How to win conversions with product filtering designed for SEO

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Product filtering is an advanced search engine optimization tactic that uses a product’s user ID to find their exact match across all the top-tier ecommerce stores.

How to win conversions with product filtering designed for SEO

1. It improves your customer’s entire experience.

Instead of clients feeling overwhelmed when looking for what they want on your site, a filtering tool will do the legwork for them and simplify their results. Customers will feel catered to as a result of the personalized solutions, which will make their conversion journey easier.

Illamasqua, for example, presents a number of static recommendations to assist customers in selecting the appropriate cosmetics. Obtain your right shade helps customers to find customised results by answering three questions about their skin tone and type.

As you can see, the URL changes with each click on this sort of material. Because each page has a distinct value, it is indexed so that people may locate it via search. Different page URL configurations work in their favor since you can monitor them using analytics.

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2. You may increase your conversion rates by a factor of two.

Because these sorts of assets require involvement, personalize material to the customer’s needs, and drive action, interactive content has been demonstrated to double the conversion rate compared to static content. Filtering tools come into this category, and whether they’re encouraging clients to read relevant guides or find new items, they’re guiding them along a path that encourages them to click and convert.

Take, for example,, a massive website with thousands of products. How do they assist customers in locating what they are searching for? The solution is an interactive style guide that encourages people to like photos that most closely resemble their particular taste. The JavaScript framework creates a list of things that neatly match the customer’s preferences. It’s well-considered, personalized, and intelligent enough that the results seem accurate, prompting action.

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3. It will assist you in better understanding the demands of your clients.

It’s one thing to have an interactive filtering tool. It’s also crucial to watch how consumers utilize your analytics platform, since these insights – such as the categories they create using the tool and what they go on to buy – may help you improve your entire marketing approach.

A trend for a certain set of attributes might signify a whole new audience or creative use for your product. After that, you may market it via social media, editorial, or simply by establishing a new category page.

If you uncover a new trend, such as white wedding boots, you may include it into your offering on your website, in your advertising, and even in your shop.

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4. You’ll amass a substantial email list.

For more advanced filtering systems, requesting an email address may be necessary to provide users access to their curated material or expert product suggestions.

Clothing businesses, for example, may use a filtering tool to assist clients in replicating their personal shopping experience online by asking a series of questions about their preferences, lifestyle, and favorite styles. The user is more inclined to share their email address in return for the useful results after spending time answering these questions and engaging with the tool.

Customers that provide their email address at this step are more likely to convert since they have previously shown interest in your brand and items.

5. It will assist you in lowering product returns.

For many e-commerce businesses, high product return rates are a challenge. But what if we told you that using filtering software may make a difference?

Getting the correct product in front of the right people reduces the likelihood of their returning it; the more personalized the information customers have before making a purchase, the better judgments they’ll make up front. Also, as we just discussed, reduced rates of return may have a significant influence on total earnings, so it’s a win-win situation.

6. It may be used to convey brand values.

If you’re investing in a new tool, you’ll want to make the most of it from every perspective, which includes promoting your brand’s unique selling points. You may utilize the tool’s capability to boost your positioning and product advantages in addition to ensuring sure the content and design are aligned with your branding. If your brand’s aim is to eliminate plastic waste, for example, provide a filter that only displays goods that are plastic-free.

Bravissimo’s bra fit finding tool is a perfect illustration of this, since it reflects their objective to produce ‘feel-good fitting experiences.’

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7. Genuine invention attracts attention and linkages.

Technical innovation in the digital domain is often covered by media: IKEA’s augmented reality app has been featured in lifestyle, industrial, and tech magazines.

Similarly, for, we recently used our content filtering technology to get publicity, connections, and audience engagement. The program selects expert resources based on the user’s financial and business skills. The tool created hundreds of high-quality placements and connections in relevant publications, reached 12 million people across social media, and drove substantial organic traffic to the site thanks to its really helpful output and novel structure.

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Finally, some ideas

Now that you’ve learned what constitutes a good filtering tool and how to use one in your marketing plan using the examples above, it’s time to be creative and enjoy the rewards for your own company.

If one of these instances resonates with you and your company, or if you’d like to discuss a more customized solution that will help you stand out even more, you can always tell us about the issues you’re having and we can work together to solve them. When it comes to filtering tools, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and the greatest results are achieved when they are developed specifically for the company.

Check out how to generate conversions and traffic with these CRO fast wins for additional guidance on tiny tweaks that will enhance your user experience and SEO in the meanwhile.

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