Lead Generation Strategies for Local Businesses

Lead Generation for Local Businesses
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Small companies in the area are finding it difficult to compete. Many small companies in the area are finding it difficult to compete with national chains like Amazon and Walmart, which dominate internet and brick-and-mortar, respectively.

It’s possible to generate more local business leads with the assistance of efficient lead-generating tactics. They are more focused than some other digital marketing tactics which bring you in contact with people from all over the globe. They connect your company with the right customers.

Five simple, low-cost, high-impact tactics for generating local company leads are listed below:

  1. Use targeted Facebook lead ads
  2. Create a localized lead magnet
  3. Run a local contest or giveaway
  4. Create a localized landing page
  5. Go offline

1. Use targeted Facebook lead ads

Facebook is the finest place for local business owners to locate their customers, thanks to its 2.41 billion members and unmatched targeting options.

Suppose, for example, that you’ve just launched a new dancing studio in Seattle. As well as, let us speculate that it will be close to February 14th. You may use Facebook advertising to directly target males in the Seattle region who are in a relationship. You may include something like this in your message: “Coming up on February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Give her a present she’ll cherish forever!” Simple.

The problem arises, though, if your dancing studio only offers courses from April through June.

You must begin attracting potential students right now in order to meet your enrollment goals.

Thus, Facebook lead advertising are necessary.

When it comes to using Facebook for lead generation, you have a few options:

You may use the “Conversion” objective in your ad to direct visitors to a landing page where they can enter their contact information in the form provided. This will increase your conversion rate.

Create a Facebook lead ad and see what happens.

Once again, what is a “Facebook lead ad”?

This is how it appears:

And here’s how it works:

Step 1: A potential customer looks at the posts on their Facebook timeline. These people are looking for dancing classes for Valentine’s Day and find your ad and click the CTA.

A form will appear in the ad itself, in the News Feed. 

Step 2: Complete the form that appears. The potential customer provides their contact information on a form that appears on their computer screen (whatever fields you select).

Step 3: Lead provides their data. A copy of this data will be instantly forwarded to your previously-integrated customer relationship management (CRM).

The nicest thing about Facebook lead advertisements is that they’re effective. WordStream discovered that lead advertisements on Facebook convert clickers 19.77 percent better than landing page ads on Facebook.

Pro Tip: If you can avoid doing the manual export, Facebook lead advertising are considerably more successful. As an alternative, integrate your Facebook ad account with your CRM to deliver new leads directly and automatically to that location.

2. Create a localized lead magnet

One of the most effective methods to generate leads is to create a lead magnet, which is an incentive that encourages potential customers to swap their contact information for yours. Naturally, if you’re located in Hell’s Kitchen, you don’t need leads in Singapore for your local company (and only sell to your area).

As a result, producing a generic lead magnet that appeals to the masses is a waste of effort.

As an alternative, design a lead magnet that appeals only to people in your niche who live in your region.

  • Here are a few localized lead magnet ideas:
  • The Complete Guide to Estate Planning in [Your State]
  • The Complete Guide to Buying/Selling/Flipping a Home/Condo/Apartment in [Local Area]
  • The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Car in [Your State]
  • Preparing your Car for Winter in [Your State]
  • A Guide to the Perfect Road Trip/Holiday/Bachelor Party/Romantic Getaway in [State/City]

If you want to use webinars, email-gated movies, or.pdf files as your lead magnets, you may do so.

Pro Tip: Lead generation using email-gating videos is quite effective. As a result, you must speak with your developer so that they may design a feature that will stop the video from playing until lead information is supplied.

3. Run a local contest or giveaway

One of the best ways to create just local leads is to have a contest with a local reward. Contests are similar to lead magnets in that they provide a potential consumer a cause to supply their contact details. However, in this instance, you provide them with a chance to win a gift they want.

To ensure your local contest or giveaway is as successful as possible, use one simple best practice: Give out something that has to do with your business or service.

Consider a scenario in which you’re trying to promote a gym. You’ll receive hundreds of leads if you run a contest and give away a vacation to Barbados or $1,000 in cash. Everyone is after a vacation to Barbados or a monetary prize of some kind.

That is the issue.

If you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts, focus on turning one lead into a client. The quantity of leads is (in the end) a vanity statistic, similar to the number of social media followers or blog subscribers. Even if you get fewer leads by giving away a prize associated with your company, those leads will be valuable to your organization.

This website for a neighborhood contest is simple, but it gets the job done. Take notice of the following (and consider include it in your next community contest!):

The seconds are ticking away on the countdown clock. Countdown clocks give promotions a sense of urgency. Studies suggest that they may boost conversion by up to 332%. As a result of their authenticity, they perform admirably in online games. If they don’t enter by the end of the week, they have no chance of winning.

That’s what’s in the title. The title informs you precisely what you stand to gain by placing it front and center. Put the price at the very top of the list.

The prize’s monetary worth. If your prize’s worth isn’t obvious, giving it a financial value might assist contestants better comprehend their chances of winning. When giving away a product or service, this is often the case.

The fields in the application. Name and email address are the only entry requirements for this contest. Asking for more information than you need in order to contact your leads is typically not a good idea. More form fields on your lead generating page mean a lower conversion rate.

The button that prompts users to take action. In order to avoid misunderstanding about where to click in order to participate in this contest, make it high-contrast and attractive.

The absence of ties to other sources. This contest page works well as a landing page for your business. As a result, it’s tailored to achieve a specific conversion objective. Because of this, visitors won’t be distracted from their intended aim by links leading away from this website.

Got nothing to give? We’ve got ideas! Listed below are some possible contest prizes for your local lead generation campaign:

  • A date night package (especially valuable if you team up with another local business)
  • A “winterize your car” package
  • A home staging package
  • A family photoshoot
  • A holiday-themed makeover
  • Fitness classes and fitness gear
  • Product giveaway (themed)
  • Pre-wedding spa treatment

Pro Tip: Adding share buttons encourages your participants to spread the word about your promotion and earn more chances to win by increasing the reach of your local contest or giveaway.

4. Create a localized landing page

Create a page that is specific to the country or region you are targeting.

Create landing pages for each local market or branch to generate local leads if you are targeting numerous local markets or have local branches.

Say you’re the head of a large legal practice in Michigan, for example. Although your headquarters may be in Detroit, you may also have offices in Lansing and Grand Rapids as part of your business network.

Prospective customers—also known as leads—are far more likely to interact with your local branch if they live nearby.

It’s worth noting two things in this instance:

Concentrate on SEO for your area. You want to come up when people search for “Grand Rapids personal injury lawyer,” “Lansing personal injury attorney,” and “Detroit personal injury attorney” in Google.

Then, create a lead generation campaign that focuses on those locations and directs them to a landing page with information about your local partners and lawyers (you can do this with Facebook advertising).

5. Go offline

To glance out the window might be difficult for digital marketers. When it comes to marketing methods, we have a superiority complex, and “shaking hands with people” is typically neglected in favor of another A/B test.

The fact is that conventions and trade exhibitions may be wonderful ways for your local company to acquire quality leads and create partnerships.

Here are a few offline lead generation tips to get you started:

Choose your tradeshow or conference well. 

Attending these events may be costly, so you want to see a return on your investment as well as the time you spend shaking hands. Our advice is to start with one or two and see whether the time and effort invested pays off. You can find a full list of trade exhibits on AbsoluteExhibits (organized by industry).

Determine what KPI will indicate success. 

Are you just concerned with obtaining new customers’ contact information? Or are you seeking for wholesalers, workers, customer reviews, etc.?

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. 

Simply said, bigger doesn’t always equate to better.

When it comes to trade shows and conferences, it’s preferable for local firms to attend a more focused (read: smaller) event rather than the largest one available. Then, go there to meet those clients or consumers.

Give merchandise as a gift.

Keep in mind that the focus of this article is on generating local leads. You may be wasting your time and money if you don’t collect cards or have potential customers/sellers offer their lead information. In return for your contact information, provide perks like freebies or discounts.

Follow up. 

Online leads are easier to reach than hand-generated leads. Create an automated email series to motivate new prospects to fulfill your company’s goal before you leave for the tradeshow. Begin with a sentence like this: “Meeting you at [the tradeshow] was a pleasure. I hope you enjoyed yourselves!”

Go and get those local leads!

So there you have it: the five best high-impact local lead generation strategies you can start using today.

To recap:

  1. Use targeted Facebook lead ads to reach your local area
  2. Create a localized lead magnet relevant exclusively to your target market
  3. Run a local contest or giveaway which gets people excited
  4. Create a localized landing page for your brand’s branches
  5. Go offline to generate local leads face-to-face

There are times when digital marketing methods seem to solely apply to Silicon Valley’s multinational cloud-based software companies.

However, this is not the case.

These tactics work just as well for a small local firm as they do for a large SaaS company in Manhattan.

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