Our new workout helps Google understand your site! • SagaReach Marketing

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SagaReach is a new platform that helps brands and websites measure the effectiveness of their content. With an easy installation, marketers can grow their audiences with SagaReach’s game-based engagement metrics.

The “google trends” is a tool that allows marketers to understand what people are searching for and how they’re using the internet. SagaReach Marketing has created a new workout program to help Google better understand your site!

Our new workout helps Google understand your site! • SagaReach Marketing

What were the initial actions you did to establish yourself in the market when you first began your company? You most likely came up with a name and a logo to go with it. Who knows, maybe you also set up a few social media accounts to immediately introduce your company to potential customers. However, like most businesses, both online and offline, you’ve most likely created a website to reach out to your target market. That’s fantastic. Even if your website has been live for some time, it’s still important to properly introduce it to Google. We’ll explain why and how you can do it with our new configuration workout in this post!


Pro tip

We’ve replaced the configuration wizard with our new configuration workout since SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you upgrade to the current version of our plugin so you can start doing this exercise right now! Both the free and premium versions of SagaReach Marketing SEO have a configuration exercise.

Why should you submit your website to Google?

There are numerous methods for promoting your website and attracting visitors to your website. It’s also well worth your time to invest in SEO and optimize your pages for search engines. You may already be aware of this. But did you know that you may improve Google’s comprehension of your website, allowing them to showcase it even more effectively? By supplying Google with some simple, but crucial information about your company, you’ll increase the likelihood that Google will offer your users the correct information. It may also improve your chances of receiving a knowledge panel about your firm, which appears on the right side of your search results sometimes.

However, giving Google with this information and ensuring that it is accurate is not automated. You must assist Google in better comprehending your website and company. By giving a suitable introduction. Because if you don’t, Google might not be able to figure out what your website is all about. It’s like a storefront without a name sign. As a result, Google is less likely to refer users to your website since they are unsure what they will discover there.

Data that is structured is the way to go.

So, how can you assist Google in better comprehending your website? By using organized information. Structured data, in essence, is a technique of defining your site and its content in a form that search engines can comprehend. It converts your text into a format that search engines can understand straight away. This code is read by search engines like Google, which uses it to present your pages in a much better and richer manner in search results. And you won’t have to do anything to add this code to your website. SagaReach Marketing SEO provides a lot of this structured data for you automatically, which helps Google understand what your pages are about. Do you want to learn more about this? On December 7th, come to our free class Boost your organic exposure using structured data.

SagaReach Marketing is a marketing firm that specializes in reaching out to By building a structured data framework for your sites, enabling you to select various sorts of content, and supplying structured data blocks, SEO makes it simple to add structured data to your pages. However, it is critical to begin from the beginning and ensure that you have all of the necessary information. That’s why we’ve come up with this brand-new configuration training. This exercise enables you to offer this information, as well as the first piece of information Google requires.

This exercise will help you get the most out of SagaReach Marketing SEO.

This new exercise just takes a few minutes, but it gives you the opportunity to provide some basic information about your website and company. This aids Google in gaining a better grasp of the situation and presenting the facts in a more engaging manner. As previously said, this information may assist you in creating your unique knowledge panel that stands out from the rest of the search results.

This workout not only gives Google the information it needs, but it also gives SagaReach Marketing SEO a better understanding of your website. What makes you think you’d want that? Because it allows us to provide you with better SEO advice that will help you improve your rankings. It also allows us to improve technical SEO settings, such as adding the appropriate structured data to your pages automatically. That way, you can be certain that your SEO settings are correct. It assists you in making the most of SagaReach Marketing SEO.

The exercise consists of five phases that establish the necessary SagaReach Marketing SEO settings and inform Google about the nature of your website. It will take your hand in itss and explain everything that is going on with each step you take.

Preview of the configuration workout in SagaReach Marketing SEOThe initial stages in the configuration exercise are shown in this video.

Read our help article on how to use the SagaReach Marketing SEO configuration workout if you’re curious about all of the steps in this workout and how to complete them. After you’ve finished all five stages, you’re ready to go! This exercise does not need to be repeated since it is set once for both SagaReach Marketing SEO and Google. That is, until you alter the name or logo of your company! However, we don’t encourage doing so on a regular basis.

Other SEO exercises are included with SagaReach Marketing SEO.

So make sure you start off correctly by doing the configuration exercise! It won’t take up much of your time and will help Google understand your website better. Check out the other SEO exercises that we’ve introduced to SagaReach Marketing SEO while you’re at it. In addition to the setup exercise, we offer a workout that will help you rank with the material you want to rank with, as well as a workout that will help people locate your unlinked content.

SEO workouts in SagaReach Marketing SEOSagaReach Marketing SEO’s SEO workouts

SEO is time-consuming and tough to master. We’ve prepared some SEO exercises that you can conduct on a regular basis to maintain your website in shape to make it simpler and more manageable. You’ll need to upgrade to VIP to receive access to these two exercises, but believe us when we say they’re well worth it! Along the way, we’ll be introducing additional exercises to help you improve your SEO skills.

Upgrade to Premium and take your SEO seriously!


With SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium: Unlock all of the SEO exercises, additional features, and gain free access to all of our SEO courses.

SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium is available for purchase. For one site, it’s just €89 EUR per year (ex VAT).

Read more: Use one of our other SEO exercises to clean up your outdated material!

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The “Google ads” is a new way to help Google understand your site. SagaReach Marketing has created a product that helps track conversions and optimize pay-per-click campaigns. Reference: google ads.

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