4 Tips For Measuring Your Brand Lift In Google Search

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With the rise of artificial intelligence, content marketing is becoming more difficult. To stand out in search, we need to take a new approach and focus on where people will spend their time – instead of just creating way too much content that no one cares about. Here are four ways you can measure your brand lift in Google Search.

The “youtube brand lift study” is a recent article that discusses the importance of measuring your brand lift in Google Search. The article lists 4 tips for measuring your brand lift in Google Search.

4 Tips For Measuring Your Brand Lift In Google Search

It’s become evident that a fragmented strategy to internet marketing doesn’t work. After all, we’re all trying to attract new consumers and keep the ones we already have.

However, unless you’re selling items online or generating leads, it’s tough to demonstrate the value of digital marketing and advertising as a whole.

It might sometimes take a long time to demonstrate the worth of your efforts.

Measuring your online brand lift over time is a wonderful approach to demonstrate that your efforts are worthwhile.

Through web searches and mentions of your brand, this may also be a useful exercise in a rebrand, as it can help you evaluate how well the online public has comprehended and embraced your change.

There are several tools and approaches available to assist you in determining how well your brand is being received and what potential boost you may be experiencing.

In this column, you’ll discover useful hints on four things to consider when measuring brand lift.


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The best thing is that each of them simply needs free tools that you may already be using for other aspects of your digital marketing plan.

1. What is the name of your company?

What do others refer to you as? The reason I ask is because your organization’s name may not be what your consumers are looking for.

This often occurs when the public abbreviates your brand for convenience. You are the Central Tennessee State University Health System, for example, yet the public refers to you as “Tenn-Med.”

Even though this is a made-up example, it does happen.

We’ll use Google’s Keyword Planner to obtain a feel of how the general public perceives your and competing companies.

We use our organization’s name here. After that, this program will offer popular search results for our company’s name.

This may be a useful tool for identifying internet searches for name variations as well as “brand + keyword” searches.


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This helps you to see what themes people are identifying with your business on the internet.

1638242650_558_4-Tips-For-Measuring-Your-Brand-Lift-In-Google-SearchNovember 2021, Google Ads screenshot

This will give you an idea of how many people are searching for your brand, variants, and sub-topics.

More significantly, we can see the percentage search patterns over the last three months and year.

You may specify a date range of several years and export a spreadsheet to get a more detailed look at historical search patterns.

1638242651_34_4-Tips-For-Measuring-Your-Brand-Lift-In-Google-SearchNovember 2021, screenshot from Microsoft Excel

This sort of study may help you understand how search traffic changes as a result of rebranding, as well as any seasonality that may exist.

2. Trend Analysis

Now that you know how the general public searches for your brand, you can use Google Trends to see how popularity trends over time for this brand term and its variants.

1638242652_840_4-Tips-For-Measuring-Your-Brand-Lift-In-Google-SearchNovember 2021, Google Trends screenshot


1638242654_990_4-Tips-For-Measuring-Your-Brand-Lift-In-Google-SearchNovember 2021, Google Trends screenshot

The advantages of viewing a graphical history of search patterns connected to your brand may be found here. Google will also suggest brand names that are similar.

The ability to assess brand search traffic by state or area is one of the unique features of visiting Google Trends.


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While Google Analytics may provide this information, you may not be aware of whether traffic comes in via the Direct or Organic Search channels.

SERP Behaviour 3

We’ve been able to determine how online visitors search for your brand and how often they do so up to this point.

Google Search Console is the next stop on your journey.

1638242655_970_4-Tips-For-Measuring-Your-Brand-Lift-In-Google-SearchNovember 2021, Google Search Console screenshot

We can see the brand-related searches that web visitors do again in the Search Results area, but we can also see how frequently our item is clicked on.


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Users may also choose to click on a Google local result based on their proximity to a relevant brick-and-mortar establishment.

You have the option of looking at keyword phrase ranking and ‘within time’ comparison while looking at brand and brand variant term click-through rates.

4. Brand Impression Share in Paid Search

We examined organic search brand exposure, including where you appear and how often consumers opt to click on your organic listing.

In competitive sectors, however, it is customary for competitors to bid on your brand name and variants in order to lure website click-throughs for traffic that was originally meant for your site.

One approach to keep ahead of the game is to set aside a part of your sponsored search budget to just bid on your brand name and comparable misspellings.

1638242656_770_4-Tips-For-Measuring-Your-Brand-Lift-In-Google-SearchNovember 2021, Google Ads screenshot

You’ll get a feel of how frequently you dominate the top of the page for your brand phrases once this campaign has been running for a few months.


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This will also reveal what other rivals are looking at when it comes to your brand’s traffic.

Impression share is crucial, but so is impression share at the top of the page and absolute top of the page. These two rates indicate not only that your ad was seen, but also that you were able to rank in the number one position at the top of the page, or at the very least, that your ad was seen in the upper section of the page.

Competitor brand bidding may be dangerous since they may try to steal your traffic while also paying to handle your customer support enquiries.

The idea is to set aside enough money with a significant enough cost-per-click to appear for the bulk of brand-related searches and demand a top-of-page position.

Invest on Your Company’s Image

Unbranded search visibility is something that many of us grow obsessed with in search marketing. Our thoughts wander to limitless lists of keyword research and optimal bidding structures in order to entice product and service-related searches.


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The importance of your brand in search marketing is undeniable.

It is, or should be, a “owned” place in your marketing plan; a clear route for those searchers you’ve worked hard to attract across your whole marketing strategy and who are likely to return to you through many channels.

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The “brand lift benchmarks” is a blog post that discusses 4 tips for measuring your brand lift in Google Search. The article also provides an example of how to measure a brand’s performance with their keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure brand lift?

A: Brand lift is a measure of the change in sales from one period to another.

How do I use Google brand lift?

A: Google brand lift is a marketing technique that uses the letter G in place of the terms Google, or search. The same principle applies to other search engines as well.

What is brand lift study Google?

A: Brand lift is the act of increasing brand value by stimulating and satisfying customer emotions. Brands that are part of a study, like Google, will be shown to have an increased level of brand lift when compared with brands in other industries

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