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The web continues to be a dirty place. There are too many sites that use all the power of big companies and leave their users in the dust. But there is hope for these websites-SagaReach has 6 tips for website owners, making it easier than ever before to clean up your online presence and reap the rewards!.

The “professional cleaning tips” is a blog post that offers 6 tips for a cleaner website. The article includes links to other posts on the site, as well as how-to videos.

If you’ve been working on your website for a few years, it’s likely that it’s grown into a massive collection of articles and pages. When writing a post, you may discover that you’ve previously written something similar (maybe twice) or that you have a hunch you’ve written something comparable that you can’t locate. When you’re not the only one writing for this website, things become much more complicated. Cleaning up outdated material may be intimidating, which is why it’s important to keep up with it on a regular basis. We’ll provide you some pointers on how to develop a strong content maintenance plan in this article!

1. Set aside time for content upkeep.

It’s tempting to keep generating fresh material and never look back, particularly if you like writing. However, you may be shooting yourself in the foot if you do so. Your articles that are really similar to one another may begin to compete in the search results. Too much unstructured material may also be confusing to site users, who may not know where to go on your website. And the more material you have, the more difficult it gets to clear it up. So don’t put off implementing an effective content maintenance plan for too long.

It’s a good idea to schedule content audits on a regular basis and set aside time to analyze older information. The frequency with which you should do this is determined by a number of things. Such are the quantity of material you already have, the frequency with which you produce new pieces, and the size of your editorial crew.

Every month or two, we have team meetings with our blog team at SagaReach to enhance current material in an organized manner. We start cleaning up by making lists or conducting an audit (more on that later). In addition to these team meetings, we also use our regular publishing flow to refine and update blog material. We upload items that need to be updated to our backlog, assign them to a team member, then edit or republish them on our blog.

2. What do the numbers say?

It’s important to base your judgments on statistics when you get down to truly go over your material and straighten it up. You should answer the following questions in addition to looking at the material on the page:

  • Is there any traffic to the page?
  • Is there a page value (meaning the user accomplished one of your objectives within the same visit to your site)?
  • What is your bounce rate?
  • What is the average time spent on this page?

All of this information may be accessible in Google Analytics. You can get a good summary of the traffic on your pages by going to Behaviour –> Site content –> All pages in the left-hand menu. You can even save this to a spreadsheet to keep track of what you’ve done with each page.

Google Search Console is an excellent tool to use if you want to see how your content perform in search results. The performance tab, in particular, provides a wealth of information about how your sites perform in Google. It not only informs you where you rank for a term, but also how many impressions and clicks your site get. Check out our Google Search Console beginner’s tutorial.

A lot of tools exist that help with this process by delivering a list of your content and how it performs. This enables comparing the rankings and traffic of other (similar) articles much easy. The content audit template by ahrefs is one tool we prefer to employ at SagaReach. This allows you to see which information is still valuable to your site and which stuff is bringing you down. It will provide you recommendations for each URL (leave as is/manually review/redirect or update/delete). Of course, we don’t advocate mindlessly following such automatic advise, but it does provide a lot of information and is a good place to start when examining your material critically.

3. Keep an eye on your most vital information at all times.

While it’s OK if some earlier articles fall between the cracks while you’re working on fresh material, there are particular posts and pages that you should always keep an eye on. Whether it’s purchases, newsletter subscriptions, or a contact or reservation page, you’re definitely already tracking pages that convert. However, you may have pages that rank well (or may rank highly) in search engines. For example, some evergreen, comprehensive, and educational blogs or pages on issues in which you are really an expert. This is the stuff you’ll want to connect to on a frequent basis to keep it fresh and relevant. These are the articles and pages that should appear towards the top of the search engine results.

These sorts of instructions may be marked as cornerstone material in SagaReach SEO Premium. This will cause SagaReach SEO to do certain specified tasks. For example, if a cornerstone article hasn’t been updated in six months, it will be included to the stale cornerstone content filter. That filter may be found in your post overview. It keeps you on top of your SEO game by letting you know if any key material needs to be updated. Ideally, you should have a score of 0 there. It’s time to go through the items you found using this filter. Check to verify whether all of the material is still valid, add fresh insights, and see if you’re missing anything by looking at rivals’ blogs on the same subject.

The stale cornerstone content filter in yoast seoSagaReach SEO for WordPress’s stale cornerstone content filter

4. Strengthen your internal links

Working on your internal links is a content maintenance operation that is often overlooked. Why should you spend effort on internal linking? First and foremost, because the material you link to is relevant to your visitors and will keep them on your site longer. These links, on the other hand, assist search engines like Google in crawling your material and determining its value. Google considers an article that receives a lot of links (internally or externally) to be significant. It also aids Google in determining how information is connected to one another. Internal linking is thus a vital component of a cornerstone content strategy. All of your sites, particularly the evergreen guides we covered before, need care, frequent updates, and a lot of links!

As a result, it’s a good idea to link to your previous articles when composing a new one. SagaReach SEO Premium’s internal linking ideas feature makes this very simple. While it’s usual to link to current material from our new pieces, keep in mind that those new articles need links as well. At SagaReach, we evaluate our new articles on a weekly basis to see whether they have enough links going to them – particularly if we want them to rank!

Putting in place a cornerstone approach

But what about the foundational information we spoke about earlier? How can you ensure that your most important content receives enough links? SagaReach SEO Premium has a great tool in store for you if you want to concentrate on these articles: the Cornerstone exercise. It allows you to choose your most significant articles and label them as cornerstones in just a few steps. The number of internal links leading to this post is then shown. Do you think this isn’t quite right in terms of how many connections it should have? We’ll provide recommendations for relevant posts from which to connect. And you may add the link from the correct position in the associated article with only a few clicks:

1636925576_792_6-tips-for-a-cleaner-website-%E2%80%A2-SagaReachSagaReach SEO Premium’s cornerstone exercise

It’s not required to complete this exercise every month since you probably (hopefully!) don’t alter your cornerstone approach every month. If you have a lot of material that performs well, monitoring this once every three or six months should enough. If you’re just getting started, publishing a lot of new material, or making significant modifications to your website, you should definitely undertake this exercise more often. Your main point on your site may shift as it expands, and this exercise will help you keep focused on the material you truly want to rank.

5. Once in a while, clean up the attic.

Until now, we’ve largely spoken about your greatest and most significant material. On the other hand, we have your older (and more lonely) stuff that you haven’t looked at in a long time. Announcements from years ago, new product releases from when you were just getting started, and blog pieces that are no longer relevant. These posts keep piling up in your attic, and you should clear it out completely at some time. You don’t want customers or Google to get lost up there looking for low-quality sites or pages with obsolete or irrelevant content.

There are a few approaches to this. Of course, you may clear up your blog post archive while reading your most recent post. However, you should never simply erase anything! Examine the material more closely, and constantly check Google Analytics to see whether a post is still receiving visitors. Are you undecided about keeping it? To assist you in making that decision, see our article on updating or removing outdated information. If you believe a post is useless and wish to remove it, either redirect it to a decent similar URL or have it display a 410 page, which indicates that it was deleted on purpose. You can learn how to delete a post correctly here.

Getting rid of orphaned material

The Orphaned content workout in SagaReach SEO Premium may also help you preserve outdated and neglected material. It will compile a list of all your unlinked items for you. We may presume these are sites you previously developed but never returned to since you never or seldom linked to them. Alternatively, they no longer fit within your current content strategy. This is why it’s a good idea to start cleaning up now! With the exercise, you may go over each post and page one by one and analyze whether or not the content is still relevant. Then, with just a few clicks, erase and redirect the URL to a more appropriate location! Is it still relevant, but a little out of date? Then go ahead and edit it, and start linking to it from related blogs. Did you just forget to provide a link to this article? Then go to work on adding some links! The program guides you through all of these phases, making it simple to keep track of your progress.

content maintenance orphaned content workout yoast seoSagaReach SEO Premium’s orphaned content workout

How frequently should you do this exercise? It’s difficult to make a broad statement about this since it relies so much on how much old material you have, how well you connect internally, and how much new content you’re producing. If you have a larger site, it will most likely take a long time to set up the first time. However, if you keep it up and perform this exercise on a regular basis, such as once a month, you will finish it quicker every time!

6. Review your material by subject or category.

When you have a large number of comparable content, they may begin to compete in the search engines. This is referred to as content or keyword cannibalism. That’s why it’s a good idea to check over all of your articles on a certain subject every now and again. Do they vary sufficiently? Are they on page 2 of Google’s search results, right next to one other? Then you may need to combine two articles into one to improve its performance. You may look at this on a category or tag level, or even on smaller subtopics, depending on the scale of your site.

We go through how to discover and fix keyword cannibalization in depth in the piece on how to find and fix keyword cannibalization. In other words, you’ll need to compile a list of all the postings on the subject. Then, using Google Search Console and Google Analytics, see how each of these articles performs. This will assist you in deciding whether to retain, combine, or remove items.

You’ll need time and tools to keep your content up to date.

Content upkeep, as you may have discovered, is a difficult chore. However, if you do it on a regular basis and with the correct equipment, it becomes simpler with time. And the more simple it becomes, the more enjoyable it becomes! Who doesn’t want their website to be more organized? It will please you, your website visitors, and Google. So, don’t put off implementing a decent content management plan for too long, and make use of the correct tools to make your life simpler!

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The “how to get clients for a cleaning business” is one of the most popular topics on SagaReach.com, with over 1 million page views. This article provides 6 tips for a cleaner website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a cleaning website include?

A: A website about household cleaning should have general suggestions for how to clean specific things, as well as a section of products you can buy. It should also provide information on which cleaners are best for particular surfaces.

How do you write a cleaning advertisement?

A: I would recommend looking at some examples of other cleaning advertisements.

What are some good cleaning tips?

A: The best way to make your house sparkle is by hiring a professional cleaner. They will thoroughly clean your home without any hiccups or bumps, and theyll leave you completely satisfied with their work for years to come.

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