Building the BrightLocal Brand: The Color Scheme Update

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Recently, BrightLocal released a new color scheme update for their brand. After reviewing social media posts and customer feedback, they decided to keep the light purple as their company color but add more warmer hues of pink and yellow in order to appeal to millennial women. They also added some pops of bright red into the mix because it was one of three colors trending at that time.

The “bright local reports” is a company that has been around for over 20 years. They have recently updated their color scheme to reflect the modern and up-to-date brand they are today.

BrightLocal has received several cosmetic modifications in recent months, as some of you may have noticed (including the color scheme update that went live in our toolset today). These surface modifications are the product of a year-long research that looked into how we might improve our brand to increase user experience.

We looked at various components of our brand (more on those below) as part of the process, including color. Color is used extensively across the BrightLocal brand, giving useful insights and information and helping consumers to rapidly grasp concepts.

When looking at the BrightLocal palette, it was clear that information may be difficult to see at times. We began looking at how we might merge color and information to improve the user experience for all of our clients after learning that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women suffer from Color Vision Deficiency. 

Colour Cvd

As a consequence, you’ll see a whole new color palette that makes data and insights simpler to comprehend, allowing you to immediately identify what’s essential.

Colour Palette

Upgraded Customer Experience Image

The BrightLocal Branding Initiative

The BrightLocal brand initiative wasn’t about starting from scratch, but rather about expanding on what we already had to move the BrightLocal brand forward, which included sticking to our key beliefs. The first step was to remove the hood and concentrate on three main points: 

  1. Consider who we are as a business.
  2. Ensure that the BrightLocal brand is consistent.
  3. Enhance the consumer experience as a whole.

Before we started developing anything, we needed to talk to a variety of clients to find out how they felt about our brand. It was critical to have a thorough knowledge, good or bad. 

Quote 1


We chatted with members of the BrightLocal team in addition to consumers. We worked for a clear internal and external understanding by hosting workshops and exploration sessions. There was a lot to understand, but we soon felt confident in our conclusions and began translating them into visual design.

Elements of a Brand

We noticed that the circle, although being a basic design, has a multitude of connotations when it comes to local SEO. Connection, togetherness, community, and the modest search pin are among the meanings.

Brand Elements


A logo is perhaps the most visible aspect of a brand, even if it isn’t the most crucial part.

Over the years, the BrightLocal logo has seen a few alterations. We dropped the uppercase this time and kept the well-known heart pin, giving our logo a more welcome and personal sense.

Logo Old New

Brighter Concepts

When we spoke with our clients, we realized that they strongly linked BrightLocal with being nice and personable. These characteristics led itself to the development of a new and distinct illustration style that is more vibrant, lively, and eye-catching than our prior approach.

Brighter Ideas


We realized that our prior fonts were difficult to read at lower sizes, making it difficult for clients to understand information fast. Our new fonts are considerably more suited for digital platforms, and we believe that they will make content easier to interpret for consumers. But it’s not just about utility; our headline typeface has a lot of personality as well.



This project had three distinct aims, and although we like to believe we’ve met them, we’re far from finished. We’re continually trying to improve our customer experience, and consistency is an important aspect of how we do so. 

BrightLocal is a brand we’re proud of, and we hope this has given you some insight into how we work.

Dominic Mann

Dominic is BrightLocal’s Lead Designer, and he’s in charge of building our identity and ensuring it’s consistent across all platforms, from tools to websites and beyond.

Watch This Video-

BrightLocal is a marketing company that specializes in local businesses. The logo of the company has been updated to include more colors. Reference: brightlocal logo.

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