. 87% of pinners have made a purchase as a result of their involvement with Pinterest.

If you use Pinterest advertising services, you’ll be able to reach people who are actively searching for a certain product. Leads may be drawn to your pin if you place an ad for a particular search and get them interested in your goods.

If you’re looking for chicken skillet supper recipes, you’ve come to the right place! They find a recipe for cheesy chicken bacon skillet supper while looking through pins. Kraft is promoting this article.

It seems that they have found exactly what they’re looking for after looking over the recipe. Because it’s in the recipe, people are more inclined to purchase Kraft cheese when they go grocery shopping. Kraft will benefit from this change.

Here’s just one example of the many ways Pinterest advertising may help your company convert visitors into paying customers. People who use Pinterest to discover particular goods or ideas are more likely to make a purchase.

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Why companies should use a Pinterest advertising agency?

As you look into Pinterest advertising, you may be wondering if you should hire a Pinterest advertising agency. If you aren’t sure if you should use a Pinterest advertising agency, here are three reasons to hire one:

As a company owner, you may be too busy to dedicate the time and energy to managing a Pinterest campaign. A successful Pinterest advertising strategy requires time and effort to develop.

It’s better to leave Pinterest advertising to a company that specializes in it, such as a marketing firm. A wonderful chance to attract new customers for your company may pass you by simply because you lack the necessary time.

If you want the best of both worlds, you should hire a Pinterest specialist.

To execute a successful Pinterest advertising campaign, you’ll need money and time.

You’ll need enough resources to carry out your campaign, whether in the form of tools or personnel. Without marketing tools or a committed staff, you may want to try running a Pinterest ad campaign to get your message in front of your target audience.

You’ll need the resources that a Pinterest advertising firm can supply you with. You’ll have access to everything you need for your campaign, including software, campaign personnel, and professional expertise.

As a result, your company will benefit. If you don’t know how to promote on Pinterest, or if you don’t have the budget, you don’t have to. Using the services of a Pinterest marketing firm can ensure that your campaign is a resounding success!

The first step is to learn as much as you can about social media marketing and Pinterest, especially if you haven’t done either before. If you’ve never conducted a social media marketing campaign, it may be difficult to figure out how to do it. You’ll work with an agency that knows how to execute a Pinterest advertising campaign if you choose a Pinterest advertising business.

A Pinterest advertising agency may assist you in developing a campaign that is specific to your brand. They’ll design a campaign to assist you get the most out of your company’s marketing efforts.


What should I look for in a Pinterest advertising agency?

If you’re looking into Pinterest advertising, you may want to consider hiring a marketing company. For those who aren’t sure, here are three good reasons to work with a Pinterest advertising firm:

It’s important to choose a Pinterest advertising company that keeps up to date with the latest trends. In the world of social media, things change all the time. You’ll need your advertising agency to be on top of these adjustments.

To get new customers, you shouldn’t employ out-of-date marketing tactics.

Effective campaigns use tactics based on the current behavior of your target audience. A successful Pinterest advertising campaign may be developed by a firm that specializes in Pinterest advertising.

Due to the rapid changes in social media, marketers must always be on the lookout for fresh information. An organization that is continuously learning how to enhance your campaign should be your partner of choice.

Choose a Pinterest advertising agency that is continuously developing and enhancing their abilities while looking for a Pinterest advertising agency. As a result, you can be certain that your campaign will be managed by the most experienced personnel.

When using search engines like Google, people use them differently than when using Pinterest.

When creating Pinterest advertisements, be sure to include relevant keywords. If you’re going to employ a Pinterest advertising firm, be certain they know how to do Pinterest keyword research.

You must choose terms that are relevant to Pinterest users’ searches.

The term “craft ideas for kids” may be found on Google. They may look for “kids craft ideas” or “craft ideas for kids” on Pinterest. An effective Pinterest advertising agency will be familiar with Pinterest-specific keywords.

Find out how much it will cost to employ a Pinterest advertising business before making a decision. You’re trying to discover a firm that’ll operate inside your budget while also being beneficial to your enterprise. Make careful to compare prices before selecting a service provider.

This may be challenging at times due to the fact that many businesses conceal their pricing. To learn about their prices and packages, you’ll have to get in touch with them directly. As a result, you have no idea what to anticipate or how much anything will cost.

As a result, choosing a business that has open pricing is the ideal option. When you use transparent pricing, you can know exactly how much a service will cost before you commit. If you want to know how much your campaign will cost, you don’t have to jump through hoops.

It’s important to have transparent pricing since it keeps you informed about precisely what you’re receiving and how much it will cost. A firm that works well for your business may be selected more easily.

If you’re comparing Pinterest advertising firms, seek for ones that have open reporting practices. In other words, transparent reporting implies that you’ll get regular updates on the status of your advertising campaign from your agency. Your supporters keep you updated on the status of your campaign and let you know about your campaign’s triumphs and shortcomings.

This is critical to your company’s operations since it allows you to monitor the progress of your marketing campaigns. Your campaign costs money, so you want to be sure it’s going to tactics that help your company develop.

A solid Pinterest advertising company’s communication is essential.. As a result of your financial commitment, you want to be certain that the business keeps you updated on the status of your campaign.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, comments, or issues.

They should keep you up to date on the status of your campaign and solve any problems that arise. You’ll be able to create a better campaign for your company if you have an open line of communication with your team.

Consider the history of the businesses you’re considering for Pinterest advertising services as you limit your search. Choosing a social media marketing firm with previous expertise managing Pinterest advertising campaigns is critical..

It’s best to work with a firm that has experience advertising on Pinterest. Choose a firm that does keyword research, writes appealing ad content, then tracks the results to ensure they’re as effective as possible. If you want to get the greatest outcomes for your company, this is the way to go.

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SagaReach's Pinterest Advertising Agency FAQs

Advertising on Pinterest may help your company grow. You may have concerns about how it works since it is a new advertising service. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Pinterest advertising.

You always want to know where your target audience will view your advertisements when you launch an advertising campaign. Your target audience will see your advertisements in the following places if you use Pinterest advertising:

  • The Home feed.
  • Category pages.
  • Search results.


When it comes to advertising on Pinterest, you have a choice of four distinct ad formats:

Promoted pin.

A pin appears like a normal ad format in this instance. They assist you in reaching a greater number of potential customers.

Promoted video pin.

These are videos that show up as sponsored posts in search results. Your customers will get fresh perspectives on your goods because of their enthusiasm for trying new things.

Promoted carousel.

Multiple pictures are available for Pinners in promoted carousels. With Pinterst, you can upload up to five pictures that visitors may swipe through to learn more about your business or product.

Promoted app pins.

People may find and download new applications because of these advertisements. It is possible to download an app straight from Pinterest when someone clicks on an advertisement.

In order to attract individuals that are interested in following your company on Pinterest, you may utilize one of these ad types. Advertise your online shop, Etsy store, and more with these advertisements.

Pinterest gives you many options for goals you can set, including:

  • Increase awareness.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Boost traffic.
  • Promote apps.
  • Boost video views.

These are all great goals you can set to drive results for your business.

You must keep track of the outcomes of your Pinterest advertising campaigns if you want to be successful. In order to see the outcomes of your campaign, Pinterest has its own analytics tool. These insights are provided by this software. For example,

  • Impressions.
  • Saves.
  • Clicks.
  • Cost-per-click and cost-per-mile.
  • Clickthrough rate.
  • Total ad spend.

Instead than using Pinterest’s analytics software, consider Google Analytics or another third-party service. It’ll provide you a better understanding of your campaign as a whole.

Pinterest advertising companies often have their own software while working with you.

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