Is The Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage A Google Ranking Factor?

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On the whole, more images on your website is going to increase its Google ranking. This will give you a higher page rank and this in turn can result in increased traffic for your website. However, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before increasing the quantity of images on your site., For example: if you have been penalized by Google then having too many images could harm it’s performance

Is The Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage A Google Ranking Factor?

Adding visuals to textual information may help readers understand context and stay interested for longer lengths of time.

As a result, visitors may spend longer time on the site, perhaps resulting in more pageviews per visit.

There are SEO advantages to photos as well, like as the possibility to get traffic from multiple Google surfaces.

When it comes to SEO, though, we all know that you can have too much of a good thing.

Keyword stuffing is when you use too many keywords. While using structured data might be beneficial, going overboard can lead to Google’s standards being broken.


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Is there a danger of employing too many photos in terms of SEO?

That’s the claim we’ll investigate in this chapter as we try to figure out if the amount of photos in a piece of content affects its Google ranking.

The Claims: The Number Of Images On A Webpage Can Affect Search Engine Rankings

The amount of photos in a piece of material is considered to have a couple of effects on rankings.

It is suggested that utilizing too many photos would have a detrimental influence on rankings. This is because graphics have an influence on page performance, and slower sites tend to rank lower than quicker pages.


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Another notion asserts that a lack of photos in online content might harm a site’s SEO, or that a website requires graphics to rank highly.

Is any of those assertions true? This is what the evidence indicates.

Does the number of images on a web page affect its ranking?

According to the assertions, the amount of photos on a website might have a detrimental influence on rankings.

However, there is no hard and fast criterion for deciding how many photographs are “too many,” and there is no specific threshold for establishing how many images are “too many.”

The amount of influence photographs have on search results is determined by how long they take to load.

Page speed is a ranking issue, therefore including a lot of photos with high file sizes might slow down sites, which can hurt ranks. Page speed is, in fact, a recognized ranking component, although a “small” one.

On the other side, if a website uses ways to make photos load quickly, it may easily post image galleries.

The Complete Guide to On-Page SEO by SagaReach Marketing has a chapter on images, which includes techniques like using compression or slow loading to ensure optimal page performance.

When it comes to the idea that photos are essential to get good Google results, this is completely false.


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Look at the first page of any SERP for proof of this. There will almost certainly be pages with no photos. Wikipedia is an excellent example of a site that achieves high ranks despite the fact that many of its articles lack even a single picture.

Our Opinion On The Number Of Images On A Webpage As A Ranking Factor


There’s no evidence that the quantity of photos on a website, whether it’s too many or too few, affects search results in any way.


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So, if you want to rank high, don’t feel like you have to restrict your usage of photos.

However, don’t feel forced to include pictures on all of your sites just to placate Google’s algorithms. There is no magic amount of photos that will help you rank higher, just as there is no magic quantity of words.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Googles ranking factors?

A: Googles ranking factors are created to help determine what you might be interested in. These include things like the amount of unique pageviews, traffic sources and backlinks that a website has received over time.

How do images rank on Google?

A: Google ranks images based on how strong the text is in relation to their relevance. For example, if a website has an article about a topic and the image that accompanies it is related to that specific article then this will be one of first places for which people would look. If instead, someone were looking for information about what type of flower was pictured in an image on that site, they might not go straight there but rather search something like “flowers” or even ask google by typing out the word “what flowers are these?”

Do images affect SEO?

A: No, unfortunately. Images are not an SEO tactic and do not affect your websites ranking on search engines such as Google.

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