Laura Grandi-Hill, Event Marketing Manager at Airbase

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Laura Grandi-Hill is the Event Marketing Manager at Airbase, a full service event management company. She has worked for several companies in different positions and industries before transferring to this position.

Laura Grandi-Hill, Event Marketing Manager at Airbase

Marketer of the Week - Laura Grandi-Hill

Laura Grandi-Hill is a writer who lives in New York City., event marketing manager at Airbase, is featured in this edition of Marketer of the Week by Ignite Visibility.

Grandi-Hill is commended by Ignite for her dedication to engaging the Airbase’s internal and external communities. She promotes collaboration and opens doors for Airbase customers and the wider professional financial community.

Laura Grandi-Hill

Laura Grandi-Hill is Airbase’s Event Marketing Manager, which means she is in charge of the spend management company’s events, webinars, and community.

Grandi-knowledge Hill’s is based on a wide range of experiences, thanks to a long and illustrious career.

She worked as the events manager at the OCVTS Performing Arts Academy from 2009 until 2015. She oversaw and coordinated theater performances, which included budget management, the formation of creative teams, and venue coordination. It was here that she tripled the size of her audience.

Grandi-Hill also worked for ProExhibits as an account and project manager. She was in charge of budgets totaling more than $200k for local and international events and concerts. In fact, she earned a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, ensuring that clients’ expectations were satisfied.

Laura Grandi-Hill also worked for The Hill Group as a presentation trainer and event consultant. She provided one-on-one training sessions for salespeople, CEOs, and other speakers. These training sessions were designed to help them enhance their speaking and presenting skills.

She then moved on to Treasure Data, where she worked as an event marketing expert and social media manager. She was in charge of all trade show activities, webinars, event programming, and customer experience activities. She utilized her event planning and management talents to design and manage a few events each month!

She went on to work at Arm, a British semiconductor and software design firm, as a marketing and event manager for data business. By collaborating with the product, sales, and business development teams, she expanded events to become the number one pipeline driver in 2019.

Grandi-Hill gained experience in event management for a wide range of audiences as a result of all of them.

“Laura is one of the greatest tactical marketers you’ll ever meet, and I can’t tell you how many times she’s saved the day by ensuring a complicated, integrated campaign was delivered on time and on budget by herself.” — Erik Archer Smith, Scale Venture Partners’ VP of Marketing

Laura Grandi-Hill's Career Timeline

Laura Grandi-Work Hill’s History

Airbase Laura Grandi-Hill

Laura Grandi-Hill has a long list of accomplishments at Airbase.

She is in charge of the company’s event strategy and lifecycle. Offsite meetings, customer advisory board meetings, lunch and learns, trade exhibitions, VIP dinners, and user conferences are all examples of this. This involvement has aided the expenditure management firm’s maturation.

Grandi-Hill coordinated and launched a monthly “CFO Interview” series with financial executives from businesses such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Twitter, Robinhood, Okta, Slack, and others. For all events and webinars, she has created Marketo programs and Salesforce campaigns.

Grandi-Hill has also led a number of other noteworthy projects at Airbase:

  • All email outreach procedures were created by her, and she is in charge of the customer journey for all events.
  • On a daily basis, I managed all social media platforms and surpassed growth expectations by 200 percent.
  • Airbase’s webinar program was built and implemented from planning through lead follow-up, averaging 6 webinars each month.
  • Collaborated with sales and customer success to secure internal buy-in and build effective procedures for all live events and webinars.
  • In only 14 months, I grew “Off the Ledger,” a private Slack network of financial professionals, to 1500+ members.
  • All internal team development and activities, such as SKOs and Hackathons, were under my control.
  • Created three monthly newsletters: one for partners, prospects, and members of the community.
  • G2 Crowd and Capterra efforts were managed, and new review targets were met.
  • She oversaw client case studies from start to finish, resulting in an 80 percent increase in net new case studies.

As if that weren’t enough, Airbase’s events program developed from nothing to the top closed-door channel under Grandi-direction. Hill’s

Laura's Achievements at Airbase

Laura’s Airbase Achievements


Airbase is the first all-in-one expenditure management platform. Airbase provides businesses with unrivaled financial management and insight. It combines three services into an one platform: all-in-one accounts payable automation, software-enabled corporate cards, and streamlined employee expense reimbursements. That’s probably why Bain Capital Ventures and First Round Capital are backing it.

Airbase, which was created in San Francisco, now boasts a completely dispersed staff of 95 people working in nine countries.

The fantastic “Path to Becoming a CFO” series, which acts as a networking event for financial professionals, was founded by Laura Grandi-Hill. In the networking sector, it often serves an underserved group. The series includes monthly in-person events in San Francisco with speakers such as:

Grandi-Hill transferred the series online when the COVID-19 outbreak struck. It attracted ten times the amount of financial professionals who could learn from industry experts. It has now evolved into a much-anticipated monthly event, with the bulk of people attending each time.

Airbase released the most feature-rich and cost-effective free spend management tool on the market in early November. In one platform, you may get a corporate card, pay bills, and be reimbursed for expenses. Another interesting news from Airbase: they’re now providing the highest cashback on a corporate card in the market (and, to their knowledge, the globe), with a return of 2.25 percent on a pre-funded model and 1.75 percent on charge cards.

Laura Grandi-Hill is coming to a close.

Laura Grandi-Hill is more than her job at Airbase, yet she is undeniably talented in her role as event marketing manager. We hope that as Ignite Visibility’s Marketer of the Week, others notice Grandi-importance. Hill’s

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