Content Marketing Strategies for Home Services Companies

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Is your home services company looking to attract more qualified traffic, increase conversions, and earn more revenue online?

Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing and businesses that use content marketing get 6 times more conversions than businesses that don’t use content marketing. With so many content marketing tactics though, which do you choose for your home services company? Custom content marketing plans from SagaReach can help.

SagaReach has driven over $700m in sales and more than 3m leads for customers. Your home services company is no exception! Our 250+ experts will work hard to create a strategic and effective content marketing campaign for you! You can call 888-601-5359> or contact us online to get a free evaluation today!

If you still want to learn more about what content marketing consists of or how it benefits your company, keep reading! On this page, we’ll take a look at the importance of content marketing for home services companies, a few content marketing tips, and how content marketing plans from SagaReach can take your business to new heights.

Let’s get started!

Importance of content marketing

You’ve probably heard that content marketing is essential to an online marketing strategy, and the content marketing trend is here to stay.

Content marketing costs up to 62% less than traditional marketing methods.

Here are just a few reasons why content marketing is so important.

Attracts new traffic

Both search engines and humans love helpful, quality content. And posting content on your own website and blog or sharing guest posts can increase the chances that more customers will find and click on your website. You can also encourage further interaction by linking to other helpful articles and blog posts you published.

Builds your reputation

When people repeatedly see your content, they will be more likely to remember your brand. You can also use content to build rapport with potential customers. For example, people will be more likely to want to learn more about your company if they discover a helpful piece of content you published online.

Increases conversions

Including well-placed calls-to-action in your content can also help your home services company increase conversions. This can result in more average revenue for every visitor on your site and can help you achieve your business goals online.

Improves search engine optimization (SEO) efforts

Great content marketing can also improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

The more content you publish on your site, the more chances you have to rank in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business and the services you provide. Using strategic keywords in your article pages, blog posts, guides, and other website content is a great way to let people know what your website is about, and it provides clues to search engines that can help your site appear higher in relevant searches.

Studies also show that pages that rank highest in Google search results tend to have more content. And pages in the first three search results average around 2,400 words each.

Longer content isn’t always the way to go, but it’s important that your content is informative and contains enough detail so that it makes sense to website visitors and provides helpful insight about your industry and services.

If you’re looking for ways to expand your site’s content and convert more customers, we’d love to help. Our content marketing plans can help improve your SEO efforts to help your home services business earn higher rankings, keep users on your website for longer, and boost conversions.

Content marketing tips for home services companies

With content marketing, your home services company can generate jobs and revenue with more qualified leads. Let’s take a look at a few content marketing tips for home services companies.

Clearly explain your services

First of all, the content on your website should clearly explain the services your company provides. For example, you can create dedicated pages for each of your services and include pricing and other details that encourage people to find out more about your company.

You can also create pages to target specific industries or geographic regions your company serves. This will improve your chances of attracting qualified traffic and provide site visitors with the information they need to become customers.

Explain what makes you different

As content marketing continues to grow in popularity, you need to find creative ways to tell your story and communicate what makes your home services company different. In other words, your content should clearly explain why people should choose your company.

You can also include testimonials and a portfolio on your website to add social proof and demonstrate the value your company provides.

Establish an upload schedule

When you post new content to your website or blog, search engines crawl and index the content. Adding new, relevant information on a regular basis shows search engines that you have valuable information for people who are searching online for information about your industry and the services you provide.

Maintaining a consistent upload schedule can increase the chance that your content will attain high rankings in search engine results. And the more frequently you add content, the more search engines will view your home services company as an authority in your field.

In addition to adding new content to your site, you can also update existing content with fresh statistics and information, which can keep your content fresh and ensure that it achieves high rankings in search results.

Publish videos

Including videos in your content marketing plan can increase conversions by 80%.

Videos give potential customers an inside look into your company, and they can help set your business apart from competitors. In addition, videos can help you explain the services you offer. And you can produce helpful tutorials and demonstrations that help to answer questions, encourage people to find out more about your company, and help them feel confident in their decision to do business with you.

Include calls-to-action

Do you want people to enter their information to receive a free quote, sign up for your email newsletter, or subscribe to your blog? Let them know!

Including relevant calls-to-action in key places throughout your content can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and help your home services company reach more customers and increase conversions.

You can also include social sharing buttons to encourage people to share your content with their social networks.

Evaluate your efforts

Platforms like Google Analytics allow you to evaluate visitor behavior on your websites and track conversions from your content.

Analyzing your content marketing efforts will help you get the most out of your digital marketing spend. With analytics insight, you can identify the types of content that lead to the most conversions and make adjustments to your strategy to reach even more customers and earn more revenue online.

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