8 Ways to Create Urgency in Sales and Drive Conversions

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The 8 ways to create urgency in sales and drive conversions are listed below. These tactics can help you close more deals, get higher prices, sell faster and make your clients happier. Topics include: Create a sense of scarcity
Offer a limited time offer
Ask for the sale
Incentivize early decision making

The “how to create urgency in sales example” is an article that offers 8 different ways to create urgency in sales and drive conversions.

8 Ways to Create Urgency in Sales and Drive Conversions



Nothing irritates online business owners more than a consumer who can’t decide what they want. If you don’t keep your consumer engaged on the buying process, you risk losing a transaction to a competition. Your prospective clients will always find a reason not to take advantage of your offer. Creating a sense of urgency is a tried-and-true technique to overcome client apprehension and persuade them to act right now. We’ll provide 8 practical strategies in this post to help you generate urgency in sales and increase conversions.

1. Make Your Sale Have a Countdown Timer

Customers who aren’t in a rush to acquire a product or service will put off making a choice until they can weigh the costs and advantages of your offer. This implies they’ll visit your rivals’ websites, read product evaluations, and maybe look for an alternative to your goods.

Including a countdown timer in your shopping cart can help you generate a sense of urgency in your sales and keep clients focused on your product offer. For example, you may show how many seconds are remaining to purchase a product at a reduced price. When potential buyers know they only have a certain amount of time to make a purchase, they are more likely to advance to the checkout page and complete the transaction.

2. Assist potential buyers in comprehending why they need your product.

Over half of consumers feel they can’t handle problems on their own since there isn’t enough information online. Customers will be willing to buy from you if they believe what you have to offer can solve their concerns. You may do this by first emphasizing the customer’s probable pain areas, and then assisting them in understanding how your solution would address their issue. 

This is particularly important when a consumer is indecisive about a purchase. Create urgency in sales by explicitly stating the immediate benefits customers will get if they purchase your goods, as well as the disadvantages of postponing their purchase choice. They won’t have to worry about allergies or chemical reactions from supermarket items if they subscribe to your natural bath and body products subscription box, for example.

3. Use words with a strong sense of urgency.

When it comes to expressing urgency to your consumers, your product copy and ad content should reflect this. Making a potential consumer feel compelled to act right away in order to get the promised advantages will tilt the balances in your favor.

Customers’ feelings of scarcity and dread of losing out will be evoked by well-written urgency-focused content incorporating time-sensitive terms. Here are some terms to employ to create a feeling of urgency in your consumers and encourage them to act quickly:

  • Offer is for a limited time only.
  • Don’t Pass Up This Opportunity
  • Clearance 
  • Act Now
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity 
  • There’s Still Time
  • Only for today
  • Hurry!

4. Maintain a higher level of urgency

Keeping the pressure on with your urgency-focused activities will help you boost your online store’s conversion rate. Sending an email to a prospect stating that you just have a few goods left in stock is a wonderful approach to accomplish this. To make the offering more appealing, you might provide a limited-time discount offer.

Similarly, you should examine your sales funnel carefully to see where the majority of clients abandon the buying process. You may utilize this data to generate a sense of urgency in sales at these crucial times. For example, if most consumers leave your business after adding things to their shopping basket, you may include a message on your checkout page that says “Sale expires today!” Customers will feel compelled to make a purchase as a result of this.

5. Provide Discounts from Your Affiliated Store


According to a poll conducted in 2018, more than half of buyers regard discounts and coupons to be a very essential component of digital transactions. Your clients, of course, conduct their other purchasing online as well. They shop at other online businesses in the same way that they shop at yours.

Customers will be more likely to buy from your shop if you provide limited-time discounts on items from a partner store. Only if your items are complementary to those sold in your partner’s shop will this work. Discount offers will indicate to them that you actually care about them, in addition to boosting urgency in sales. 

Send out Last-Call Emails with Limited-Time Offers

Email is still one of the most successful marketing strategies, with a higher return on investment than any other channel, including content and search. According to a research, email marketing has a return on investment of 4200 percent ($42 for every $1 invested). Last-chance emails are different from typical promotional emails in that they allow you to use more direct and spectacular language.

These emails create FOMO (fear of missing out) in the reader by instilling a sense of urgency in sales, prompting them to open the email and pay attention to your discount offer or other limited-time offer that could otherwise go missed.

7. Display Stock Levels That Are Still Available

Another strategy to encourage buyers to make a speedy purchase is to display the remaining stock levels in your inventory. Customers are more likely to purchase a product they’re considering about purchasing if they notice it’s on the verge of being sold out.

Simply add a low stock notification to your product page, such as “Only X more goods remain in stock.” As the number approaches zero, customers’ urgency will grow. You’ll not only enhance consumers’ urgency in making purchases using this FOMO strategy, but you’ll also retain them interested in your product if it runs out of stock. For example, you might offer to send them an email when the product is back in stock.

8. Show the number of visitors to a page in the last 24 hours.

Scarcity may be used by online business owners to generate urgency in purchases and boost demand. Allowing your website visitors to see how many other customers have bought or are interested in the same goods may increase the perceived worth of your offering.

Add an alert to your product page that displays the number of individuals who have seen or purchased the product in the last 24 hours. Using his FOMO app, you’re quietly telling your clients, “Grab it before it’s gone!” and encouraging them to buy.


This article discusses some of the most effective strategies to boost conversions and generate a sense of urgency among your online store’s clients. Even while urgency techniques might motivate clients to take action, they should be used with caution. If customers see the identical ‘Offer expires today!’ message two days in a row and realize you’re deceiving them, you’ll lose their faith in your shop.

Do you need assistance with fine-tuning your online shop or increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns? Please contact us to learn more about how CT can assist you with increasing your online conversions.

The “how to create urgency in sales email” is a way to create urgency in your sales emails. This can be done by including deadlines, scarcity and urgency words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create urgency in sales?

A: There are a few ways to create urgency in sales. One way is by creating scarcity and letting the customer know that they need to act now or else there will be no more left. Another way is through incentives, like providing a discount for buying multiple items at once or offering free shipping as an incentive for them to buy today before it goes out of stock tomorrow.

How do you create urgency?

A: For example, if a game is about to end and you do not have enough time to complete it, the feeling of urgency will push players towards completing their goal. If there isnt an impending deadline or problem that needs solving in a game like this, then creating tension between what the player accomplished previously will create some sense of urgency.

What is urgency creation in sales?

A: Urgency creation is the use of various tactics to make consumers feel that they need a particular product or service immediately. This can include competitive marketing, scarcity, pre-ordering and bundling offers with other items.

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