Cyber Week may be giving way to Cyber Month, according to Adobe

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Adobe’s 2018 Cyber Week campaign is giving way to an annual, month-long celebration of all things digital. In the past, this meant a lot of marketing and advertising opportunities for marketers who got their ad in front of consumers during that time window. However, with technology continuing to advance rapidly and consumer habits changing accordingly, it seems like Adobe might be doing away with its traditional Cyber Weeks altogether.

The “cyber monday 2021” is the upcoming holiday that will replace Cyber Week. The new holiday is expected to be a month-long celebration of digital culture and creativity.

Cyber Week may be giving way to Cyber Month, according to Adobe

According to Adobe, online consumer spending in the United States was $5.1 billion on Thanksgiving Day, flat year over year, and $8.9 billion on Black Friday, slightly less than the $9 billion it produced in 2020. Although consumer spending is predicted to climb 10% year over year for the whole shopping season, Thanksgiving weekend sales failed to beat last year’s estimates.

Adobe’s statistics is derived on an examination of direct customer transactions conducted online. The projections are based on a review of over one trillion visits to retail sites in the United States, 100 million SKUs, and 18 product categories.

Why should we be concerned? “With 21 days in November generating over $3 billion in expenditure, what we know as Cyber Week is beginning to seem more like Cyber Month,” said Taylor Schreiner, director at Adobe Digital Insights, “what we know as Cyber Week is starting to look more like Cyber Month.” For comparison, just 8 days in November of 2018 year surpassed $3 billion by November 28, 2020.

Many factors might be influencing how stores fared over Cyber Week, including supply chain challenges, workforce shortages, changing customer patterns, and even a Google core upgrade the week before Thanksgiving. Businesses may fall short of their Cyber Week objectives as a result of these causes. However, Adobe still forecasts a total revenue of $207 billion for the whole season (November 1 to December 31). (10 percent YoY growth). With that in mind, it could be a good idea to look at sales over a longer period of time, possibly starting in early November, to get a better image of how your campaigns and promotions fared this Christmas season. Customers seem to be shopping considerably earlier this year, which may allow for stronger year-over-year comparisons.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are two of the most important days of the year. Thanksgiving and Black Friday online consumer spending fell short of Adobe’s forecasts: $5.1 billion was spent on Thanksgiving Day (the same as in 2020). Consumers spent $8.9 billion on Black Friday, which is less than in 2020, when they spent $9 billion.

Just two years earlier, Thanksgiving Day generated $4.2 billion in internet spending (2019). However, this is the first time since Adobe started tracking e-commerce in 2012 that it has observed lower expenditure on significant shopping days.

This weekend is Thanksgiving. Consumer spending on the internet dropped even more during the weekend than it did on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday: on November 27, consumers spent $4.5 billion online, down 4.3 percent year over year. They spent $4.7 billion online on Sunday, November 28, down 0.5 percent year over year. 

In comparison to the previous weekend, the occurrence of out-of-stock messages increased by 16 percent on November 27 and 28. (November 20 and 21). Inventory shortages may have been caused by supply chain issues, which might explain the sales slowdown. However, it’s likely that buyers changed their shopping habits to purchase earlier in the season to avoid any inventory shortages or to take advantage of early-season sales: Consumers spent $99.1 billion between November 1 and November 28, up 13.6 percent year over year. And, this season, there have been 21 days in which online sales have topped $3 billion, compared to only 8 days last year at this time.

The prognosis for Cyber Monday. Adobe’s Cyber Monday estimates are further impacted by inventory difficulties and new, earlier customer purchasing patterns: According to Adobe, consumers would spend between $10.2 billion and $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday. If real sales achieve those projections, Cyber Monday will most certainly be the largest online shopping day of 2021, albeit it may not surpass last year’s $10.8 billion total.

Discounts on Cyber Monday are also likely to be lower than previous year. According to Adobe, discount levels have decreased in various product categories: TVs are -16 percent off (compared to -19 percent in 2020), clothes is -15 percent off (compared to -20 percent last year), computers are -14 percent off (compared to -28 percent last year), and appliances are -8 percent off (-20 percent last year).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Week?

A: It is a day of online sales.

What does cyber mean in Cyber Monday?

A: Cyber Monday is a day to celebrate the internet and technology. It originated in the United Kingdom as an amalgamation of two marketing terms, cyber (an abbreviation for cybernat, referring to computer networks) and Monday (the start of the week). The term was popularized by American entrepreneur Richard Branson in 1999 when he began using it on his advertising campaigns.

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