Google Search Console products rich result report error handling updated

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For a rich result report error handling, your site might be displaying the following error: “This website appears to exceed our maximum allowed number of results. Please consider truncating or removing some of these pages.”

The “rich results test” is a new feature for Google Search Console. It allows users to see how the search engine handles errors in rich result reports.

Google Search Console products rich result report error handling updated

On December 28, 2021, Google introduced an update to the rich result reports for product structured data. This rich results report is available in Google Search Console, and the number of product entities and problems may fluctuate from prior days due to the change.

What happened? Google has “updated the way it analyzes and reports problems in Product structured data,” according to the firm. More information was not provided by Google.

The change’s ramifications. “You may notice changes in the number of Product entities and problems reported for your property, as well as a change in the severity of certain issues from errors to warnings,” Google noted as a consequence of the move.

Google will annotate the report such that if you see a decline or rise in these statistics, it’s likely due to a change Google made on its reporting end rather than anything you did on your end. It’s possible that this is only a reporting issue, since the Google search results haven’t altered.

Why should we be concerned? Do not be alarmed if you find changes in the product rich results report in Google Search Console; this is a verified Google update. There’s even less cause to be worried if you didn’t make any modifications to your site around this time.

You should still evaluate and remedy all of the mistakes, issues, and cautions that Google identified in this report.

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The “search console checker” is an updated tool from Google that allows you to see reports on your Google Search Console products. It also includes a list of the errors that have been encountered, and how many times they have been seen.

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