Forecasting in SEO is Like Dune

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One of the most common questions I hear from SEOs is “How do you forecast in SEO?” The answer, while not always an easy one, can be a complicated maze. There are some factors that come into play when trying to figure out how your site will perform following changes and updates.

The “localseo” is a tool that allows SEOs to forecast the success of their content. It’s like predicting what will happen in Dune.

Forecasting-in-SEO-is-Like-Dune Muad’dib, show me the oceans of your homeworld.

Please be aware that this article will include spoilers for the current Dune film.

As a result, SEO forecasting is a fascinating topic. I despise the evasive “it depends” response and hold the SEO industry responsible for using it as a crutch to avoid answering actual business concerns. To be completely open, I’ve worked in-house and would reject/fire a vendor who refused to assist me reach my hard figures as soon as possible.

“However, Dan, forecasting is an inexact science.”

Thank you, anonymous online stranger. Most objections to predicting, in my opinion, boil down to this. And it’s the most self-evident, plain truth. Seriously, show yourself some compassion and sensitivity, and remember that things like forecasting the future are just directional at best. And it’s at this point that we enter Dune.


SEO forecasting is akin to Paul’s visions before he drinks the life-giving waters (SPOILERS AHHHHHH). They are perplexing, and he has no idea what they imply. He doesn’t know what sequence they’re happening in, whether they’re actual or imagined futures, and it’s throwing him into an existential crisis. This is how SEOs behave when it comes to predictions. KWISATZ HADERACH, YOU ARE THE FREAKING KWISATZ HADERACH. You have complete control. People that ask for predictions are like Gaius Helen Mohiam; they believe they have all the power because of their budget and institutional authority, but you are the only one who can be in several locations at once and foretell the future. They want your assistance, and you have the authority to get what you desire from them. Spice.

Forecasting is only a means of politically advocating for your clients (or yourself if you operate in-house). It enables you to negotiate the halls of power in a manner that allows you to be taken seriously while also unlocking budget and resources to help you execute your job better. It’s very normal for someone who is asking for money to inquire as to what they would get from it.

Only once you’ve gotten your first buy-in and started your journey, and after you’ve successfully unlocked your budget with your forecasting, will you realize the actual potential of forecasting. Then you’ll be like Paul when he drinks the life-giving waters. With each SEO investment, the future becomes more obvious; you learn what works and what doesn’t, and you may pare down your overly ambitious goals and projections in favor of the ones that succeed. Paul was able to view all of the possible possibilities, to see where investment would work and where it would not work based on real data, thanks to the rivers of life. He was able to trim the numerous futures until there was just one left. Forecasting may assist you in remaining on The Golden Path. It may be difficult and unpredictable, yet it holds the key to redemption.


Forecasting in SEO is like the novel “Dune” by David Lynch. It’s a science, but it can also be an art. Reference: david lynch dune.

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