Introducing a free configuration workout • SagaReach Marketing

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SagaReach is a user-centric, free configuration workout app. It provides users with the fitness programs they need to reach their goals by seamlessly integrating content on Facebook and YouTube along with our proprietary database of over 340,000 workouts.

The “best 7 minute workout app 2020” is a free configuration workout that will help you get in shape. This article explains how to use the app and why it’s so effective.

Introducing a free configuration workout • SagaReach Marketing

We’ve offered you various unique SEO exercises over the last several months. Our exercises help you break down certain SEO chores so you can do them in a step-by-step manner. They’re simple and practical, and they’re designed to help you get your job done quickly. We’re introducing a new configuration exercise in SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7 to help you set up the SagaReach Marketing SEO plugin correctly from the start.

What are SEO exercises?

To optimize your site for search engines, you’ll need to perform a lot of things. Some technical work is done for you when you install SagaReach Marketing SEO, but there is still a lot you need to accomplish yourself. SagaReach Marketing SEO isn’t a one-and-done approach. You must put forth the effort and do it on a regular basis.

However, SEO allows you to accomplish a plethora of things. Different paths lead to the same destination. Various methods of thinking and doing. What do you do first? One of the reasons we created the SEO exercises in SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium is to address this issue. The workouts are hands-on activities that concentrate on a specific job, such as improving your site’s structure via correct internal linking. Cleaning up old stuff is another option. Let us take your hand in ours!

Our newest SEO exercise is all about getting the basics of SagaReach Marketing SEO set up correctly, and it’s completely free to use. This allows you to correctly present your website to Google, allowing them to swiftly get acquainted with you. This exercise takes the place of the traditional setup wizard, and you only have to perform it once.

Introducing-a-free-configuration-workout-%E2%80%A2-SagaReach-MarketingIn SagaReach Marketing SEO, you’ll discover three SEO exercises.

Getting SagaReach Marketing SEO’s fundamental settings correct

It’s like giving over your business card to Google if you don’t get the fundamental setup done. It’s not flashy, but it goes a long way toward helping search engines comprehend your site. Regrettably, many individuals overlook this crucial initial step. Or they haven’t completely filled it out or haven’t looked at it in a long time. That’s problematic because you might potentially offer Google a business card with out-of-date information — or none at all!

SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7 includes a new configuration exercise that seeks to swiftly resolve this issue. We’ve outlined the important steps you’ll need to follow in order to get everything set up properly. Here’s how it works:

  • To assist SagaReach Marketing SEO in gaining a better knowledge of your site, run the SEO data optimizer.
  • For structured data, choose a site representation. This structured data is used by Google to determine who you are and what your company is.
    • Choose if your website is for a person or a business.
    • Fill in the person’s or organization’s name.
    • Add a logo or an avatar to your profile.
    • Fill in the site’s tagline.
  • Fill up the social profiles for this website or individual.
  • In the last two stages, you’ll be asked whether you wish to share data with SagaReach Marketing so we can enhance our products. You may also subscribe to our newsletter.
  • That’s all there is to it; you’re ready to go!

In its structured data output, SagaReach Marketing SEO will utilize the information you input about your site. We connect every aspect of your site and provide that output to the search engines. The more information you supply, the better search engines will grasp it! Do you want to learn more about how that procedure works? Join Jono Alderson, our resident SEO specialist, for a free webinar titled “Boost your organic exposure using structured data.”

Of course, if you’ve previously completed the configuration exercise, there’s no need to do so. However, it’s never a bad idea to double-check your settings. Until you do the configuration exercise, your current settings will stay in effect; we won’t overwrite anything until you tell us to.

1640706421_811_Introducing-a-free-configuration-workout-%E2%80%A2-SagaReach-MarketingSimply follow the steps to assist Google in better understanding your website.

What else is new in version 17.7 of SagaReach Marketing SEO?

Every new version of SagaReach Marketing SEO includes a set of bug repairs and improvements. We fixed various items in SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7, including two language-related enhancements. More French transition words have been added to the list so that the plugin’s transition words evaluation can identify them. We’ve also solved an issue that caused non-passive Greek words ending in -o or – to be mistakenly classified as passive.

SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7 is now available.

SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7 includes a free update to our SEO exercises. The SEO workouts in SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium assist you in completing your SEO chores in a systematic manner. The most recent version is free to use and enables you to set up your site data properly right away. Give it a go!

With SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium, you can get things done.


With the SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium plugin, you can unlock amazing capabilities and much more for your WordPress site!

SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium is available for purchase. For one site, it’s just €89 EUR per year (ex VAT).

Toonen, Edwin

Edwin is an expert in content strategy. He spent years polishing his craft at The Netherlands’ largest online design magazine before joining SagaReach Marketing.

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SagaReach Marketing is introducing a free configuration workout app called “best free 7 minute workout app“. The app is designed to help users get in shape and stay healthy.

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