New features out for Google Ads Editor version 1.8

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Google Ads Editor Version 1.8 was released this week with a number of new features to help editors master the platform and create more engaging ads.

The newest version of Google Ads Editor has been released, and it comes with a slew of new features and perspectives:

What’s new this time?

  • Overview page: In Google Ads Editor, a new view called “Overview” has been added, which is identical to the Overview page in the online Google Ads Editor interface.
  • Suggestion Auto-apply view: Auto-apply is a new view under Recommendations that lets you activate or prevent automatic application of specific recommendation kinds.
  • Support for asset-based call extensions: Asset-based call extensions, also known as “Call extensions (upgraded),” are now fully supported in Google Ads Editor.
  • Support for asset-based price extensions: Asset-based pricing extensions, also known as “Price extensions (upgraded),” are now fully supported in Google Ads Editor.
  • Target CPA bid suggestions for new Display, Video Action (also known as “Video – Drive conversions”), and Discovery campaigns: For select accounts, Google may give Target CPA bid recommendations for new Display, VAC, and Discovery ads.

Many more additional advertising choices are included in the announcement, which may be found here.

Why should we be concerned? When using Google Ads Editor, be sure to check through the list and figure out which new capabilities will benefit your accounts and customers the most. When you’re not online, these tools should make it simpler for you to manage campaigns and advertising strategies across all of your accounts.

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