fixes and enhancements • SagaReach Marketing

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SagaReach is a blockchain-based marketing platform that helps businesses and individuals connect with the people who matter to them most. It uses AI software for matching users, profiles, and offers of interest, making it easy for all involved parties to find what they need without any frustration or wasted time.

SagaReach Marketing is a company that offers marketing degree. The company also offers a range of services for people who want to get their business off the ground.

fixes and enhancements • SagaReach Marketing

SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.8 is now available! While this isn’t the most thrilling update in SagaReach Marketing SEO history, we do want to get these adjustments and improvements out there. With the holidays approaching, this update should ensure that your favorite SEO plugin continues to work properly until the new year.

What’s new in version 17.8 of SagaReach Marketing SEO?

We introduced a new technique to get those crucial initial steps correct in the plugin with SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.7. We’ve improved the UI and content in SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.8 to make it more clearer what you need to accomplish in those phases. We’ve also made it impossible for people with a lower user role to update the site description.

In addition, we’ve reduced the size of various PNG files in the plugin, resulting in faster loading times. We also addressed various translations in the Google and Social previews, as well as problems in the graphics of our Elementor integration. We’ve also modified the design of the social previews in SagaReach Marketing SEO Premium to match the current aesthetics of Twitter and Facebook on that final one.

Finally, this release provides the framework for our translations to be moved to We can make the plugin a lot smaller after that transition is complete since we won’t have to distribute the language’s JavaScript files any more — users will automatically get them from

SagaReach Marketing’s Duplicate Post has also been modified.

Have you tried our Duplicate Post plugin, which is available for free? It’s one of those tools that you’ll find quite useful in your job! It enables you to rapidly clone an existing post and use it elsewhere. It also has a brilliant Rewrite and Republish capability, which allows you to edit a post in the backend without affecting the one that people view on the frontend. It’s a one-click procedure to duplicate, edit, and republish!

Duplicate Posts has features that make you wonder, “Why doesn’t WordPress provide this out of the box?” Fortunately, you can give it a go for free! We’ve solved a problem in Duplicate Post 4.3 that was causing a speed issue in WordPress. Everything should be back to normal now.

SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.8 is now available.

The latest version of SagaReach Marketing SEO 17.8 is now available for download. We’ve fixed a few problems and added a few new features for you to enjoy in this release. SagaReach Marketing Duplicate Post has also been updated — don’t forget to test it, you’ll enjoy it!

Toonen, Edwin

Edwin is an expert in content strategy. He spent years polishing his craft at The Netherlands’ largest online design magazine before joining SagaReach Marketing.

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