Baltimore Best Places To Work Remotely For Digital Marketers

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The “baltimore magazine best places to work 2020” is a list of the best places to work in Baltimore. This list was created by the Baltimore Magazine and is meant for digital marketers.

Baltimore, Maryland is home to a digital marketing hub attracting talent from as far as New York. With the exception of one major corporation, the city has been left mostly untouched by corporate America.
In this guide I will show you how you can find remote jobs in Baltimore for Digital Marketers and entrepreneurs who want an exciting lifestyle with work-life balance. It’s possible!

These days, remote working isn’t simply a fad; it’s a way of life. However, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. You may require a change of environment from time to time to increase your productivity.

Charm City boasts plenty of venues for remote workers and digital nomads to work, from libraries to coffee shops to plain ol’ coworking spaces. Take a look at our list of the finest places to work from home in Baltimore.


Anthem House is ideal for remote workers in Baltimore who wish to “be alone together” in a beautiful setting. Despite the fact that Anthem House is an apartment complex, its lobby is accessible to the public and provides pleasant seats inside a library. On cold winter mornings, remote employees may complete their jobs surrounded by 16-foot bookcases and warmed by a central fireplace. There are lots of parking spaces available at Anthem House as well!

900 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

When you’re up against a deadline, nothing motivates you more than being around by other people who are just as intent on completing their current work. The George Peabody Library is the place to go if this describes you. Despite the fact that it is not a normal professional workspace, it is nonetheless an ideal location for a productive workday. It is free and available to the public for anybody who needs a place to work. Furthermore, being Johns Hopkins University’s research library, it offers all of the conveniences of a well-funded library, including power outlets, roomy workplaces, and free Wi-Fi.

Baltimore, Maryland 21202, 17 E Mt. Vernon Pl

If you need a quiet place to work while still having access to fast Wi-Fi and endless coffee, a coffee shop is always an excellent choice. It’s even better if that coffee shop is right next to the port, providing you panoramic views of the city and a front-row seat to the neighborhood’s charming cobblestone streets and artsy atmosphere. Daily Grind’s unique and lively ambiance makes working a day seem like everything but. Furthermore, award-winning coffee, fresh pastries, bagels, and sandwiches produced with locally sourced ingredients complement the focus-friendly environment.

1720 Thames St, Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Artifact Coffee is a rustic Baltimore café located within Union Mill’s boiler house, a restored mill structure that offers the ideal combination of contemporary industrialism and rustic beauty. This adorable café, run by the ever-popular Woodberry Kitchen, provides farm-to-fork goodies and outstanding coffee, as well as a soothing ambience — everything you could want for a laser-focused workday.

1500 Union Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21211

Look no farther than Spark if you’re seeking for a dynamic workplace with all the tools you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing. Spark is a coworking space in the center of downtown Baltimore’s Power Plant Live, providing quick access to amenities designed for entrepreneurs, creatives, and other professionals. A $15 day ticket at Spark gets you unrestricted access to plenty of lounge space, a common kitchen, a drop-in workstation, high-speed Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and, of course, coffee!

8 Market Pl., Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21202

Since 2016, Open Works has become one of the biggest nonprofit makerspaces in the nation. It’s more than a coworking space; it’s a place where productivity meets creativity, all fuelled by a commitment to one’s job. It provides lessons in woodworking, metallurgy, 3D printing, and electronics, among other things. It offers 115 specialized rooms termed “micro-studio” cubicles for remote workers that give powerful Wi-Fi and access to power outlets for a $20 day ticket.

Baltimore, MD 21202, 1400 Greenmount Avenue

Hotel lobbies may be a terrific area to work while traveling, as digital nomads are well aware. The Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel is an upmarket hotel with a sophisticated feel that helps you be more productive by providing a stress-free environment. The hotel lobby has a sophisticated environment and offers breathtaking views of the bay. You can buy a permit to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi, but if you need a drink – coffee or otherwise – you can work in the Ground Floor Cafe.

Baltimore, Maryland 21202, 202 E Pratt St

Where Comfort Meets Productivity

Charm City offers plenty of cozy corners, energetic workspaces, and modern locations providing fantastic cuisine to make your day of working remotely as enjoyable as possible. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any further suggestions for workspaces? Please let us know!

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The “best places to work baltimore 2020” is a blog post on the Baltimore Best Places To Work website. The article discusses how digital marketers can find remote jobs in Baltimore, Maryland.

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