15 Marketing Job Titles + The Roles That Leaders Plan To Invest In Next Year

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For leaders in marketing, the year 2017 proved to be a challenging one as many tried to make sense of shifting mindsets and priorities. The managerial positions that are driving most companies’ success remain largely unchanged because they require more than just good writing skills or social media knowledge for today’s professionals. Here is what managers will want you to have next year:

The “marketing job titles hierarchy” is a list of marketing job titles that are in the order of how important they are. The first position on the list is Marketing Director, followed by the Vice President of Marketing.

15 Marketing Job Titles + The Roles That Leaders Plan To Invest In Next Year

According to a HubSpot Blog Research report from 2021, 19 percent of marketers feel it will be more difficult to find the suitable applicant for a post in 2022. Finding individuals with the correct skill set is the main difficulty for over half of the marketers polled.

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According to LinkedIn data from 2021, digital marketing professionals, digital account executives, and social media managers are the top three in-demand marketing professions. However, some companies have difficulty determining which positions to fill and when it is appropriate to expand their workforce.

To aid with this, we’ve produced a list of the top marketing positions that companies are now investing in.

Marketers are confronted with a number of challenges.

The top difficulty marketers have, according to HubSpot Blog Research from 2021, is training their staff.

Large firms often have the infrastructure in place to guarantee a seamless onboarding and training process for both managers and new workers, which may span anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This is an area where newer, smaller enterprises may suffer.

Training does not begin when a person begins work. In an ideal world, training would be scheduled on a regular basis to meet the demands of the company and/or team. That isn’t always the case, however.

According to a recent research, 11% of UK employees have never received formal job training, while 30% haven’t done so in the last five years. This may result in bigger problems with performance, career advancement, and work happiness.

In the HubSpot Blog Research poll, 28 percent of marketers said assessing the ROI of their marketing activity is a difficulty. This is a long-standing issue for marketing departments.

Teams create sophisticated campaigns, but when the results (data) arrive, they’re unsure how to evaluate their performance.

Training and ROI measurement, as well as traffic and lead creation, are remain important issues for 21% of marketers in 2022.

In addition, marketers are concerned about finding top personnel. To assist you, we’ve collected a list of the top marketing job titles, and we’ll go through their responsibilities in the following section.

Job Titles in Marketing

  1. Creator of content
  2. Strategist for Content
  3. Manager of Content Marketing
  4. Assistant to the Artist
  5. Manager of Digital Branding
  6. Director of Design
  7. Data Analyst for Marketing
  8. Marketing Strategist
  9. Manager of Digital Marketing
  10. Coordinator of Social Media
  11. Strategist for Social Media
  12. Manager of a Community
  13. Specialist in Search Engine Optimization
  14. Strategist for SEO
  15. Manager of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

You have a list of job titles, but do you know what skill sets and duties each one requires? We can also assist you there.

If you don’t understand how these titles assist the ambitions your firm wishes to pursue, they’re useless. With that in mind, here are five categories of individuals whose skill sets are crucial to marketing today, as well as how their abilities correspond to the positions listed above.

Job Titles in Marketing and What They’re Up To

1. Roles in Content Marketing

Content marketing is on everyone’s attention these days.

According to LinkedIn, it’s the second-fastest-growing skill, and it’s the number one strategy marketing companies are recruiting for this year and in 2022, according to HubSpot Blog Research.

A few years ago, “blogger” was a popular job title on Indeed and other job search sites. As search engines become more competitive, organizations are searching for people with more technical, brand-oriented expertise.

Brands are employing individuals for every area of content marketing, from ideation and strategy to production and promotion, as a result of the expansion.

HubSpot’s director of content, Lisa Toner, offers some advice on this.

“The publishing market is democratized today, favoring creators across all content platforms,” adds Toner, “therefore I would recommend organizations to start establishing their creator strategy for 2022 and not limit their content efforts to what they can generate with their internal staff.”

So, put one of these on for a test run:

  • Creator of content (entry-level)
  • Strategist for Content (mid-level)
  • Manager of Content Marketing (management)

What They’re Up To

Content marketing refers to all of the consumable material you create to promote your business, which may include but is not limited to blog posts, newsletters, and podcasts.

Your content team is in charge of creating the content strategy, producing the content and lead-generating offerings, and tracking the outcomes. They work throughout the whole funnel, providing material that appeals to individuals who are new to the brand, as well as those who are contemplating making a purchase or who have already made a purchase.

The division of these responsibilities will be determined by the size of your crew. Your content strategist will be in charge of developing essential editorial topics and deciding how to approach SEO in each piece, while a content producer will concentrate on creating marketing materials to attract the audience (More on SEO later).

The content marketing manager may then manage the editorial schedule and bundle material into newsletters for subscribers, assisting you in growing your contact list and generating leads from your content creator’s efforts.

2. Roles in Brand Marketing

This is a more difficult function to describe, but it’s just as critical to your content strategy.

Although titles like “videographer” and “graphic designer” might serve for freelancers and those who specialize in a certain media, they don’t carry much weight for full-time applicants who are increasingly doing everything.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Assistant to the Artist (entry-level)
  • Manager of Digital Branding (mid-level)
  • Director of Design (management)

What They’re Up To

You’ve probably seen a trend: just as writers associate “content,” your visual content and multimedia team prefers marketing job names that include words like “creative” and “brand.” These keywords serve to group together the many forms of marketing material that your creatives may work on.

Creative assistants and digital brand managers develop images, films, logos, infographics, and other visual assets that give your brand style and narrative power, breaking down the precise activities connected with each function.

On the other side, creative directors collaborate cross-functionally with design, marketing, and sales teams to develop a vision for the goods and/or services delivered. They’re also in charge of coming up with fresh concepts for ad campaigns, message, and branding.

After you’ve determined what degree of experience you need, be sure to investigate and put in the job description the design and editing software that best suits your company’s demands. This guarantees you’re connecting with people who know how to utilize the tools you need to succeed.

3. Roles of Marketing Analysts

How can you know whether your marketing efforts are paying off, or even if they’re being viewed by the correct people?

Page views, how people discovered your content, how long they remained, and other consumption metrics may all help you establish value and uncover optimization possibilities, but the roles that handle this data are a little more sophisticated than the ones mentioned above.

For your more analytical marketers, here are three terrific titles:

  • Data Analyst for Marketing (entry-level)
  • Marketing Strategist (mid-level)
  • Manager of Digital Marketing (management)

What They’re Up To

Despite the fact that each of these individuals should be well-versed in content analytics, they specialize in distinct areas.

Marketing technologists construct an operational plan for executing on these criteria after studying industry circumstances to refine product positioning, whereas marketing data analysts analyze industry conditions to improve product positioning.

Digital marketing managers, on the other hand, keep track of your content’s statistics so you can improve your current assets and plan wiser campaigns in the future.

Companies who outsource their writing requirements to freelancers and need to calculate the return on their content investment would benefit greatly from this staff. Perhaps they already have a less-technical content staff and would want to recruit a dedicated analytics team to work alongside them.

If you don’t have the funds or the desire to recruit two different teams, it’s typical practice to include analytics into the daily tasks of the content strategist or content marketing manager.

Keep in mind that not all data-focused job titles are related to marketing, so be cautious when hiring a data nerd. A broad title like “data analyst” may attract operations generalists who build solutions to assist the organization become more efficient in general, rather than your marketing campaigns particularly.

4. Roles in Social Media Marketing

51 percent of marketers aim to raise their social media efforts in 2022, according to HubSpot Blog Research from 2021. In 2022, 88 percent of that group intends to keep investing the same amount or grow their investment.

Along with content marketing, social media is another hot topic that companies are focusing on.

“Blogger” is typically too limited for your content people; similarly, “Facebook manager” would have the same impact for social media. Choose a title that isn’t too limiting and enables your applicant to evolve and grow into new duties.

Alternatives that are better include:

  • Coordinator of Social Media (entry-level)
  • Strategist for Social Media (mid-level)
  • Manager of a Community (management)

What They’re Up To

Social media coordinators are in charge of the day-to-day operations of social media networks. This involves posting schedules, interacting with followers, and reacting to questions. Social media strategists determine which social networks will provide the most reach and return on investment, then create strategy for each.

Depending on where your audience hangs out and what material they consume, each network’s strategy might be rather different (insights your marketing data analyst may help you uncover.)

So, how about a manager of a community? They concentrate on the following points:

  • Assisting your social media staff in managing the brand’s interaction with present and potential followers.
  • Starting and monitoring discussions about your industry and business to engage your audience.
  • Answering questions, encouraging favorable reviews and other helpful contributions from the audience, and minimizing or de-escalating bad feedback.

5. Marketing Roles in SEO

Any marketer will tell you how crucial it is to be on the first page of search results. Unfortunately, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! do not provide handbooks on how to get to the top page of results.

Their ranking algorithms are also constantly changing, making an SEO professional an invaluable member of your team. Here are three marketing job names that will appeal to the multitude of job seekers:

  • Specialist in Search Engine Optimization (entry-level)
  • Strategist for SEO (mid-level)
  • Manager of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (management)

What They Do

There is a clear pattern here, as you can see. The distinction between each function, much like your social media team, is in plan vs execution.

SEO experts collaborate with content writers to guarantee that the SEO strategies you’ve agreed upon are implemented in your material. As Google’s algorithm, or your own content strategy, evolves, strategists collaborate with your analytics experts to fine-tune your SEO plan.

If you’re monitoring the SEO performance – also known as organic performance – of several blogs or websites, SEO/marketing managers may be very useful.

Keep in mind that not every marketing role listed below is necessary for a successful expansion plan. Some titles may be more valuable to include in the job description of another position you’re recruiting for than in their own (for example, putting “coordinates social media” in the description for a “content marketing manager” title).

Which marketing jobs will executives prioritize in the next year?

According to HubSpot Blog Research, marketers will mostly spend on content marketing and social media in 2021.

Content producers were the most popular job for marketers to employ this year, followed by content marketing managers. Content marketing managers will take precedence in recruiting efforts in 2022, according to 32% of marketers, followed by content strategists and finally content producers.

It’s no surprise, according to Toner, that businesses will engage in content marketing strategies in the next year.

“Media consumption is at an all-time high, and marketers are pouring money into the most popular media outlets, whether it’s podcasts, newsletters, YouTube, or websites,” Toner adds.

“However, purchasing ad inventory is a short-term strategy, and clever businesses are considering establishing their own media empires for long-term success.”

In 2022, marketing teams will start hiring for the first time for a few positions.

The highest job title is “creative assistant,” followed by “creative director.” Surprisingly, 22 percent of marketers polled indicate they will hire content marketing managers for the first time.

In 2022, which marketing positions will be less important?

According to HubSpot Blog Research, just 2% of marketers intend to emphasize hiring acquisition marketing managers in 2022. Other positions that aren’t high on the priority list are:

  • Strategist for SEO
  • Manager of SEO Marketing
  • Manager of Product Marketing
  • Manager of Business Development

This indicates that marketers are concentrating on expanding their organic channels outside websites and prioritizing content over goods, which is a wonderful strategy to increase brand loyalty and acquire customer confidence.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t hire for these positions. It just serves as a guide to where the industry is going and how marketers are navigating it.

Note from the editor: This piece was first published in February 2018 and has been updated for accuracy.

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The “digital marketing job titles hierarchy” is a list of 15 marketing job titles, and the roles that leaders plan to invest in next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What job titles are in marketing?

A: A marketing job title is someone who manages the organization of a companys advertising, promotions and other promotional materials. It could also be used to refer to those in charge of promoting products or services by means such as public relations professionals, commercial advertisers, coupon distributors etc.

What jobs or roles are marketing roles?

A: Marketing roles are jobs or groups of people who deal with marketing products and services. They may do this by identifying potential customers, researching the competition, creating messages that will persuade a customer to buy their product, etc.

What is a marketing lead job title?

A: Marketing lead is a position that oversees the marketing and sales of an organization, firm, or company. It typically has managerial responsibilities as well.

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