Introducing SagaReach Career Architect – SagaReach

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SagaReach is a platform that helps job seekers and employers connect. By using SagaReach, both parties can filter each other’s resumes for relevant qualifications without ever having to spend time sifting through applications or wasting their valuable time with unwanted conversations to find the right match.

SagaReach is a company that offers career opportunities in architecture. They have introduced a new career opportunity called “SagaReach Career Architect”. This job allows the user to work on projects from start to finish.

Introducing SagaReach Career Architect - SagaReach

Great leadership is difficult to come by.

I was a professional rugby player in a past life.

For eight years, I played second-tier English rugby, where I was exposed to a variety of high-performing team settings, all of which were utterly different but unmistakably familiar at the same time.

The cutthroat determination to win was familiar, but so were the things that drove it. Unspoken principles, unspoken behaviors, and a shared awareness that although we needed to thrive as individuals, we were also there to become more than the sum of our parts.

Since taking over from Richard 5 years ago and completing my move out of sport, these cultural subtleties have given me a unique perspective on the problem of building an organic digital marketing business.

There are a lot of stale clichés when it comes to comparing sports and business, but having worked in both, there are two standout characteristics that have characterized excellent leadership throughout my career and have been driving motivations for Career Architect:

The finest leaders provide total transparency.

The most effective coaches I worked with were able to provide total clarity on everything from overall team strategy to the finer points of specialized talents that would enable me to offer an additional 1% to the team’s worth. They’d make no bones about what was excellent, what was lacking, and, most importantly, what might be done to get more out of myself and give more to the group.

Self-awareness is enhanced by the finest leaders.

The best players were the most self-aware, able to cross-reference input with an honest self-appraisal of their own performance, emotionally regulate in any setting, and hold themselves responsible to the modifications required to keep improving.

By far the most rewarding circumstances were those in which these behaviors were not just enabled but also encouraged and developed, allowing me to maximize my potential.

The Yang to this Yin is that I’ve also been in situations when none of these things occurred reliably or effectively, and it wasn’t pretty.

What does it mean to be a Career Architect?

We’ve been developing, testing, and refining a career development framework to underlie everything we do at SagaReach and guarantee that everyone has exposure to both of these critical features during their tenure with us over the last year or so.

The framework offers individuals full control over their careers by providing a clear picture of expectations for every function throughout the agency, genuine clarity about how people are doing and progressing toward their objectives.

Not only that, but it guides our recruiting strategy, ensuring that we are being entirely open, fair, and impartial in the way we find, interview, and hire individuals for our ever-expanding firm.

It was inspired by our fantastic present team, people who have used SagaReach as a springboard for new challenges and possibilities, and, of course, the lessons learnt from my previous professional sports experience.


How does it help individuals advance their careers at SagaReach?

Organic digital marketing is an interesting sector because, unlike other professional services like accounting and law, it lacks a well-trodden career path that you can see from the start. How can you have a genuine sense of context and clarity about where you want to go if you don’t have a 10,000ft perspective of what chances lay ahead for you?

Because there is no defined career path, there is no common concept of what constitutes successful performance in organic digital marketing jobs. Expectations, behaviors, and job quality differ greatly from one agency to the next.

Our strategy has always been to spend regularly and extensively in educating our employees so that we can continue to provide the high-quality work for which we are recognized. We know what good looks like after 12 years of organic development, and we’ve formalized it with Career Architect.

Not only that, but we’ve made all 4,500 data points in the framework available to all of our employees, assuring full transparency of expectations and comprehensive clarity about how they’re doing, as well as genuine ownership over their own success.

Most organizations already have complete transparency, context, and clarity, but the gold in Career Architect is how it provides our individuals actual control over their own growth.

People are pushed into managerial jobs because they are competent at the agency’s services, not because they have the expertise or structure support to bring out the best in the people for whom they are accountable, which is a frequent trend in agency life. This is a failure for both managers and the individuals they supervise.

We’ve developed a distinct, well-defined management philosophy based on the concept that self-awareness is a learnable skill: a team that understands how it’s functioning, what possibilities it has, and where it wants to go is considerably more autonomous, satisfied, and productive than one that doesn’t.

Our managers are educated in coaching approaches, and all important performance-related dialogues are self-driven. This guarantees that advancement is encouraged in a secure atmosphere where workers have the liberty and authority they need to explore what’s possible, seize the opportunities that matter most to them, and develop as marketers and people.


Every step of the employee’s journey is taken into account.

SagaReach is fundamentally a people company, and Career Architect exists to guide everything related to our people – our most valuable asset – throughout the employee experience.


All of our recruiting is underpinned by Career Architect, which ensures that our recruitment procedures are transparent, neutral, and fair, and that we are always delivering equitable chances.

Spec building — Having defined, measurable remits and expectations for each agency function allows us to work “spec-first” and market properly whenever we need to employ. Creating a spec for a single individual eliminates the danger of restricting opportunities. We are upfront and ethical regarding compensation bandings from the start, both internally and publicly, since associated remuneration is fundamentally related to each function.

CV selection — Before being sent to recruiting managers, every CV that is submitted to SagaReach is anonymized. This implies that the evaluation of what makes it to the interview stage is done only on the basis of the standard we have in Career Architect, with no added prejudice.

Interview method — During the interview, pre-written scripts based on the skills listed in Career Architect are used to evaluate eligibility, with all responses being recorded. This guarantees that we are only evaluating applicants based on their ability to fulfill the tasks we have open, and nothing else.

All feedback is offered to applicants within the context of the competence framework and the resultant interview script, whether they are successful or not. This implies that even if a candidate does not get the job, there is still a value-add for them in the form of real learnings they can take away and use to further their growth.

Progression through the roles

The core of Career Architect is utilized on a daily basis to promote advancement.

We believe that if a person can grow in their job, they will be able to have a greater effect on the team. Nobody does anything on their alone, and being able to build abilities that better equip individuals to work in and effect team contexts is a sure-fire method to attain success in any field.

Individually, our employees are able to comprehend what is required of them in each function within the agency and plan their careers appropriately. “Horizontal” advancement, such as transferring teams or broadening skillsets, and “Vertical” growth within a discipline become crystal evident.

Advancement of your career

As I previously said, organic internet marketing is challenging since there is no well-trodden professional path. People join it for a number of (usually intriguing) reasons, but seldom, if ever, do they do so with a clear goal in mind. As a good employer, it is our responsibility to alter that.

70% of SagaReach’s very bright management staff is entirely self-taught, having joined the firm as junior or mid-level employees. Our culture has always promoted entrepreneurialism and given employees the freedom and liberty to follow their hobbies, as shown by the fact that Richard launched the agency in 2009.

This includes those who have worked at the agency and moved on throughout the years. Over the last decade, we’ve had the honor of working with some of the industry’s brightest minds; witnessing what they’ve gone on to do was one of the major motivations for creating a career progression structure that leaves nothing to chance.

Regardless matter what they do in the future, assisting individuals in gaining clarity about what they want out of their careers and accompanying them on the road to accomplish that as their employer is a true honor, and one for which Career Architect exists purely.

Check out our open positions or sign up for job notifications to get notified as soon as they become available if you’re interested in more than just a job.

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SagaReach is a career path that allows users to create their own career path. Users can choose the type of job they want, and then create a profile that includes skills, education, experience, etc. Reference: architect career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do architects use geometry?

A: Architects use geometry in the process of designing buildings. They create sketches to show their ideas before translating these into 3D models for construction.

What does a restoration architect do?

A: A restoration architect would be a person who is highly specialized in the field of architecture and who aims to restore historical buildings. They use their knowledge, skills, and experience to produce designs that will serve as an example for future architects to follow when building new structures.

What is the role of an architect in construction?

A: An architect is a designer who specializes in designing buildings, bridges and other large-scale structures. Architects are responsible for the layout of each building, including where walls will be located

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