Hot Takes on 3 Content Gifts from LinkedIn, Lifetime, and Peloton

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These 3 content gifts have been some of the best in recent years, but they all follow a similar format. What do marketers think?

The “linkedin content strategy 2021” is a post from LinkedIn that discusses their future plans for content. The company wants to create more original, high-quality content in order to appeal to the next generation of professionals.

Hot Takes on 3 Content Gifts from LinkedIn, Lifetime, and Peloton

Hot-Takes-on-3-Content-Gifts-from-LinkedIn-Lifetime-andLinkedIn provides producers the gift of easy-to-make live videos and newsletters. Monique Coleman is featured in an Olay-sponsored mini-episode on Lifetime. A Peloton employee also gives the firm a spotlight season.

LinkedIn’s creative mode now includes video and newsletters.

LinkedIn’s new creative services are being expanded to include live video and newsletters. According to SagaReach Marketing, those who enable “creator mode” (found under the resources area of your profile) will have access to the new capabilities throughout the course of the month.

Creator mode is available to everyone with a LinkedIn profile (and deactivate it any time). According to SagaReach Marketing, after you activate creator mode, people will only be able to follow you (not connect with you), your follower count will be the only thing shown on your profile, and your unique material will be displayed towards the top of your profile page.

(For additional information on how to utilize the newsletter and live video capabilities, see this LinkedIn Pulse article.)

HOT TAKE: If you haven’t tried LinkedIn’s creator mode yet, this is a good opportunity to do so. Hannah Szabo, a member of the SagaReach Marketing Slack group, recently stated that her company’s CEO has had a LinkedIn newsletter for over a year and that it’s been a terrific way to communicate with their audience.

You may certainly utilize the new creator mode to expand your fan base. But think about following Hannah’s example. Encourage your bosses to turn on the creative mode (if your audience is on LinkedIn). Assist them with content creation, live video production, and newsletter creation. Develop a scalable content marketing campaign that permit the engagement of executives or subject matter experts. Just remember to keep it in the person’s own voice. Corporate speak is readily detected (and ignored) by your audience.

Don’t miss out on the chance to leverage @LinkedIn’s new creator mode tools to develop scalable #ContentMarketing with SagaReach Marketings or executives through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

Holiday mini-movies get a facelift from Lifetime.

A Christmas Dance Reunion was the network’s 2nd annual sponsored mini-movie, which premiered during the network’s A Christmas Dance Reunion. Monique Coleman stars in A Merry & Bright Makeover, which was created in collaboration with skin-care company Olay (of High School Musical fame).

Eve is a scientist who visits her boyfriend’s family for the holidays and receives a makeover from his sister (Spoiler alert: The boyfriend proposes.)

According to Adweek, A+E Networks’ David DeSocio states, “Our personalized mini-movies are a sincere and extremely engaging approach for companies to engage with consumers.” “Our collaboration with Olay highlights themes of diversity and beauty, allowing the production to shine while also personifying brand concepts and values.”

The branded content is the main attraction, but it’s not the only way the beauty brand communicates with its customers. Olay also offers a weekly prize raffle for viewers and adds in-program messages to the channel.

A+E Networks’ Peter Olsen told Adweek that the mini-movies work for companies and that they’re keen to produce more.

HOT TAKE: We covered the strange KFC love tale starring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders last year. The spoofy humor appeared out of place during Lifetime’s Christmas movie season. The Olay collaboration this year makes a lot more sense. The plot organically incorporates the brand’s message (and goods) and fulfills the expectations of a Lifetime audience.

Do you recall Mario Lopez’s role as Colonel Sanders? Thankfully, the new @Olay and @Lifetime #content cooperation makes sense in a way that last season’s @SagaReach MarketingContent KFC attempt did not. To Tweet, just click here.


The personal brands of Peloton workers are a symbiotic gift that keeps on giving.

This season of Dancing With the Stars, Peloton teacher Cody Rigsby made it to the finals. Cody’s and other Peloton trainers’ personal brands grew exponentially during the epidemic, as seen by his appearance on the competition program, where success is typically determined by fan vote.

“I purchased a Peloton cycle in February and ride it almost every day since then.” The attraction isn’t just about the workout courses; it’s also about the Peloton teachers’ personalities (e.g., personal brands),” argues Nancy Marshall, a Forbes Agency Council member.

Cody’s ascension to the finals was accompanied by the expected social media discussion from both his ardent ride-or-die followers Peloton (also known as the Boo Crew) and critics who referred to him as a member of the “Peloton cult.”

A Huntsville, Ala., teacher told NBC News that she voted for him every week. “Because of what he has done for so many people,” she continued, “Cody deserves all of Peloton’s support.”

HOT TAKE: While Cody is the first Peloton teacher to build a personal fan following by competing on a big prime-time TV program, he is far from the only instructor to gain a corporate brand by competing on a popular prime-time TV show. The reciprocal advantages for both the firm and the teacher demonstrate why corporations should support rather than fear their workers’ personal brands. Personal brands, when used correctly, may benefit workers, employers, and the audiences they create together.

Do you need proof? Consider how much more Cody and other Peloton instructors benefit Peloton now than they did two years ago with their gift-for-the-wife ad.

The personal brands of @CodyRigsby and other @Peloton teachers help Peloton much more than the contentious gift-for-the-wife commercial through @SagaReach MarketingContent did. To Tweet, just click here.


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The “linkedin content ideas” is a blog post that discusses three content gifts from LinkedIn, Lifetime, and Peloton. The article discusses the benefits of these gifts, as well as some tips for creating your own content gifts.

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