Chelsea Gardner, Marketing Specialist at Mortgage Marketing Animals

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Chelsea Gardner, Marketing Specialist at Mortgage Marketing Animals, is a marketing specialist with over 4 years of experience. She has worked on brand development and social media campaigns for companies like New York Life Insurance Company and the USO. What she loves most about her job as a marketing professional is being able to help people in need through her work.

Chelsea Gardner is a Marketing Specialist at Mortgage Marketing Animals. Chelsea has been in the marketing field for 10 years and has worked with many different companies as well as created her own. Read more in detail here: local mortgage lenders.

Chelsea Gardner, Marketing Specialist at Mortgage Marketing Animals

Chelsea Gardner

Chelsea Gardner is featured this week. She works with Mortgage Marketing Animals as a Social Media Specialist.

Chelsea Gardner deserves praise for her abilities to handle marketing strategy for a variety of businesses. She has experience working in the mortgage, dermatology, dentistry, and urgent care industries. 

Chelsea Gardner is a social media expert.

Gardner works as a social media professional, creating material for several social media sites. 

She works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, among other social media platforms. 

Her task begins with determining the target audience. Then she collaborates with the rest of the team to develop material that the audience will like.

She will sometimes make organic material. That is stuff that is free of charge. 

She’ll also generate compensated material on occasion. That is social media advertising.

Gardner’s firm will pay a social media company to guarantee that a post is viewed by a certain set of people via sponsored content.

Gardner is the one who defines this group. She’ll choose folks based on their hobbies and demographics.

She’ll check the data offered by the various social media networks once she’s submitted material.

It’s vital to keep in mind that a social media professional “wears several hats.” She works as a copywriter on occasion. She’s a number cruncher at other times. She also oversees a content calendar on occasion.

Gardner, by the way, is presently employed by Mortgage Marketing Animals. It’s a firm that provides coaching and mentorship to the country’s best loan officers.

When it comes to using social media to promote mortgages, there are certain guidelines to follow. Facebook is very adamant about not discriminating in its loan procedures.

Gardner, as a result, needs to go through a few more “hoops” than other social media experts.

Chelsea Gardner's Career Timeline

Chelsea Gardner’s Work History

Gardner specializes in marketing and communications.

Gardner worked as a marketing and communications consultant before joining Mortgage Marketing Animals. That was with Dermatology Medical Partners (DMP), a Tampa, Florida-based firm.

DMP is a firm that offers non-clinical assistance to dermatologists. Doctors utilize the service so they can concentrate on what matters most: providing excellent patient care.

Gardner joined the company in the year 2019. She was the lone marketer for 25 affiliate dermatological offices at the time. All of them were in Florida or Texas.

She assisted such firms in achieving success by assisting them with:

  • Paid ads
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing on social media
  • Patient outreach that is direct.

Gardner also provided something that virtually everyone appreciates: discounts. Monthly specialties were marketed by her.

Gardner collaborated extensively with each department. She taught providers and staff members how to communicate with clients in the most effective manner possible. She concentrated on marketing strategies that emphasized new product launches and activities.

Unfortunately, the pandemic had an impact on dermatological practices. Due to a shortage of patients, several offices had to shut.

But it’s in the midst of adversity that great marketers shine. 

Chelsea Gardner’s Roles Change Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Gardner tweaked her marketing strategy. She used broadcast trips to reach out to new and current consumers (or televists).

She then transitioned to e-commerce. She used the internet to market skincare goods.

Gardner was also in charge of website updates. She contributed to the overall design. She also promoted practices using pop-ups.

Gardner was also in charge of email marketing. That’s how doctors’ offices kept in contact with their current patients.

She employed social media marketing to connect with both new and old patients.

Gardner also didn’t limit herself to promoting current firms. She aided the start-up of five new firms.

Within three months, many of them had accomplished their objectives. Or came close to it.

“Chelsea is smart, thinks outside the box, and pivots on a dime!” said the individual who referred her. Her time management abilities, as well as her marketing abilities, are exceptional.”

Putting It All Together

Chelsea Gardner is the kind of marketer that every company can benefit from. She has experience working in a variety of sectors. She understands how to adjust her marketing plan in response to situations outside her control.

I’m excited to see where she goes with Mortgage Marketing Animals.

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