How customer reviews can improve your SEO efforts

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Reviews can help boost your site’s SEO, but there are a few things to know before promoting them. It’s important that you don’t create bad reviews or put pressure on people who leave negative feedback for the sake of sharing their experience.

The “72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business” is a statistic that was released by the American Marketing Association. It shows how customer reviews can improve your SEO efforts.

How customer reviews can improve your SEO efforts

When handled correctly, client reviews may give potential SEO ranking increases as well as trust signals for your consumers.

During her lecture at SMX Next, Kyra Sammis, customer success manager at Trustpilot, remarked, “They [reviews] generate confidence in your business.” “Reviews allow everyone who is acquainted with your brand to openly discuss what they like about your goods, services, and customer experience.” Having public evaluations indicates that you’re a safe company to do business with.”

In today’s competitive SEO market, include reviews — even negative ones — is critical for firms looking to earn consumer trust. With organic search accounting for 53% of all trackable website traffic, marketers would be prudent to use customer reviews to grab part of that share.

“Reviews are a tremendous marketing engine in and of themselves – they’re a method to develop brand trust,” she said. “By increasing online traffic, sales, and income, you can leverage that brand trust into quantifiable ROI.”

Here are five ways, according to Sammis, that marketers may use customer reviews to help enhance company rankings.

Off-site SEO should be prioritized.

“Any efforts you do to build up a digital presence outside of your real website is referred to as off-site SEO,” Sammis said. “Whether it’s establishing a profile on a third-party review site, developing reliable backlinks to your page, or remaining active on social networking networks.”

“Most firms have an on-page SEO plan to aid with organic search,” she continued, “but fewer are focusing on off-page possibilities.”

How-customer-reviews-can-improve-your-SEO-effortsKyra Sammis is the author of this article.

Off-site signals are used by Google and other search engines to determine the relevance, authority, and trustworthiness of your brand. Marketers may leverage reviews as one of the most consistent avenues for improving these signals.

“Google evolves, but reviews are likely to stick around,” Sammis added. “According to SagaReach study, offsite SEO-related variables such as third-party reviews account for more than half of the ranking factor weight. Relevance, trustworthiness, and authority will almost certainly always play a factor in a page’s ability to rank, and building up your online presence with reviews may help firms smash all three.”

Referral traffic should not be overlooked.

“In addition to the off-page SEO advantages for your own website, establishing a profile on a third-party site may also result in a significant increase in referral traffic,” Sammis stated. “That’s because many of these third-party sites might show up right at the top of the search results when someone looks for brand reviews.”

Because many third-party review sites have high levels of authority and trust, brand reviews may benefit from their high ranks. By focusing on referral traffic in addition to organic traffic, you can help your SEO efforts by generating a steady flow of users.

“Because referral traffic is so frequently disregarded, even though it’s a free source of quality leads and may even increase your organic search success,” she added, “this might be your competitive edge.”

Display customer feedback on your website.

“Using review widgets to display customer reviews on important landing pages is simple,” Sammis added, “and this tiny modification to your website may boost how frequently your pages appear in organic search results.”

1641517748_86_How-customer-reviews-can-improve-your-SEO-efforts Kyra Sammis is the author of this article.

Customer reviews may be used as a source of content for your online sites. You may vary your material while also adding relevant language to your pages by showing them on your website, both of which can help you enhance your organic page rankings.

“Reviews add more content to each page,” Sammis said. “This additional content increases the value of your page in Google’s eyes since it gives them more information for what the page is about and if it should appear for that user search query.”

“At the end of the day,” she said, “Google aims to provide the most credible search results in the hopes of providing the greatest experience for its consumers.”

Take note of the star ratings.

Paid listings frequently come to mind when marketers think about star ratings and search results, according to Sammis. “However, most marketers are unaware that they may gain star ratings on their organic search rankings, making them more appealing to informed clients who are less likely to click on an ad.”

1641517749_479_How-customer-reviews-can-improve-your-SEO-efforts Kyra Sammis is the author of this article.

The symbols presented in the SERPs, known as star review ratings, aid in the development of searcher trust by providing visual representations of their average ratings. This functionality was formerly uncommon, but Google now allows more website owners to utilize schema markup to show it.

“Collecting product reviews may assist you in qualifying for a review snippet in organic search,” Sammis said. “Those gleaming gold stars in your listings may assist draw more attention to your product pages and potentially boost your organic search clickthrough rates by up to 35%.”

Use long-tail search queries to your advantage.

Reviewing the ultra-specific, long-tail keywords that your consumers use to find your goods, services, or brand is critical to attracting your niche’s audience. However, marketers may take use of the extremely relevant and amplified consumer voices found in business evaluations.

“Long-tail keywords generate less search volume, but since they are more precise, they generally have a better conversion value,” Sammis added. “It’s tough, to say the least, to consider every single description, use case, or issue that your product addresses. Product reviews, thankfully, turn your consumers become copywriters, allowing them to offer their own unique experience with your items in their own words.”

“The cherry on top is that it all occurs automatically — you don’t have to do any additional copywriting or content production,” she said.

Here’s where you can see the whole SMX Next presentation (free registration required).

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Corey Patterson works as a MarTech and SagaReach Marketing Editor. He covers SEO and PPC industry news to assist marketers better their campaigns. He has a background in SEO, content marketing, and journalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do reviews improve SEO?

Can reviews help SEO?

A: Reviews can help with search engine optimization (SEO) but they are not the only factor. Factors such as keywords, backlinks and image tags also play a role in SEO.

Why customer reviews are important for SEO?

A: Reviews are important for SEO because they help your website rank better in search engines. When a person searches for something, the first thing that likely pops up is what other people say or think about it.

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