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A search engine is the starting point for 93% of all online encounters, therefore search engine optimization is critical for your company’s website (SEO). In SEO, your website’s position in the search engine results is improved in order to attract more qualified leads.

So, if you’re in planning to do SEO for a Home Service like a carpet cleaning company, SEO can help you reach more clients and make more money!

We’ll go through three ways to improve your SEO strategy on this page.

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Find relevant keywords for your carpet cleaning business.

How can you get number one?

If you want to appear in relevant search results, you must target carpet cleaner-related keywords and phrases. You may find the most profitable keywords for your carpet cleaning company by using tools like KeywordsFX and keywordtool.io. Long-tail keywords are those that include three or more words in their title or description, rather than single-word keywords.

These keywords provide a higher return on investment for your company since they bring in higher-quality prospects. There is no question about what a customer wants when they choose a long-tail term like “carpet cleaners in Harrisburg, PA.”

Because short-tail keywords only have one or two keywords in them, you have no way of knowing what a user is looking for. Generic search phrases like “carpet” or “carpet cleaner” may indicate that individuals want to buy carpet or are seeking for carpet cleaning supplies. You’ll obtain more qualified leads by using long-tail keywords, which will help you attract more of the right kind of consumers.

It’s time to choose a set of keywords and add them to your website in strategic locations like page titles, headers and meta descriptions as well as in the main body content. Keywords are searched for by Google search bots when crawling your site. Your carpet cleaning company will show higher in relevant search results if you use keywords on your site.

Create valuable, comprehensive content.

Content creation is the best way to drive leads to your website. As a carpet cleaning expert, you have a lot of knowledge and advice to share with your audience, and you can do that by creating custom content.

Content comes in many forms — blog posts, videos, ebooks, infographics, and more. Research your target audience and experiment to see which formats they prefer.

When you create helpful content, you’ll also establish yourself as an authority in your field. Your audience will feel more comfortable choosing your business because they will trust that you are knowledgeable.

In addition, when people interact with your content, it increases the time they spend on your site — and this sends a positive signal to Google. Search engines want to rank valuable content, and when people spend more time on your site, it’s a good sign they like what they see.

If you want your content to have a strong impact, it must be quality content. Creating dozens of pages of thin content won’t produce valuable results for your campaign. You must create content that is comprehensive, informative, and helpful for your audience.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need longer content. The important part is that your content provides in-depth answers to searchers’ questions. If someone searches “How to get wine stains out of carpets,” your blog post can be under 1000 words but offer numerous solutions to the searcher’s problem.

The quality of content will help your campaign go much further than quantity. While you’ll still want to produce content frequently to keep your site fresh, it’s better that your content is high-quality. If you maintain a steady flow of high-quality content, you’ll achieve the best results with your campaign.

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Clean up your technical SEO

The core of your SEO strategy is your website. Your SEO rankings may suffer if your site isn’t running well.

Your website’s performance is affected by a wide range of variables. The following are a few items to double-check:

1. Page speed

The speed of your site’s pages has a significant effect on its overall performance. Your visitors are impatient and will leave your site if it takes too long to load. They are impatient and will abandon your site if it takes too long to load.

It’s critical that you keep an eye on the performance of your site to make sure everything is operating well. Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that lets you see how fast your website loads. You may use this tool to evaluate where your site is in terms of optimization and where work has to be done.

Our page speed services may help you if you lack the requisite technical expertise. Contact us to learn more. Our 200+ specialists are eagerly awaiting your message!

2. Responsive design

Visitors to your carpet cleaning website will do so on a variety of gadgets. In addition to smartphones and tablets, this also covers desktop/laptop computers. You must utilize responsive design if you want people to have a good experience.

Your website will look great on any device thanks to responsive design. Every device’s internet surfing experience differs, therefore your website must cater to the needs of all of them.

Consider using a mobile device to view your site’s desktop version. On a mobile device, everything would be crammed into a little screen. As a result, users would be forced to enlarge and shrink their browser windows as they tried to read the content and click on links.

Your website will respond to the device being used by a user if it has a responsive design. As a result, they will have a positive online experience.

Due to the increase in mobile and tablet searches, this is critical to the search engine’s success. Businesses must have a mobile-friendly website in order to take advantage of the growing number of consumers who use mobile devices to perform searches. With a responsive design, you can be confident that your site’s visitors will have a pleasant experience.

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