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CRM Management and Why It Matters

CRM is the backbone of any business, but do you know what it really stands for? The acronym itself can be misleading because it’s not just a software platform that

Laura Grandi-Hill, Event Marketing Manager at Airbase

Laura Grandi-Hill is the Event Marketing Manager at Airbase, a full service event management company. She has worked for several companies in different positions and industries before transferring to this

10 Lifechanging Insights That Work

What have you found out about life in the last week? Here, 10 people share their most transformative moments that may be worth reflecting on. 1) “I was going to

why and how to use them • SagaReach Marketing

SagaReach is a mobile marketing platform that helps businesses reach their audience without creative or production costs. It uses blockchain to provide data transparency and incentivizes engagement for brands, publishers,

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