How To Increase Sales on Amazon in Q1 Using Q4 Traffic

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What is your best strategy for capturing more sales on the platform in Q1?

How To Increase Sales on Amazon in Q1 Using Q4 Traffic

How to Increase Sales on Amazon in Q1 Using Q4 Traffic

Amazon is a dream platform for both shoppers and merchants, with features like one-click shopping, Prime delivery, and Amazon wish lists.

The increase in Christmas sales occurs just once a year. As a result, you may want to consider reinvesting your Q4 profits into Q1 to extend the celebration. Q4 of 2021 might be your most successful quarter if done correctly.

In this article, we’ll go through how to boost Amazon sales and use your Q4 plan to achieve success in Q1.

What We’ll Talk About:

Make the most of retargeting on and off Amazon.

When you use conventional internet advertising, you lose out on the chance to convert visitors after they leave your site. So, if you’re looking for ways to boost Amazon sales in Q1, retargeting is a necessity.

Targeting and retargeting are very different in terms of who you engage with. You’re interacting with chilly viewers when you target them. You’re interacting with warmer audiences when you use retargeting.

There are a variety of ad formats available on Amazon advertising, including Amazon’s Demand Side Platform and Sponsored Display advertisements.

One may or may not be superior than the other. However, knowing the fundamental distinctions between these ad kinds can help you plan your Amazon marketing strategy for 2021.

Targeting vs. Retargeting

Targeting vs. Retargeting: What’s the Difference?

Target Shoppers with Sponsored Display Retargeting

Brand Registered merchants get access to Sponsored Display advertisements. They’ve proved to be a popular method for discovering new products and acquiring new customers.

Due to their capacity to deliver relevant, targeted audiences to a seller’s site, these advertising allow them to stand out from the competition. They also help marketers achieve high cost-per-acquisition and return on ad investment.

Sponsored Display is more like behavioral targeting than keyword-based targeting. The primary purpose of these advertising is to entice customers who have shown interest in your promoted goods or comparable product categories in the last 30 days.

Sponsored Display Ads might appear on Amazon as well as elsewhere. Amazon may advertise goods they own on a variety of websites throughout the world.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon

To go after shoppers, use Amazon’s Demand Side Platform.

There’s no denying it: Sponsored Ads should always be your first option when it comes to increasing your Amazon sales. However, there comes a time when the on-platform demand reaches a tipping point.

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform can help with this. It enables you to expand up to prospective clients and contextual categories, such as:

When you include Demand Side Platform in your marketing mix, you’ll be able to contact consumers who have looked at your items but haven’t made a purchase. You may also reach out to consumers who are looking for a certain product category but are unfamiliar with your brand.

We advocate leveraging Amazon’s Demand Side Platform to run advertisements with a 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day lookback window after the holidays. These advertisements target consumers who were intrigued in your items but did not finish their purchase over the holidays.

This will allow you to make the most of the festive spirit.

Campaigns with Lookback Window

Campaigns with a Retrospective Window

Ad Bids and Budgets Should Be Reduced

If you want to boost Amazon sales, make sure you have enough money to keep your promotions running until the end of the year and into 2022. To put it another way, you want to budget smarter rather than harder.

During the week of Thanksgiving, search traffic and, as a result, cost climb, with a peak from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. You must be able to respond rapidly to changes in the auction scene and alter your bids and budget accordingly.

As we approach the shipping cutoff dates for items to arrive before Christmas, sales should begin to decline in mid-December (about 12/17 or 12/18). If you see your conversion rate dropping, reduce your expenditure and decrease your bids to guarantee maximum exposure and avoid wasting money.

We suggest doing this in stages so you don’t miss out on any deals.

Stop focusing on the holidays.

Any effective advertising strategy requires you to target your adverts. Consumers are becoming more careful with their spending now that the Christmas season has passed. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t conduct promotions. Free gift giveaways, winter clearance specials, and bulk-buy discounts are still effective ways to get buyers to return for the second round of savings.

However, once January 1st arrives, check through your campaigns and stop bidding on anything holiday-related. Continue to provide bargains and coupons if you want to give customers a cause to come back to your site. They don’t have to be as deeply reduced as they were in December, but competitive pricing may help boost sales in the first few months of the year.

Make sure you’re concentrating on more relevant keywords and those that have historically produced the greatest results. Also, if you’re in the lifestyle, food, or supplement business, try include phrases like “healthy” or “new year, new you” in your marketing efforts to reach out to all the buyers who set health-related New Year’s goals.

Amazon Campaigns Checklist 2022

Checklist for Amazon Campaigns in 2022

Concentrate on Branding

After the Christmas season, it’s common for merchants to feel creatively drained. However, many of your clients are still keeping an eye on your brand, providing you the opportunity to profit from post-holiday purchases.

The objective here is to capitalize on the increase in followers you saw in Q4. Focus on highlighting the key characteristics of your product and sharing lifestyle material that correctly portrays your brand.

To keep your fans engaged, you must update the shop on a regular basis to match the seasons, holidays, or special specials you may be running.

You may even use the “Manage your Customer” engagement feature to contact them. You may promote directly to Amazon consumers who are fans of your brand with this service. This aids in the development of loyal, long-term connections with Amazon consumers as well as the promotion of new items.

“The Manage Your Customer Engagement program presently covers new product announcements, and other templates will be introduced in the future,” according to Amazon Seller Central. Registered companies having an Amazon Stores page with followers may use the Manage Your Customer Engagement feature. Whether your brand hasn’t been registered yet, go to Amazon Brand Registry to determine if you qualify. Create a post with great material after you have a Stores page to boost your followers.”


<“prioritize-creative”> Set aside time to be creative.

For many people, the New Year ushers in a fresh outlook. By the time the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, demand for self-improvement and productivity items has skyrocketed.

It’s critical that you remodel your creativity throughout this period. Replace Christmas logo and shop pages with content that focuses on resolutions.

You may also use video in your shop and Sponsored Brands advertising to grab the attention of your customers and emphasize your product range.

Sellers have little option but to improve product listings and creativity if they want to grow sales on Amazon.

“Sellers realize now, more than ever before, the necessity to actually interact with the customer, the end target, in the most sophisticated, beautiful, creative manner possible,” says Yoni Mazon, an Amazon specialist and chief growth officer of GETIDA. Whatever standard you set, keep striving for the next one since the market is so competitive.”

Inventory replenishment

Supply chains and fulfillment face additional hurdles as a result of the epidemic. The secret to growing Amazon sales is preparation.

“In 2021, approximately half of customers purchased from a brand other than their normal preference due to product unavailability, indicating that the market is primed for operationally competent businesses to nibble away at marketshare,” says analyst Dylan Verburgt.

We recommend delivering your product for January-March immediately to avoid losses and increased prices. Regrettably, supply chain problems will only be resolved after customer demand declines. And, for the time being, it does not seem that this will happen anytime soon.

So, in order to avoid a dip in sales, be prepared to manually fulfill if your Fulfillment by Amazon listings run out of stock.

“We can all agree that 2020 was a pivotal year for eCommerce, and 2021 displayed that same tremendous growth,” says Michael Sense, VP of Sales at Deliverr. One of the most significant things we gained from this is that merchants should not be fully reliant on a single fulfillment technique. For increased control and flexibility, Amazon sellers will need to augment FBA with FBM.”

Final Thoughts

Product promotion might be difficult to do at any time of year when it comes to increasing sales on Amazon. It might be especially difficult after the holidays.

It’s vital to remember that people’s purchasing behaviors in Q4 differ from those in Q1.

With the ideas and tactics in this article, you can take advantage of this often-overlooked sales season and plan for your finest quarter ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for Q4 on Amazon?

A: For the Q4 on Amazon, you should start by creating an account for your business. If you already have one, be sure to verify it. Once thats done and your account has been verified, go ahead and create a product listing under Other or something similar within your category of choice.

How do I increase Amazon Sales 2021?

A: To increase your Amazon sales 2021, you should open up a new product listing within the same category on Amazon. This will help to get more attention and customers by increasing visibility of your brand and products.

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