How’d You Make That Flipping Awesome Content for Monster

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We made a video. We wrote a blog post, and we shared it on Twitter. Our content is not the most innovative out there, but after reaching all those audiences with our posts and videos—we saw some great benefits to doing so!’s award winning content marketing campaigns are a great example of how to successfully make the most out of your content. Monster has been able to make their website one of the most visited websites in the world with just their blog.

How'd You Make That Flipping Awesome Content for Monster

Howd-You-Make-That-Flipping-Awesome-Content-for-MonsterA month after the epidemic struck, Monster Worldwide launched a new webpage called Work in the Time of Coronavirus.

“We went into lockdown in mid-March (2020) and released this in a month,” Carl Germann, senior marketing manager, brand communications at Monster, explains. “You know, we couldn’t believe we accomplished it.” “Wow, this is sort of amazing,” we said.

According to @AnnGynn via @SagaReach MarketingContent, @Monster developed a new site for employees and employers a month after the globe fell into lockdown: Work in the Time of Coronavirus. To Tweet, just click here.


“It was just so fulfilling – being able to generate so much material that we knew was clearly benefitting both our clients (businesses advertising positions) and our applicants,” says Julia Gaynor, senior marketing strategist, B2B. It had a profound impact.”

The judges at the 2021 Content Marketing Awards agreed. Carl and Julia were named Content Marketer of the Year finalists after winning the best content marketing launch.

The award wasn’t given only because of the site’s quick creation, execution, and publication. The initiative overcame a lot of obstacles and had some unexpected results. Work in the Time of Coronavirus efficiently targeted a variety of consumers and was broadened and altered as the marketers gained a better understanding of what those audiences need. It also brought the Monster teams together in unprecedented ways, from research to sales.

Creating for a variety of audiences

“At first sight, we thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be a huge hit with job hunters.’ It also proved to be a little more popular with employers. “We were overjoyed because we were able to serve our customers in a manner that we hadn’t been able to six months before,” Carl adds.

Julia concurs. Employers, especially in the health-care area, found Monster’s enhanced material to be even more useful. For a while, Monster offered free job ads to all health-care organizations, and then opened it up to any companies looking for vital labor.

This excerpt from the site highlights the range of issues addressed, from what individuals should know about unemployment benefits and their legal rights in the event of a layoff to health care positions that don’t need expertise and firms that are recruiting nurses right now.


Create material based on your confidential information.

There was a mix of current and freshly commissioned material, as well as a distinctive ingredient: Monster data.

According to @AnnGynn of @SagaReach MarketingContent, @Monster discovered its proprietary data was a perfect chance to bundle into a Monster Job Index and more for workers, employers, and media. To Tweet, just click here.

The site’s statistics and insights section provided a weekly overview of the job market. It included top searched keywords, top posted jobs, and locations with hiring spikes, as well as findings from weekly surveys of Monster users and proprietary job-market data.

They grabbed information from job-seeking applicants as well as company job listings. (Monster only utilizes applicant data in broad strokes, such as the number of resumes posted, the most popular occupational categories, and so on.)

They established a new Monster Job Index, among other assets, based on the Monster study. They supplied the top keyword searches – administrative assistant, work from home, and part-time – and how they had trended each week in the previous month in this example:


Monster explored subjects including work-from-home fatigue and how to compensate remote workers as the globe adjusted to the “new normal.” They also catered to their audience’s rising interest in social inequity by providing information on how to create a diverse workforce. They also stayed on top of Monster’s data and insights.

They didn’t, however, limit themselves to their two target groups (companies and job seekers). They created a Monster Job Index that was sent weekly to top-tier and trade publications. Because of its early success with all three groups, Monster Intelligence, a distinct site dedicated to all things data, will be launched in 2021.


The project’s unforeseen conclusion was the creation of a new intelligence site. Work in the Time of the Coronavirus was created with the intention of increasing brand recognition and extending Monster thought leadership across three sectors: applicants, employers, and the media.


Obtain favorable outcomes

Monster sent emails to its 5 million job searchers and 500,000 businesses in its database to promote the new site. They went out to the media, emphasizing the Monster Jobs Index’s substance. Individual articles received organic social marketing, while seminars based on the site’s content received targeted promotion. They switched to a sponsored social campaign of individual articles on linked popular themes while the economic recovery dragged on.

It was successful.

The site Work in the Time of Coronavirus had an average of 2,500 B2C visitors each month. More crucially, they had a 52 percent click-through rate, indicating that visitors were compelled to read more of the site’s material. The B2B home page had a 40% click-through rate, with the majority of visitors looking for the Monster Jobs Index.

According to @AnnGynn of @SagaReach MarketingContent, @Monster’s coronavirus microsite was a success, with a 52 percent CTR from B2C visitors and a 40 percent CTR from B2B visitors. To Tweet, just click here.

The marketing of individual articles was a success. COVID-related postings were 51 percent more effective at increasing visitors to the site than ordinary material. 81 percent of job views, 84 percent of new accounts, and 83 percent of application starts came from COVID-related material.

The effect persisted until the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. COVID-related articles accounted for 71 percent of site views, with a 50-50 content mix of typical career counseling and COVID-related articles.

In terms of media coverage, the Monster Jobs Index was responsible for 55% of the company’s coverage in 2020, and its thought leadership resulted in a 175 percent increase in the use of a Monster spokesperson.


Bring the company together.

But the Monster narrative doesn’t stop there. It’s just the start of a new age — an integrated content strategy that spans the whole enterprise.

Monster’s tiny content staff saw several modifications around two years ago. Carl was in charge of Monster’s B2B content marketing team, while Julia was in charge of the company’s PR brand relations activities. However, the outbreak of the pandemic prompted them to collaborate on a unified content strategy to react to that historic event.

“We’d never be able to quit doing things that way.” Carl explains, “It’s like second nature to us now.”

They can quickly share material with colleagues via Sprout Social’s Bambu application, who can subsequently share it outside. “We’ve had a lot of success with it in terms of leveraging it for our sales force,” Carl explains. “They needed to stay in touch with their customers.” They have to keep current.

“Through Bambu, we basically continued feeding them stuff and data points that they could publish on their own LinkedIn (or Twitter),” he explains.

The marketers now supply fresh material two to three times per week so that the sales staff and others may continue to share relevant digital information.

That’s not all, however. Every Tuesday, the marketing department’s internal communications team sends out an email blast with the newest stuff to check out, public relations highlights to share, and so on. Carl observes, “It’s all become such an interwoven component of the way we operate here.”

The C-suite has taken note of all of your efforts. “Things’s becoming much more obvious to the senior leadership that this is simply part of how we do it,” Carl says.


All of the tools listed in this article are from reliable sources. Please leave a remark if you have a tool to suggest.

Do you want to be a rock star content marketer? Consider entering the Content Marketing Awards in 2022. To be alerted when submissions are being accepted, sign up here.

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Watch This Video- is a company that has been around for over 40 years, and it’s one of the top-ranking websites in the world. The company recently won the “Best Content Marketing” award at the 2021 Content Marketing Awards, which was held on November 1st at London. Reference: content marketing awards 2021.

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