Black Friday Marketing | BigCommerce, Trustpilot & Coalition

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Black Friday is a term used for the day following Thanksgiving Day in North America. It has become synonymous with bargain hunting, but now brands are using it as a marketing tool to attract consumers and increase sales through word-of-mouth referrals.

The “black friday marketing ideas 2021” is a topic that many people are interested in. The article will provide some helpful information on how to market your business during the Black Friday season.

Black Friday Marketing | BigCommerce, Trustpilot & Coalition


The holidays are coming quickly. Every year, we face the same challenges: gifts, family, and in-laws, to name a few. We never seem to have enough time to complete all of our personal tasks before the New Year, much alone run an online company. There’s even greater Christmas dread this year, with COVID-19 still there and ecommerce being the go-to for the holidays. Coalition Technologies has prepared an on-demand webinar in collaboration with Trustpilot, BigCommerce, and Freshworks to help you prepare for the holiday season: “It’s that time of year to sell: Must-Knows for the Holiday Season of 2021.”

This free, limited-time series gives you the tools you need to help your company meet or surpass sales goals this Christmas season. It gives you access to a collection of short webinars and tools that will help you establish effective holiday marketing plans while taking up as little time as possible. However, keep in mind that these Black Friday marketing strategies are only accessible for a short period, so join up soon!

Working at Your Own Pace

We at Coalition Technologies strive to be educational and useful without wasting your time, given our busy contemporary lifestyles. As a result, you may attend and stop the webinars at your leisure with this on-demand series. Allow us to work around your schedule, not the other way around, on Black Friday marketing. 

The following are the sessions: 

  • 3 Digital Grinches Who Will Steal Your Holiday – Coalition Technologies
  • Trustpilot is your road map to a prosperous 2021.
  • 5 Easy Ecommerce Wins for the Holidays with BigCommerce
  • Freshworks – Delight your customers and agents this holiday season with Freshworks.

Jordan Brannon, our co-founder and COO, will lead our presentation. One of the reasons we are at the forefront of ecommerce SEO is Jordan Brannon’s forward-thinking attitude. You can’t afford to miss this event if you want to learn about frequent blunders that might jeopardize your Black Friday marketing objectives and how to avoid them. We’ve built a portfolio of over 700 successful case studies thanks to our in-depth understanding of the ecommerce market and data-driven initiatives. 


A Period of Transition

This year’s Black Friday marketing is more unclear than ever before. Ecommerce sales exploded in 2021, with worldwide sales reaching $26.7 trillion, and businesses are trying to keep up with customer demand.

To succeed this Christmas season, you’ll need up-to-date information and resources. Our on-demand webinar provides you with the resources you need to plan successful holiday marketing initiatives. Don’t allow the season’s uncertainty get the best of you; register for our webinar. Remember that this series is only accessible for a short time.

Sign up to get access to Coalition Technologies’ on-demand webinars and resources, which are offered in collaboration with Trustpilot, BigCommerce, and Freshworks.

Black Friday is a time where people are looking for the best deals on items they want to purchase. This year, BigCommerce, Trustpilot and Coalition have come together to offer some great marketing campaigns. Reference: black friday 2021 marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Friday a good marketing strategy?

A: Black Friday is a marketing strategy used by retailers to increase sales. Retailers are known for making their products cheaper on the first day of each month but offering them at higher prices when people buy in great numbers. The word black comes from midnight, so its because retailers want you to get your shopping done early in order to make more money off of you

What are the most common marketing strategies to attract customers on Black Friday?

How do you promote Black Friday sales?

A: Retailers try to promote Black Friday sales by distributing flyers, putting advertisements on the news, and running ads.

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