3 lessons for creating a more unified customer experience

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Customer experience has become an increasingly important part of the customer journey, but creating a unified and cohesive user experience can be challenging. Here are some lessons to keep in mind when crafting your customer experiences going forward: 1) Keep it simple; 2) Take care of customers’ needs before you ask them for their loyalty; 3) Create consistency across channels.

The “unified customer experience meaning” is a way to create a more unified customer experience. Three lessons for creating a more unified customer experience are: 1) make it easy for customers to find you, 2) listen to your customers, and 3) make sure that the sales team is on the same page as the rest of your company.

3 lessons for creating a more unified customer experience


“We’re all in this together,” says the narrator. As individuals learnt to adjust to new conditions brought on by the worldwide pandemic last year, this remark became the unifying slogan of companies all over the world. 

Things aren’t going to go back to the way they were previously as the globe welcomes more in-person connections. The major challenge for organizations is to rethink their customer experience by linking all points of touch, integrating all teams throughout the organization, and bridging the trust gap between brands and customers. 

Acquia surveyed 8,000 customers and 800 marketers in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States to assist marketers understand how to put these components together. Our study looked into changes in marketer and consumer expectations in terms of customer experience and privacy. In our worldwide study, Deliver a Modern Digital CX: A Guide for Marketing Innovators, we provide significant findings from our research.  

1. Increase content production without jeopardizing brand consistency.  

With live events, trade exhibitions, and physical shops no longer accessible, company executives needed to broaden their content efforts to new platforms and formats in order to keep their audiences interested. 

According to our CX Trends Report, in 2021, 49 percent of global marketers will develop more content for customer interaction than in prior years in order to meet emerging consumer habits. Maintaining brand consistency and a clear, overarching brand message gets increasingly difficult when organizations add hundreds of additional communication channels to the mix. 

The customer journey may become complex and irritating without good brand governance and supervision into all of the material you’re releasing, pushing your audience to a rival. 

2. Use low-code technologies to enable marketing and developer cooperation. 

To meet the increased need for new, more tailored content, businesses must break through internal boundaries and adopt a holistic approach to developing digital experiences. 

According to our poll, 83 percent of marketers are still having trouble creating content that can be distributed quickly across all of their digital channels. Businesses must leverage their employees to their full capacity if they want to achieve optimum efficiency and deliver new experiences to market quicker. 

To build digital consumer experiences, 72 percent of marketers now rely on the assistance of engineers. Instead than waiting for developers to respond to requests, contemporary marketers want technologies that allow them to shape the consumer experience from beginning to finish. 

3. Use first-party data to bridge the gap between client privacy and personalisation.  

One of the most significant disconnects found by our CX Trends Report was between marketers’ and customers’ opinions of how companies utilize personal data. 

Customer data is required by marketing teams in order to develop tailored experiences, but consumers want to have meaningful interactions with a business before sharing this information. This is the dilemma of privacy and personalisation. Increased personalisation initiatives resulted in more customer engagement, according to 54 percent of worldwide marketers. 

So, how can we close the gap in consumer trust? According to our research, first-party data is the hidden weapon that will keep businesses successful in the long run.

While the future of digital transformation is frequently uncertain, the client experiences provided by your company should be smooth and trustworthy. In our new worldwide research, Deliver a Modern Digital CX: A Guide for Marketing Innovators, learn more about how today’s marketers are creating more unified customer experiences. 

Author Biography


Acquia is an open source digital experience firm that helps the world’s most forward-thinking companies embrace innovation and create memorable consumer experiences.

The “customer service experience” is a term that has been used in the marketing industry for years. It refers to the customer’s overall experience with a company, which includes interactions such as phone calls and emails. In order to create a more unified customer experience, companies should be sure to provide their customers with clear instructions and easy-to-follow paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a unified customer experience?

A: A unified customer experience is the process of designing and developing a product, service or company in such a way that it provides customers with an easy, smooth and satisfying user journey.

How do you improve customer experience?

A: You can improve customer experience by providing easy access to help.

Why is customer experience important for a business?

A: Customer experience is important for a business because it directly impacts their bottom line. If customers are not satisfied with the quality of service, they will have a negative impression, which can make them less likely to return or spend money.

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