12 Unique Ways to Generate Leads With QR Codes

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QR codes are now a ubiquitous part of the digital landscape. Here is how to get started using them for your business:
QR Codes 101, How-to make QR code generator, 12 unique ways use QR codes in marketing and more!

QR codes are a unique way to generate leads. They can be used for many different purposes, such as attracting attention at tradeshows or events. Read more in detail here: qr code lead generation.

12 Unique Ways to Generate Leads With QR Codes

If you’re like most people, you’re probably curious about how to leverage mobile marketing to produce leads for your company. The good news is that HubSpot customers have an advantage since the HubSpot platform automatically builds a mobile version of your site for you.

But, after that, what should you do? What mobile tools should you utilize once you’ve created a mobile website to attract new clients to your business? QR codes are one of the simplest tools to learn how to use. If you’re not acquainted with QR codes, they’re the square barcodes like the one on this article that businesses use to generate traffic to their websites.

Free Download: How to Build and Use QR Codes for Business & Marketing 

Jeanne Hopkins and I dug deep into the most crucial mobile tools for small and mid-sized organizations when doing research for our new book Go Mobile. There are many options, but we’ll concentrate on the most successful QR code applications for company growth.

Who makes use of QR codes?

Anyone having a mobile phone, in a nutshell. Our phone, along with our keys and wallet, is one of the few items we cannot leave the home without. Businesses have noticed this and are always coming up with new methods to utilize QR codes to entice consumers to interact with them or to streamline their procedures.

QR Codes and Their Applications in Everyday Life

While the notion of when to utilize QR codes is new, you’ve most likely seen them at local shops you’ve visited. Here are a few examples of places you’ve probably seen them:

  • Access to a public wifi network
  • Menus at restaurants
  • Manuals of instruction
  • Payments are made without using cash.
  • Promotions on the web during live events
  • Linktrees and contact information

We’ll go through the numerous additional methods to utilize QR codes later in this post. But first, let’s look at how to make your own QR codes.

How to Make a QR Code Promotion of Your Own

We utilized QR codes on the Go Mobile website to give clues for a countrywide scavenger hunt for four iPads that were buried around the country. Visitors to the site were able to download the hints by scanning QR codes. We then sent the clues by email to everyone who filled out the form on the site to ensure that we collected leads from the campaign. We’ll be able to use that information to remarket to that audience in the future.

It’s really rather easy to make a QR code promotion. Here are the steps we took to build the campaign for our iPad scavenger hunt throughout the country.

Create a landing page first.

To begin, you’ll need to develop a mobile-friendly landing page. This refers to a landing page that is optimized for use on a smartphone screen. Keep things basic – on a mobile landing page, for example, forms should only have a few fields. The majority of individuals lack the patience to fill out long forms on their smartphones.

2. Design a QR Code

Copy the URL of your landing page into a QR code generator after it’s finished. There are a plethora of QR code generators available on the internet; just perform a search for one. Simply paste the URL of your landing page into the QR code generator, and your QR code will appear on the spot, as if by magic. This QR code is unique to you, and there isn’t another one like it elsewhere on the planet.

3. Include your QR code in your marketing materials.

Use the QR code generator to generate your QR code. On a PC, this entails right-clicking the image and saving it to your hard drive. (You can drag and drop on a Mac.) Add the QR code to your advertising materials now that you have it. This includes any printed materials or websites that will be used to promote the event.

4. Spread the Word

It’s pointless to start a QR Code campaign if you’re not going to tell everyone about it. So use your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any of the other social media channels at your disposal to spread your message. At this point in the game, the most important thing is to inform as many people as possible about the promotion.

5. Extend the promotional period

We wanted as many people as possible to join in our iPad Scavenger Hunt, so we uploaded a new QR code every day for many weeks. As a result, our audience grows, and we’re able to generate as much buzz as possible around the campaign.

How to Make QR Codes Work for Your Company

QR codes may be used in a number of ways for your company, and new ones appear every day. Below are some fantastic suggestions for you to consider.

QR Codes in Common Use

  1. Add a QR code to your website’s “Contact Us” page so visitors may download your contact information to their cellphones.
  2. Business Cards: Include a QR code on the front or back of your business card so that people can get your contact information right away.
  3. Webinars: Are you looking for a way to make your webinars more interesting and enjoyable? Then, as part of your presentation, incorporate a QR code. It’s an excellent method to keep the audience active and engaged.
  4. LinkedIn and Facebook Pages: Looking for a different method to stand out from the crowd? To drive traffic to your website, include a QR code on your LinkedIn and Facebook sites. It’s one of the most effective methods to establish oneself as a forward-thinking, creative thinker.
  5. Coupons on In-Store Posters: Want to give folks quick coupons while they’re out shopping? Then include a QR code that directs them to a special offer that can be scanned at the cashier.
  6. Dial a Phone Number: Do you want to encourage customers to call your phone number in order to place a purchase for your product? Then show them how to scan a QR code. If everything is set up correctly, it will automatically ring your phone number and connect them to your sales center.

QR Codes in Ingenious Ways

QR Code Shirt

  1. Clothing & Merchandise: Are you looking for a unique approach to market your product or service? Then, on a T-shirt that you give out to clients and prospects, include a QR code. A QR code was skillfully put on one of Hija De Tu Madre’s shirt designs (shown above), a Latina fashion and accessories firm. It urges viewers to “Scan for community and culture,” allowing them to learn more about the company and maybe convert them into new consumers.
  2. “Hello, my name is Tags: You know those large red and white tags with people’s names on them that people wear at events? You’ll engage folks and be able to quickly start up discussions if you use a QR code instead of your name.
  3. Event Posters: How do you promote an event? Add a QR code to your posters and pamphlets for easy scanning by passers-by. Have the code direct them to your event website, where they can learn more about the event and purchase tickets.


  4. Outdoor Billboards: Be one of the first companies in your industry to use a huge QR code on a billboard. To commemorate the anniversary of one of their games, Cygames recruited the aid of 1,500 drones to build a big QR code in the sky.
  5. Galleries & Museums: Make it as simple as possible for visitors to learn more about your work and planned initiatives. Using a QR code instead of words to describe artwork is a fantastic alternative to the usual explanation. Guests will not have to crowd to read it, and they will be able to carry the information with them. If you’re selling at a gallery, it could be worth it to include a QR code payment option.
  6. If you offer a tangible product, including a QR code on the packaging that teaches the consumer more about your brand or the product might help develop trust. Consider putting a QR code for the ingredient list or even simple recipes to utilize the item in if you sell food. Have QR codes for cosmetics that provide additional information about how the items were manufactured, evaluated, and where the components came from.

How to Use QR Codes to Expand Your Business

Using QR codes to expand your company isn’t difficult. You only need to produce the code and include it into your advertising. Make sure you test the campaign before releasing it to the public; people who scan your code expect things to perform quite well right away. Aside than that, conducting a QR code campaign is a breeze.

It’s important to remember that QR codes are merely a tool for engaging prospects and consumers. In other words, landing pages aren’t the end-all solution; it’s up to you to find out how to utilize them to convert the traffic you drive to your website into leads.

Using QR codes to expand your company is pretty straightforward if you have a plan in place. You only need to produce the code and include it into your advertising. Make sure you test the campaign before releasing it to the public; people who scan your code expect things to perform quite well right away. Give them a memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Jamie Turner, the creator and chief content officer of the 60 Second Marketer, has published a guest blog article for us. Jamie is also a co-author of the book Go Mobile, which he co-wrote with Jeanne Hopkins, VP of marketing at HubSpot. He is a renowned mobile marketing speaker at events and organizations all around the world and is a frequent guest on CNN and HLN on the subject of digital marketing.

This story was first published in January 2012, however it has been updated for accuracy.

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