100+ Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for Success in 2022

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More than ever, content marketing is the key to success. Entrepreneurs need to understand how they can create engaging content and market it effectively in order to be successful.

The “social media content trends 2022” is a report written by the Content Marketing Institute. The report includes 100+ trends and predictions for success in the marketing industry.

100+ Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for Success in 2022

100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022For over two years, content marketers have swapped gears, switched focus, completed 360s, and negotiated turbulence so often that it seems like we’ve invented a new storm category: the marketer’s maelstrom.

Is it worth it to attempt to predict the trends that will sweep our sector in 2022?

Yes, I believe so, and here’s why: Content marketing is, at its heart, about the future – preparing audiences and consumers to solve issues, overcome difficulties, and achieve their objectives.

To accomplish so, you must keep ahead of your audience’s demands – as well as the trends that influence how they discover and interact with the material you provide.

As a result, we’ve enlisted the support of industry thought leaders (including Content Marketing World presenters and Content Marketing Award winners) to shed light on the trends and paths to examine once again.

Despite the forecasters’ diverse areas of expertise, a few similar patterns emerged. Technology and data-related concerns (such as the elimination of third-party cookies) are significant in the 2022 forecast.

Many authors, on the other hand, looked at the other end of the spectrum, stressing human-centered content concerns like writing with empathy, speaking authentically, and creating a feeling of community.

Compare these forecasts to your content marketing trends and plans for 2022. Also, please leave your predictions (as well as your views on the ones that have been given here) in the comments.

I’ll start by saying a few words about what I expect to happen:

The value of the content experiences you provide might make you wealthy or poor, responsible or irresponsible, relevant or irrelevant. Brands that provide poor experiences on their websites, at events, in whitepapers, and elsewhere may never be able to reclaim their customers. In the new year, show off your finest work since client tolerance will be thin and options will be many.

Put your best foot forward. Consumer tolerance will be thin in 2022, and customer options will be many, according to @EditorStahl via @SagaReach MarketingContent. #CMWorld Click To Tweet

Concentrate on video, audio, and multimedia experiences.


Video will continue to increase in 2022. If you want to include videos in your material, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time. It’ll take a lot of time and effort, but here’s how to get started:

  1. Determine if your target audience enjoys watching videos and which stations they favor.
  2. Make a few different video flows.
  3. Set aside funds to assist the manufacture and marketing of products on a regular basis.
  4. To handle creation and marketing, create a process and find tools and talent.
  5. Determine which channels you’d want to syndicate.
  6. Make sure you can keep track of the outcomes.
  7. Look into integrating your selected channels with your marketing automation or CRM tools.
  8. Keep an eye on the results on a frequent basis.

Relentless Pursuit, LLC, Pam Didner

In 2022, budget for video as part of your #content process, build processes, identify syndication channels, and measure outcomes, according to @PamDidner of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers should plan to create content that isn’t just words. Those who do not have multimedia material will lose behind as audio and video become increasingly indexed. As marketers begin to develop their own content hubs, the notion of “every firm is a media company” will eventually take root in 2022. – Content Monsta, A. Lee Judge

According to @ALeeJudge of @SagaReach MarketingContent, 2022 will be the year when the notion that every firm is a media company finally takes root, as marketers begin to develop their own #content hubs. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325452_186_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022More immersive, interactive material, such as multimedia storytelling, should be created and promoted by content marketers. Start thinking about topics that matter to your audience and are focused on people right now. Start gathering resources, such as someone to capture photographs and film if you won’t be doing it yourself. — Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Michelle Volpe-Kohler

In 2022, @volpekohler of @SagaReach MarketingContent says, “Plan to produce and market more immersive, interactive #ContentMarketing, such as multimedia storytelling.” To Tweet, just click here.

1639325453_346_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022I see podcasting – including video podcasts – with internal and external thought leaders as guests growing in popularity. Take a look at how podcasting platforms have evolved throughout time. Almost everyone may now listen to video podcasts on Spotify. Also, bear in mind that a lot of businesses and verticals aren’t currently participating. As a result, there’s a lot of space for companies to expand via podcasting. Podcasts are also an excellent place to start if you want to create additional material. — Voxpopme’s Christoph Trappe

According to @ChristophTrappe of @SagaReach MarketingContent, audio and video #podcasts with internal and external thought leaders as guests will continue to expand. To Tweet, just click here.


Use video content in all of your marketing platforms. If you want to stay up with customer expectations, a video content strategy is no more a nice-to-have, but rather a must-do. These five actions can help you scale your content marketing plan to generate and distribute more video content:

  1. Begin with basic tools and a mobile-first attitude. All you’ll need are lavalier mics, natural window illumination, or ring lights, as well as a steady tripod.
  2. Before you start creating, make sure you’re ready. A little time invested storyboarding and writing may save you a lot of work in post-production.
  3. Apps can assist you in incorporating b-roll video, motion graphics, and typography.
  4. First, test one channel and one goal, then iterate and expand based on the results.
  5. Gather facts to support your argument for expanding your plan.

— Quest Digital/Great Lakes Publishing’s Jacquie Chakirelis

It’s no longer a nice-to-have to have a video #content strategy. According to @jacquiechak of @SagaReach MarketingContent, it’s a must-do if you want to stay up with customer expectations. #CMWorld. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Walch-125x125More companies will likely join the podcasting bandwagon in 2022, since it is a content marketing channel that enables firms to stand out from the crowd – and do it utilizing the most intimate medium: audio. Podcasts are now available on all major music streaming services, and the Podcasts app is available on all iOS devices. Podcasting has become commonplace. Podcasting, as a medium for companies, allows them to actually enter into the thoughts of their prospective and present customers. However, there are only 500,000 active podcasts, which is dwarfed by the 700 million active blogs. — Rob Walch, Libsyn

According to @podcast411 through @SagaReach MarketingContent, more businesses will hop on the #podcasting bandwagon in 2022 to separate out from the crowd utilizing the most personal medium – audio. #CMWorld. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Gnau-125x125For marketing films, companies are overusing Zoom material. In September 2021, we began receiving 2022 enquiries for in-person video projects, which is quite early for us. Marketers should start preparing their video spending and contacting their video partners as soon as possible. T60 Productions’ Tony Gnau

According to Tony Gnau of @SagaReach MarketingContent, 2022 will be a significant year for (non-Zoom) video, so plan your #video budgets and get in contact with your video partners sooner rather than later. To Tweet, just click here.

Experiment with your imagination and come up with new ideas.

1639325456_112_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Expect a transition to Web 3.0. Content producers and businesses may now manage their own supply chain thanks to tokenization. This eliminates the need for them to monetize on a platform (Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube). They may use community tokens and NFTs to build tokenized content experiences. Furthermore, DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are developing, which benefit from network effects and shared ownership. So, what does it all mean? Small producers may now finance themselves, allowing them to invest in additional content while distracting content marketers. The Tilt’s Joe Pulizzi

According to @JoePulizzi of @SagaReach MarketingContent, tokenization will allow #content producers and businesses to manage their supply chain, allowing them to avoid monetizing on Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube. To Tweet, just click here.

100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Less facts, more imagination. Examine Gen Z and Millennial communication methods to see what works best for your company. Let go of the corporate visuals that top management has certified as brand safe and experiment with memes, TikToks, and filters. That is something that no one wants to see! — Wayne Parker Kent, Sascha Welters

In 2022, try memes, TikToks, and filters. Nobody wants to view brand-safe corporate imagery, says @saschwelt via @SagaReach MarketingContent. #CMWorld. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325457_289_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022In 2022, content marketers will need to be considerably more inventive. Data, analytics, and all other metrics are still valuable, but they still have limits. They can only tell you what people want if they know what they’re talking about. We need to be more imaginative in our points of view, tales we tell, and experiences we provide. Carla Johnson is a storyteller, novelist, and speaker.

In 2022, be creative with your points of view, tales you tell, and experiences you give with #ContentMarketing, according to @CarlaJohnson. Click To Tweet #CMWorld

Inform, educate, and inspire others with your tales.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Erickson-125x125The year 2022 will be dedicated to sharing tales. While education is our bread and butter, I’m working to tell more human-centered tales. Our customers are the true industry heroes in SaaS, and we want to communicate their tales in a manner that both inspires and informs. To be ready, I’m working with our sales and support teams to identify customers and develop systems for documenting their experiences. — Flowhub’s Amber Erickson

According to Amber Erickson, 2022 will be the year of human-centric fiction. Look for methods to recognize consumers and tell their tales in your #ContentMarketing using @SagaReach MarketingContent. #CMWorld. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Hospes-125x125Too many content marketers overlook the fundamentals. What is the company’s mission and vision? What’s in our chromosomes? Use those tales as stepping stones in all of your material, and encourage your workers to tie their own experiences to them as a link between their own objectives and the company’s goals. Employees in their twenties and thirties do not want to work for just any organization. Your company must have a narrative to tell, as well as a societal influence or contribution. This adds value and clarity to your message, which your workers will appreciate. I believe that content marketing will become more important in corporate communications. – Merkjournalisten Cor Hospes

According to @CorHospes, younger workers prefer to work for firms that have a positive social effect, which is why #ContentMarketing will play a larger part in internal communications in 2022 through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Martin-125x125In a world of nonlinear customer journeys, conversions can happen at any moment, therefore marketers must adopt a conversion storytelling paradigm. This entails constantly experimenting and analyzing customer motives and preferences, serving messaging that is tailored for relevant channels and stages of the customer journey, and focusing on changing motives and preferences. — Nicole Martin, Pace University

In your 2022 marketing strategy, focus on the motivations and preferences of your consumers and offer communications that are relevant to them. According to @strategysavvy through @SagaReach MarketingContent, #ContentMarketing is all about continual experimentation and analysis.

1639325463_501_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We’ll see a continued emphasis on narrative, particularly brand storytelling. Because customer values and beliefs play a significantly larger part in brand selection, brands will concentrate on expressing where they fit in with them. Brands must inspire audiences through real storytelling and thought leadership, as well as by emphasizing the human component of every organization, in order to connect beyond product. Having a distinct, defined brand voice that can be portrayed honestly and consistently across current and upcoming platforms will be crucial for enterprises. Thanks to the increased popularity of channels like TikTok and Instagram Reels, we’ll also witness a change away from buttoned-up, perfected material and toward more organic, unpolished, and user-generated content. — Sitecore’s Jill Grozalsky Roberson

Authentic storytelling, thought leadership, and spotlighting the people in your company will inspire audiences in 2022, according to @jgrozalsky through @SagaReach MarketingContent. #CMWorld Click To Tweet

The marketing debate will be dominated by technology and data.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Cathy-125x125If you haven’t yet fully embraced technology, now is the time to do so. Many technological solutions are becoming more intelligent, effective, and efficient. Artificial intelligence, which currently powers a wide range of technologies, may assist you in achieving better outcomes. Determine your company’s objectives and results, identify tasks where artificial intelligence might help, and seek out partners that can assist you. Invest time on exploring a few use cases in 2022 (many of which may be accomplished with a free trial), so you can focus more on what you like about being a content marketer in the long term. — Marketing A.I. Institute’s Cathy McPhillips

If you haven’t yet fully embraced technology, now is the time to do so. According to @cmcphillips through @SagaReach MarketingContent, IT solutions are becoming smarter, more effective, more efficient. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325465_20_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Get ready to learn more than you’ve ever known about content — what you have, what’s working, and so on. Material intelligence can provide us a 360-degree perspective of content, allowing us to make data-driven content choices and offer AI-powered content experiences that are relevant to our customers. Content intelligence should be applied to all B2B marketing in the same way that account intelligence is used to ABM. — PathFactory’s Nick Edouard

Get pumped up to learn more about #content. According to Nick Edouard of @SagaReach MarketingContent, what account intelligence is to ABM, content intelligence should be to all B2B marketing. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Majers-125x125Invest in virtual and augmented reality (AR). Marketers should start thinking about how the world around them will be heightened by the connection of information that will be overlaid onto the real world with the introduction of Apple Glasses. Consumers will come to demand businesses to have a recognizable brand and to be responsive to their requirements. Kent State University’s Marc Majers

According to @MarcMajers through @SagaReach MarketingContent, with the introduction of Apple Glasses, #ContentMarketers must consider how the world will be heightened by information that is overlay onto the actual world. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325467_963_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers must be ready for the impending flood of AI-enabled technology. Curating your corpus is one of the first stages towards leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence. Remove obsolete and outdated elements from your site piece by piece. Remove information that is duplicated or tripled. We all speak about it, but we never seem to get around to doing it. The better your material is, the better it will be ingested and used by your AI system. Content Rules, Inc.’s Val Swisher

Prepare for an invasion of AI-powered devices. According to @valswisher of @SagaReach MarketingContent, the first step in leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence is to curate your corpus. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325468_273_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022I believe data journalism will grow in popularity: “We trust in God,” as the adage goes. “Everyone else is required to bring data.” To begin, learn about the kind of information your firm gathers on your customers, whether it’s via forms, purchase histories, or the product itself. Concentrate on data that can be readily aggregated and anonymized, and collaborate with your legal and/or analytics teams to ensure that you’re following your company’s privacy policy and any relevant regulations. Then figure out what tales you can tell with this data that are completely unique to your business. Only you have access to the juicy tales in your company’s database. Take use of this to set yourself apart! – Atlassian’s Sarah Goff-Dupont

Get to know the consumer data that your organization gathers. Determine what tales you can tell with this data — they’ll be unique to your business, according to @sarahgoffdupont of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325468_186_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022It’s no longer enough to include artificial intelligence into marketing analytics. Marketers must stop guessing what words, phrasing, tones of voice, and even sentence structures their target audiences want to read, watch, or hear and instead use AI to learn which words, phrases, tones of voice, and even sentence structures they want to read, watch, or hear. That doesn’t mean marketers should be completely removed from the equation; AI must always be guided by humans in order for it to function properly. It involves learning to cohabit, recognizing when human intervention is required, and having the foresight to double down on that. — Kate Bradley Chernis, Lately. AI

In 2022, incorporating #AI into analytics will no longer suffice. Stop guessing when it comes to #content creation and instead utilize AI to figure out what people want to read, watch, or hear, according to @latelyaikately via @SagaReach MarketingContent. #CMWorld To Tweet, just click here.

1639325469_301_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers could consider using blockchain to get more reliable data. They should consider how to generate NFTs and/or social tokens for community creation, engagement, and income production in the future generation. — iQor’s Bernie Borges


In 2022, take use of the blockchain and consider how to generate NFTs or social tokens for community creation, engagement, and income generation, according to @bernieborges through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Piper-125x125It will be more vital than ever before to use analytics to guide content strategy. With so much material accessible, using analytics to identify what old content should be optimized and what new content should be generated is crucial. Set up Google Search Console and a Google Analytics 4 property to capture the data in advance. — University of Rochester’s Brian Piper

Use data to figure out which #content to improve and which to generate. Prepare by installing Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 to gather data, according to @brianwpiper of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325471_434_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022All platforms will be dominated by AI. To identify whether the user wants a video, picture, audio clip, or text result, Google will likely deploy additional AI skills. Google has already begun to utilize AI to change the names of webpages that appear in its search results, and this trend will only continue. It’s a good idea for content marketers to discover what the AI is looking for and stack it on top of what they’re currently doing well. While I don’t recommend focusing too much on Google’s algorithms when it comes to SEO strategy, this is one area where studying the subtleties of what’s working might be beneficial. — Eli Schwartz, Product-Led SEO

To identify whether a user wants a video, picture, audio clip, or text result, Google will likely depend on additional AI skills. #CMWorld says @5le through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

Approach with understanding, compassion, and a clear goal in mind.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Ngome-125x125DEI is becoming more well-known, and this is influencing inclusive marketing. While brand authenticity will continue to be important, businesses’ commitment to DEI will be even more important as they seek to attract new audiences. This will be seen in content creation, graphic design, and influencer marketing. — African-American Marketing Association’s Michelle Ngome

According to @MichelleNgome of @SagaReach MarketingContent, the commitment to DEI will take center stage in 2022 as businesses seek to reach new audiences. #CMWorld Click To Tweet 

1639325472_26_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022As we approach 2022, two major trends are convergent. To begin with, The Great Resignation is creating an unprecedentedly competitive employment market. According to recent data, millennial professionals are searching for more than just more money in their careers. They’re also looking for a sense of purpose in their work. Simultaneously, customers are increasingly looking for businesses that reflect their values and stand for something. Brands will need to develop stories that clearly and truly indicate that their firms are on a mission to make the world a better place to attract customers and talent. Because a top-down request to put together a plan is just a few months away, every content marketer should be getting ahead of the game. — Contently’s Joe Lazauskas

According to @JoeLazauskas of @SagaReach MarketingContent, marketers must create tales that truly illustrate their company’ aim to make the world a better place to attract customers and talent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325473_924_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Many organizations noticed locations where their material was unavailable as a result of the epidemic pushing them to conduct more business online. They’re currently working on making the site more accessible. If you want to get the most out of your content marketing efforts, make sure it’s easy to find. — Meryl K. Evans, http://www.meryl.net/

Make sure your #content is accessible to optimize the reach of your #ContentMarketing, advises @MerylKEvans through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325474_719_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We’re all suffering from well-documented business issue weariness. It’s no surprise that concerns like broken supply chains, Zoom fatigue, staff shortages, the climate change tipping point, and so on have been troubling our collective audience of corporate executives. That means it’s more difficult than ever for customer-focused content marketers to create distinctive, highly relevant material that can compete with news outlets and trade journals for attention. Add in the requirement to persuade viewers to give us their first-party data in order to prepare for a cookie-free future, and we’ve got ourselves a content problem in 2022. — Autodesk’s Stephanie Losee

According to @slosee through @SagaReach MarketingContent, it will be difficult to produce distinctive, highly relevant #ContentMarketing that can genuinely compete for attention with news sources and industry magazines in 2022. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325474_416_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022“Whoever cares wins,” is my slogan for 2022. The epidemic has once again shown that individuals have a deep need to connect with one another. Brands have a chance to go beyond salesy messaging and tap into the need for meaningful, human tales that help their audiences feel more connected to one another and their communities. It will be a great differentiator to be viewed as a force for good. — Storyation’s Lauren Quaintance

According to Lauren Quaintance of @storyation through @SagaReach MarketingContent, “rise beyond salesy message and tap into the desire for meaningful, human tales that make viewers feel connected to one another and their communities.” To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Balarin-125x125Prepare to exercise your credibility muscles, dust up your customer story-gathering talents, and be entirely open and honest with your audience. Audiences will expect businesses to reveal more of themselves in the future. It might be a podcast with your HR executives discussing fear, resilience, and grit. Perhaps you’ll make a video on your CEO with her children to illustrate the ideals of your firm. Perhaps you’ll reveal the whole truth about how things went wrong with your consumers — and how you remedied them. Maybe you’ll talk about how your interns banded together to create a cake for your account managers at the end of the month to help them keep their clients pleased. Use your creativity, but be true to yourself and be fearless. — Verballistics’ Gina Balarin

According to @GBalarin through @SagaReach MarketingContent, “flex your credibility muscles, dust up your customer story-gathering talents, and place yourself in a situation where you can be absolutely honest with your audience.” To Tweet, just click here.

1639325476_839_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022It’s past time for marketers to embrace honesty in their messaging. Something fundamental in the way consumers seek to engage with companies has altered forever as a result of the epidemic and Black Lives Matter. Make use of your company’s voice to speak out against misinformation and injustice. Share true tales and evidence to back up your claims. Ascertain that what your brand says is consistent with its ideals. I also believe that people today, more than ever, want micro-communities. Although the epidemic has enlarged our attention, many will want to retreat into little groups. The more prepared you are for business in 2022, the more you can create your reputation via community and shared experiences. Ahava Leibtag is the CEO of Aha Media Group.

In 2022, use your brand’s voice to speak out against misinformation and injustice. According to @ahaval of @SagaReach MarketingContent, “share real stories and back up your statements with data.” To Tweet, just click here.

1639325477_776_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Smart businesses will begin to concentrate on long-term content planning and the carbon impact of their random acts of content in 2022. To offset the carbon from all the stuff that no one ever clicks on, we’d have to plant 16 billion trees every year. Expect a merciless examination of whether material is truly effective, as well as more pressure on content operations teams to sweat their inventory. — Karen Hesse (256 words)

According to Karen Hesse of @256Media through @SagaReach MarketingContent, expect a merciless evaluation of which #content is effective — and more pressure on content operations teams to sweat their inventory. To Tweet, just click here.

By forming a community, you can bring your niche together and grow your audience.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Coffey-1-125x83Find your community and specialization. You’re simply yelling into the void if you’re not looking at the community surrounding your services/products. We stopped listening to our consumers when they told us what makes them tick and what they want from us. Turn to your community for the finest marketing advice you’ll ever get. Find your specialty – what genuinely makes your company tick and sets you apart from the competition – and push that angle. If you want your advertising to stand out in a world that is noisy, chaotic, and full with them, you must establish your specialty. Are you unsure what your speciality is? Simply ask your neighbors; they’ll tell you. — Coffey & Tea’s Meg Coffey

Find your specialty — what actually makes you tick and ultimately sets you apart from everyone else – and work it. Are you unsure what your speciality is? Just ask your community, advises @texanmeg through @SagaReach MarketingContent, and they’ll tell you. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325479_664_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers will have to foster a feeling of belonging. Loneliness in the era of distant work and digital life is all over the news, and COVID has just added to the issue. People want to connect with one another, but they don’t know how. A great brand will be one that is able to establish and connect with a sense of community (potentially but not necessarily centered on their goods). If you can accomplish it while taking a position on an issue, you’ll get bonus points. There are a plethora of tools available to assist you in developing a feeling of community. Start a Facebook group, a Discord channel, a Slack community, or even a killer newsletter if you don’t currently have the internal tools for it. — The CE Shop’s Jonathan Forisha

Marketers will have to foster a feeling of belonging. People want to connect with others, but they don’t know how, according to Jonathan Forisha of @TheCEShop, via @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325479_820_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Content marketers will need to discover and develop distinct tribes in 2022 and beyond. Instead of a wide strategy, concentrate on a few important channels that you can cultivate for many hours each day. Consider where your most devoted customers are likely to congregate, then join their groups. Rather of marketing your services or goods, provide value to such groups by sharing relevant information and empowering them with your ideas. Don’t waste your time in 2022 generating content that aims to convert. Create material that acknowledges and honors the distinct characteristics of each tribe. Sales and loyalty will follow if you provide deep, honest connection points. ­– Amy Balliett, Killer Visual Strategies | Material A Material Company with Killer Visual Strategies

Don’t waste your time in 2022 generating content that aims to convert. According to @AmyBalliett of @SagaReach MarketingContent, “provide material that empowers the people of the communities you engage in.” To Tweet, just click here.

1639325480_544_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Because it focuses on teaching people and being really useful, content marketing is (or should be) distinct from conventional marketing. Marketers, on the other hand, often generate material to fulfill a deadline or to “tick the box.” Alternatively, they may use gated content to grow their email list. In 2022, I advise marketers to focus on developing communities rather than lists. Consider how you can bring individuals together to learn about and from them, as well as how you can give a venue for them to learn from one another. A group is significantly more effective than a list. In addition, concentrating on assisting people rather than building a list makes your employment far more relevant. — Mantis Research’s Michele Linn

Consider how you can bring people together to learn about and from them – and how you can give a venue for them to learn from one another, advises @michelelinn through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325480_43_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022It’s critical to have your antennae in place to really listen to your audience since public sentiment changes frequently. Create stories that offer underrepresented people a voice and share eye-opening stories. It will not only make your brand appear good, but it will also help others – and it will stand out in a sea of similar material. To attract both the emotions and brains of your audience, combine personal tales with facts, data, and science. ­– Annie Granatstein, Marriott International

Create stories that offer underrepresented people a voice and share eye-opening stories. According to @anniegranat of @SagaReach MarketingContent, it will not only make your brand appear nice, but it will also help others. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325481_355_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The habit of just producing large amounts of material isn’t going away anytime soon. As a result, there will be a lot of subpar, generic information out there that will never pique anyone’s interest. It will be a heyday for businesses who have limited their focus/niche and can educate with authority to a very specialized audience. It’s the first step in creating a community around your content and actually serving that audience. When members feel linked to you – and to one another – communities become very sticky and produce incredible (financial and non-financial) outcomes in a short period of time. — Agency Management Institute’s Drew McLellan

It’s going to be a heyday for businesses who have limited their focus/niche and can educate with authority to a very specialized audience, according to @DrewMcLellan of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325481_471_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Content that provides fascinating, innovative information while also naturally including keywords will continue to improve page rankings and drive traffic to a brand’s digital sites. Marketers will also likely draw inspiration from the finest authors and journalists and feature a diverse range of perspectives in their content. Effective content doesn’t just regurgitate brand message; it engages in serious debate on subjects that matter to its viewers, and it encourages non-brand experts to participate. Thought leaders thrive on platforms like Substack and Medium, where they send out newsletters and acquire large followings. Brands should consider how this strategy may work for them as well. BX3 Carol Lin Vieira

Thought leaders may be found on @SubstackInc and @Medium, where they send out newsletters and accumulate large audiences. According to @carollinvieira of @SagaReach MarketingContent, brands should consider how this approach may work for them as well. #CMWorld To Tweet, just click here.

1639325481_188_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The metaverse isn’t a fad; businesses should start developing community management plans immediately. At its most fundamental level, the future of a growing metaverse confirms that online human interactions are here to stay. Brands must streamline their community management processes and plan for volume expansion when new channels and platforms are adopted. People will share more as they feel more at ease in these digital worlds and settings. It’s a fantastic moment to think about where, when, and how your brand fits into traditional devices, platforms, and communication systems. ICUC’s Erika Lovegreen

According to @eelovegreen via @SagaReach MarketingContent, the metaverse isn’t simply a passing trend — businesses should be developing community management strategy today. To Tweet, just click here.

Make genuine relationships with your audience.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Do-125x125Brands must leave their egos at the door and collaborate with other brands or organizations that already have communities that cater to various subcultures. What better approach to get a true sense of who our audiences are, what they want, and how they live than to ask them? Consider joining communities rather than channels or platforms — not only to acquire, but also to listen and learn. These exclusive groups are difficult to enter, yet they’re where the most meaningful connections are made. Barkley, Amy Do

According to @amydostafford of @SagaReach MarketingContent, businesses should leave their egos at the door and collaborate with other brands or organizations that already have communities that reach multiple subcultures. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Kapes-125x125Focus on a content strategy that caters to your target demographic. Your content should always be about your audience, not about you, regardless of the industry, product, or success (or the development of AI). How can you educate and empower people to address their problems in the end? This is what a well-thought-out audience-centric content strategy can do. Why? To foster a sense of belonging and trust. Concentrate on creating high-value content that answers customers’ inquiries and directs them to the appropriate solution for their requirements. Instead than focusing on “transactional only” thinking, consider how to create human relationships that show a deeper knowledge of the consumer. Moving Words Into Action, Beth Kapes

Says @BKapes through @SagaReach MarketingContent, “Ditch the transactional only attitude and think about how to develop human relationships that show a deeper knowledge of the client.” To Tweet, just click here.

1639325485_841_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022After reading a reputable review, 92% of B2B buyers are more inclined to make a purchase. With the rise of internet influencers, the veracity of their evaluations is being scrutinized more closely. Finding actual people with genuine perspectives to harness for insights will become more vital for content marketers. — Demand Spring’s Jessie Coan

According to @jessiecoan of @SagaReach MarketingContent, it will become more crucial for #content marketers to identify real people with genuine perspectives to utilize for insights. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325485_220_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022In 2022, I envision a marketing trend of “hanging out” with your consumers gaining traction. People want to be able to relate to brands. Using live video to engage your audience is a terrific approach to accomplish it. Customers and followers will be able to communicate with companies through live video and chat platforms like YouTube and Instagram Live, thanks to the collaboration of marketers and influencers (both internal and external). NeoLuxe Marketing’s Chris Craft

According to @CraftWrites through @SagaReach MarketingContent, marketers and influencers will collaborate to increase possibilities for consumers and followers to interact with companies via live video and chat platforms. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325486_947_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We are living in a golden age for content marketers, when the audience’s requirements and Google’s needs have finally coincided. Audiences have expected unprecedented levels of authenticity and empathy in our marketing in the Covid age, and Google is continuing to prioritize the same thing. Keyword stuffing and corporate bravado will always lose against search intent and high-value content. The possibilities ahead of us are amazing, and content and SEO are free to be the best of friends. SmartBug Media’s Ali Orlando Wert

According to @AliOrlandoWert of @SagaReach MarketingContent, #Content and #SEO are free to be the best of friends, and the chances ahead are fantastic. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_kopacz-125x125Understanding – and servicing – a target audience in a unique manner has always been at the heart of the finest content marketing strategies. However, audience preferences and expectations are shifting at a greater rate than ever before. In 2022, the greatest content marketers will put in place solid systems to track, measure, and react to audience trends on a regular basis, no matter when, where, or how they want to consume it. — Revmade’s Krystle Kopacz

According to @krystlekopacz of @SagaReach MarketingContent, the greatest content marketers will create solid systems to continuously monitor, measure, and react to audience trends in 2022, no matter when, where, or how those audiences choose to consume it. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325487_583_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022You’ll need to be ready for the demands of today’s digital customer connections, given the pace of digital adoption, the shifting customer journey, and rising consumer expectations in terms of how, where, and when they contact with your company. What will content marketing look like when the majority of customers consider the world to be entirely digital?

  • Content marketing will play a bigger role in customer acquisition, service, engagement, and retention as the function of content marketing expands to reach customers where they are on their journey.
  • The trip will be aided by content that converts to ecommerce.
  • SEO techniques will extend to encompass semantic search and voice search as voice search continues to increase.
  • In content marketing, video will play an even bigger role.
  • Building opt-in customer databases and client retention will be prioritized.
  • Customer opt-in and permission-based marketing will replace programmatic retargeting in brand marketing tactics.

— SJC Communications’ Jacqueline Loch 

According to @jacquelineloch of @SagaReach MarketingContent, marketers must be prepared for the modern needs of a digital engagement with consumers. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325488_196_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers will need to take efforts to own their audience and be able to engage them directly when user journeys fragment and cookie monitoring becomes useless. Users, on the other hand, are unlikely to quit up lightly. Consider what value your content marketing efforts may genuinely provide to your audience if you take a step back from selling the product. Ask yourself, “What’s in it for them?” on a regular basis, and make sure you have a decent response. – GrowthSpace’s Inbar Yagur

Take a step back from the product. Consider the value your #ContentMarketing provides to your target audience. Ask them what’s in it for them on a regular basis. Make sure you have an excellent response, advises @content fairy through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

Find unique methods to make your brand stand out.

1639325489_913_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Organic search and social traffic will fall as internet behemoths improve their ability to retain users and sell advertisements. However, the return on investment (ROI) for advertisements will decrease as well. In 2022, who will emerge victorious? Brands that create content that is outstanding and memorable. Either they have ten times the quality or they take a stand. Word-of-mouth will favor these brands (direct traffic). Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina

In 2022, who will emerge victorious? Brands that create #content that is outstanding and unforgettable. According to @Crestodina through @SagaReach MarketingContent, they either have 10x quality or they take a stance. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325489_243_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We spend so much time striving to stand out that we forget our goal is to be remembered. In 2022, it should be our only objective: Make yourself more memorable. Make this the year of reverberation (not reach). If the years 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that people want to be recognized. They desire to form bonds based on common values and beliefs. Don’t merely attract attention in 2022. Learn to keep it together — not by yelling louder or doing more stunts, but by appealing to the genuine, emotional reasons why people may care about something. Don’t try to be the “best.” Make yourself their favorite. — Unthinkable podcast host Jay Acunzo

We spend so much time striving to stand out that we forget our goal is to be remembered. According to @JayAcunzo of @SagaReach MarketingContent, make 2022 the year of resonance, not reach. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Carter-125x125It’s no longer enough to develop content. To attract and keep an audience, you must provide high-quality content on a regular basis. When it comes to content consumption, people have a lot of options. You must make a positive impression on them by bringing value to their life. What will your audience get as a result of what you’ve created? Your material will not be noticed if it is poor. If it’s irritating, you risk alienating the same individuals you’re attempting to attract. Carter Law Firm, Ruth Carter (they/them)

When it comes to #content consumption, people have a lot of options. According to @RBCarter of @SagaReach MarketingContent, “stand out in a positive manner by giving value to their life.” To Tweet, just click here.

1639325491_288_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers are now concentrating on delivering high-quality content in a professional manner. Everyone else, on the other hand, is doing the same thing. Instead, they should concentrate on establishing an emotional connection with their audience. They may do so by sharing tales and being vulnerable. They will be able to establish confidence and credibility as a result of this. And the personal connection will keep consumers coming back for more of their stuff. — Video Creators’ Tim Schmoyer

In your #ContentMarketing, focus on developing an emotional connection with viewers by sharing tales and displaying vulnerability, advises @TimSchmoyer through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Revella-125x125B2B customers are seldom impressed by differentiation based on business or solution skills. Most solutions are similar, according to the recent assessors we spoke with, so they chose the supplier whose sales and marketing staff are the most helpful, addressing their queries throughout the procurement process. Buyer personas that just describe the buyer’s objectives, concerns, and duties are insufficient. Marketers are trying to figure out what questions customers have and what information they want before they can trust and choose a supplier. It’s time to go from buyer profiling to buyer decision profiling. — Buyer Persona Institute’s Adele Revella

According to @AdeleRevella of @SagaReach MarketingContent, it’s time to stop profiling customers and start profiling purchase choices. To Tweet, just click here.

Deliver the experiences that your target audience craves.

1639325493_390_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Expect disinterest from the crowd. Consumers seek material that keeps them waiting for the next episode or season, whether it’s “Ted Lasso” or “Squid Game.” Most brand material encourages consumers to switch channels – if it reaches them at all. For our industry, we need to produce “Ted Lasso” moments. Attention Retention, Dennis Shiao

Consumers are drawn to #material that makes them eagerly anticipate the following episode or season. In #ContentMarketing, we need to create such experiences, argues @dshiao through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325493_882_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022For both brand development and sales generation in B2B, we’re moving away from logical sales message and toward more emotive and experiential content. Each client touchpoint should be filled with inspiring, informative, and amusing information. — Kaspersky Lab’s Susi O’Neill

From logical sales message to emotive and immersive #content, B2B is changing. According to @susioneill of @SagaReach MarketingContent, “inspiring, informative, and amusing content should deliver joy to each consumer touchpoint.” To Tweet, just click here.

Maureen JannOver the previous 24 months, the world has been in black and white with occasional flashes of color. People are returning to full-color life as technology progresses. They’re eager for an adventure, and so should your brand. The status quo will no longer suffice; it’s time to take it up and engage your customer’s imagination. Engage your audience with a new feeling of discovery and delight. — NeoLuxe Marketing’s Maureen Jann

It’s time to raise it up a notch and tap into your customer’s creativity. According to @NeoLuxeMo of @SagaReach MarketingContent, “engage your audience with a new feeling of adventure and excitement.” To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Gingras-125x125Enterprises are increasingly realizing that in order to create genuinely multichannel experiences, the experiences’ building elements – content and data – must be handled in a channel-agnostic manner. Over the past several years, we’ve seen this have a significant influence on business technology selections and stack development. We expect that by 2022, this influence will have spread to how marketing teams are staffed. Data scientists will be added to savvy marketing teams, and they will collaborate more closely with the content team than ever before. — Real Story Group’s Jarrod Gingras

According to @JarrodGingras of @SagaReach MarketingContent, smart marketing teams will add data scientist team members in 2022, who will work more closely with the #content team than ever before. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325495_810_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers will discover more about what makes their target consumers tick beyond typical customer profiles. We need to understand our viewers on a more granular level to give more relevant information and experiences, whether it’s via shared experiences, taught habits, or unconscious motives. Marketers must be prepared to do more in-depth audience research and questioning. They need to be more inventive in their approach to understanding their audience’s psychology. Consumers want to be understood by the firms with which they do business, and we will respond in 2022. — Corteva Agriscience’s Andi Robinson

According to @hijinxmarketing through @SagaReach MarketingContent, go beyond typical consumer profiles to understand more about what makes your target audiences tick. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Mendes-125x125People will no longer want to read your articles in 2022. Sorry! They’ll want to make something out of it. Information marketers that “productize” their content by turning it into practical templates, calculators, processes, or interactive graphs will rank higher in Google searches, get more visitors, and convert more customers. If you want to rank for a certain subject, think about what you can offer that the reader can use right away to assist them achieve their objectives, and you’ll be OK. — Atlassian’s Natalie Mendes

People will no longer want to read your #content in 2022. Sorry! They’ll want to do something with it, according to @natwritesdotcom through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

Spend your time and money wisely.

1639325497_58_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022It’s time to bring your older material up to date. Your company is no longer fresh to content marketing. So, now that you’ve established your strategy, based your content plan on consumer and SEO data, and regularly generated high-quality content, you may be asking how to optimize your efforts. That’s why, in 2022, I envision content marketers revisiting old material with a high page authority that has already dropped off the first page or no longer ranks at all. We’re assisting businesses with deleting and redirecting outdated material, updating content that used to rank, and republishing with updated analytics, links, and information (and a new date). — Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner

According to @BrennerMichael of @SagaReach MarketingContent, revisit old #content that has a high page authority but has slipped off the first page or no longer ranks at all. To Tweet, just click here.

Drew DavisWe’re going to simplify how we analyze content marketing ROI in 2022. Consider calculating the value per subscriber on a regular basis. Divide the total income for the same time period by the number of content subscribers you’ve added. There you have it: your per-subscriber income. — Andrew Davis, Unleashing the Power of Partnerships, Brandscaping

According to @DrewDavisHere of @SagaReach MarketingContent, 2022 is the year we will simplify the way we assess our #ContentMarketing ROI. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325498_244_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Strive for income via direct content marketing. Here’s how to do it: Smart businesses will sell content directly in addition to using it to generate leads (marketing as a cost) (marketing as revenue). This will need the following: 1) private data; 2) extensive accumulation of publicly accessible data; 3) synthesis and simplification; 4) tactical applications; and 5) a unique voice, viewpoint, and style. Common Thread Collective’s Aaron Orendorff

According to @AaronOrendorff of @SagaReach MarketingContent, clever firms will sell content directly in 2022, in addition to using #content for lead generation (marketing as a cost). To Tweet, just click here.

1639325499_468_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022First, there’s the writer’s budget. With B2B depending significantly on content marketing and blogs becoming into powerful multimedia engines, organizations must recognize the importance of writers in all stages of the content marketing process. Your product marketers won’t be able to create social content on their own. Also, we must consider why we are collecting all of the data we are. Pose the following questions: Do we really need to gather so much information? Is it being collected to create a better experience, or is it being collected to tick a box? Finally, collaborate across departments and teams to concentrate on keywords and SEO techniques that will benefit everyone in your company. — SAP Customer Experience Manager Jenn VandeZande

According to @jennvzande of @SagaReach MarketingContent, writers will be required for all aspects of content marketing in 2022, with B2B depending on #ContentMarketing and blogs becoming complex multimedia engines. To Tweet, just click here.

Adapt to changes in the search landscape and life after cookies

1639325499_640_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers will need to think about user experience in addition to having well-researched, keyword-optimized content. Sites with high-quality content and a below-average page experience will find it difficult to rank for highly competitive keywords. The addition of Core Web Vitals this year will almost certainly have implications for content creators, since it will likely result in sites being demoted if they do not achieve Google’s aim. – 256 Mark Scully

Keep user experience in mind, advises @ScullyMark through @SagaReach MarketingContent, in addition to having well-researched, keyword-optimized #content. To Tweet, just click here.


Because Google uses MUM in search, it can answer complicated inquiries in the SERPs and discover solutions to image-based searches that don’t include keywords. To get ready, content marketers should do the following: 1. Strengthen the topical authority. 2. Make better use of/optimize more images/video. 3. Double-check your mobile UX. — LOCOMOTIVE Agency’s Reva Russell English

Boost topical authority, utilize better photos and videos, and make sure mobile UX is on point to prepare for @Google’s adjustments in 2022, advises @revarussenglishvia @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325500_708_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The ability to strike the correct balance between information that search engines and algorithms like and content that consumers enjoy will become more difficult. Are you still not convinced that it’s the same content? SIX – Matthias Bill 

In 2022, we’ll have a difficulty in maintaining the correct balance between #content that search engines and algorithms like and #content that consumers enjoy. Is the content the same? @SagaReach MarketingContent through @MatthiasBill. #CMWorld To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Bhan-125x125Newer websites that are quick, have great content, and provide an amazing user experience will have a chance to rank high on Google as search becomes more democratic. Newcomers will overtake incumbents who do not continue to spend in enhancing their SEO via content, technical SEO, and authority. ­– Manick Bhan, LinkGraph

In 2022, search will become more democratic. According to @MadManick through @SagaReach MarketingContent, websites that are speedy and have outstanding #content and user experiences will have a chance to rank high on @Google. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_garriott-125x125The year 2022 will be dedicated to learning how to function in a world without cookies. Unfortunately, this means we’ll have less information on our target viewers. To achieve the goal objectives, we’ll need to keep comply with data protection standards and try new ways. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t realize what you had ’til it’s gone…”, says one of my favorite bands, Counting Crows. — James Madison University’s Khalil Garriott

According to @KhalilGarriott of @SagaReach MarketingContent, the year 2022 will be focused on learning how to function in a cookie-less world. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Bertrand-125x125Brands that resonate with online customers are amplified by modern AI search engines. Google favors established businesses with huge, engaged followings as well as up-and-coming brands. Despite much study, determining the specific signals that search engines assess or the weighting of each signal is difficult. Rather than guessing which technical signals would appeal to search engines, why not create a captivating, story-driven brand that connects with online customers while also producing the signals Google seeks as a byproduct? Content that creates engagement, backlinks, and search engine authority naturally follows brand narrative. — Fire&Spark’s Dale Bertrand

Build a story-driven brand that connects with people, advises @dbertrand through @SagaReach MarketingContent, rather than guessing how to curry favor with search engines in 2022. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Nilforoush-125x125With cookies being phased out, we are seeing a generational shift in digital media. CMOs are developing their corporate vision for 2022 and the cookie-free future of engaging customers in every boardroom. It’s resulted in a boom in desire for non-intrusive types of advertising and communication, which is why content marketing is in such high demand throughout the world. As firms implement cookie-free digital marketing strategies in the new year, ad agencies’ role will be expanded to assist brands in retooling for non-interruptive content marketing activities. Innovative agencies who can establish their own content marketing services will see a big increase in income as a result of this. inPowered’s Peyman Nilforoush

According to @ThePeyman via @SagaReach MarketingContent, ad agencies will be elevated to assist firms retool for non-interruptive #ContentMarketing as corporations use cookie-less digital marketing tactics in 2022. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325506_107_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The effect of the EU Cookie Directive and corresponding, consent-based iOS modifications will provide the value exchange between businesses and their audiences a new level of relevance. Brands will have to earn the right to interact with audiences in 2022 by providing actual usefulness and individualized content experiences. — Brendan McGinley, Client Services Manager, 256

According to @BrenMcGinley of @SagaReach MarketingContent, companies will need to earn the right to engage in 2022 by providing actual value and individualized #content experiences. To Tweet, just click here.

Expect to see trends clash and disciplines merge in the next years.

1639325506_86_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Get ready for the big content marketing, content marketing, and content operations union. Content is increasingly being used as a commercial strategy. There is no more to say. Copywriting, narrative, measurement, and structured content operations are all merging into one cohesive approach. Upskilling in strategy, technology, and content structure will be required of content marketers. Content strategists will need to learn how to communicate stories in a creative way. And everyone will need to improve their measurement design skills. SagaReach Marketing’s Robert Rose

Prepare for a content marketing, #ContentMarketing, and content operations merging. Content is increasingly being used as a commercial strategy. There is no more to say. @SagaReach MarketingContent through @Robert Rose. #CMWorld To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Garrett-125x125Brands may gain an advantage by combining content with public relations. High-quality content and links going to your site are two of Google’s top organic keyword ranking criteria. Increasing PR efforts in order to get media attention and connections to your content may help firms get more out of it. – Garrett Public Relations’ Michelle Garrett is a public relations consultant.

In 2022, increase your #PR efforts to get media coverage with links to get more out of your #ContentMarketing, according to @prisus through @SagaReach MarketingContent.


Marketers must prepare for the rising use of behavioral science in conjunction with data science. Advances in data science will aid marketers in determining which messages to send, when, and to whom. And behavioral science will guarantee that such messages are written in such a way that they are most likely to activate automatic, hardwired choice defaults. HBT Marketing’s Nancy Harhut

Prepare for more data science and behavioral science to be used in #ContentMarketing, according to @Nharhut through @SagaReach MarketingContent #CMWorld. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325509_68_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We will see more “person-to-business” marketing as the borders between B2B and B2C marketing continue to blur and more firms concentrate on B2P (business-to-person) connection activities. As a consequence, there will be an inflow of content creators and influencers who will establish their businesses on YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Instagram while earning multi-millionaires thanks to corporate sponsorships and investment. — SagaReach Marketing’s Peter Loibl

We will witness the emergence of person-to-business marketing as the distinctions between B2B and B2C blur and more firms concentrate on business-to-person interactions, according to @PeterLoibl via @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Huisman-125x125Through content, sales and marketing are falling in love! Finally, there is a feeling of common ground, with marketing serving as a content power partner for sales enablement initiatives, which “the other side” appreciates. Finally, rather than an unappreciated handover, there is greater collaboration. Let’s hope that trend continues in 2022! — AJ Huisman, CMFF

According to @AJhuisman of @SagaReach MarketingContent, when marketing serves as a #content power partner for sales enablement initiatives, it is welcomed by sales. To Tweet, just click here.


Building an audience will become critical. Why? A number of marketing trends are coming together, including: 1. Journalists are being bombarded with a rising amount of proposals, making earned media more difficult to get. 2. Third-party monitoring is coming to an end, raising the cost of paid advertising while decreasing targeting and efficacy. 3. The value of organic social media has decreased as social networks suppress brand messaging and external connections in order to keep consumers on-site. Businesses must acquire and create their own audience – ideally via email subscribers – to overcome these obstacles. Businesses can figure it out on their own, but bringing on expertise that has done this previously can help them expand quicker and more seamlessly. ­– Sword and the Script Media, LLC, Frank Strong According to @Frank Strong via @SagaReach MarketingContent, audience building – preferably through email subscribers – will become crucial for #ContentMarketing in 2022. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325512_343_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Content marketing and knowledge management are converging. Value-added content has always been at the heart of content marketing, guiding consumers along their path and fostering stronger brand connections. However, the typical team approach has been to engage agencies after the fact or to operate in silos to extract useful material from the brand. Value-added stories and material may be farmed and aggregated organically throughout the company by embracing actual knowledge management (supported by proper tech and content management stacks). Teams can collect, improve, and syndicate the huge volumes of value-added learning and stories that the company creates naturally, rather than hunting for excellent stories or commissioning them from the outside. Best practices in culture, procedure, collaboration, and technology are coming together to make this new paradigm scalable. – Urbina Consulting / OmnichannelX Conference / Noz Urbina

According to @NozUrbina, knowledge management allows #ContentMarketing teams to select, develop, and syndicate learning and stories rather than looking for or commissioning them from the outside. To Tweet, just click here.

Place an emphasis on the quality of your writing.

1639325512_848_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The quality of content marketers’ work will become a priority. Only 30% of survey respondents are “extremely pleased” with the performance of their written material, according to the State of Writing 2021 poll. Putting quality assurance methods in place, such as working with a proofreader, is one approach to enhance this. — Typeset’s Sarah Mitchell

In 2022, content marketers will become more concerned about the quality of their work, according to @SarahMitchellOz of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.


In the year 2022, content marketing will return to its roots and focus on the essentials. In the academic realm, the PEE chain is well recognized as a method of writing that may give excellent structure. When it comes to content marketing and SEO optimization, it stands up pretty well. This is something I’ve seen from both large and small companies, and it’s paying off in terms of both value and rankings. The following is how it works:

  • The one thing you want to express is your point.
  • Evidence – Examples to substantiate your claim
  • Explanation – Describe and build evidence while referring back to the original inquiry.

In 2022, stick to that simple structure for success. — CreativeX’s Jason Miller

According to @jasonmillerca through @SagaReach MarketingContent, 2022 will be the year #ContentMarketing returns to school and learns how to use the PEE chain (point, evidence, explanation). To Tweet, just click here.

1639325514_73_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We should (at long last) commit to quality above quantity in 2022. The inboxes of everyone are a shambles. We’re overly preoccupied with too many things, frequently because we’ve committed to a “plan” without questioning if it’s still feasible. Are we meeting the needs of our target audience? Would WE react to what we’ve developed and find value in it? If we can’t respond with a resounding YES, we should reconsider our plan. Chill Content, LLC’s Carmen Hill

Commit to #ContentMarketing quality above quantity in 2022. Would you react to what you’ve made? Rethink your approach if the answer isn’t yes, advises @CarmenHill (via @SagaReach MarketingContent. #CMWorld). To Tweet, just click here.

Improve your abilities in order to take on more responsibilities.

1639325514_759_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketing abilities that are current and relevant will be in high demand. Marketers must keep sharp at all times, whether it’s to fill an available position or to respond to changing client expectations. Learn digital strategies such as how to create an engaging chatbot experience. Traditional abilities, such as strong writing and storytelling, should be refreshed. Creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and indirect people management are all sought-after soft talents. Recognize new marketing trends. Read reputable blogs, attend webinars, purchase a new book, and participate in the #CMWorld community. There is a wealth of free and paid training available; take use of it. Commvault’s Penny Gralewski

Take the time to remain up to date. In 2022, according to @VirtualPenny through @SagaReach MarketingContent, learn digital methods, renew conventional skills, and comprehend new #marketing trends. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325515_690_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We should improve our marketing talents to match our content skills this year. If it isn’t already a trend, we should make it such (please _()_/ ). We’ve become very adept at creating content, but we still struggle to effectively sell it and understand the marketing goals for which we develop it. Let’s build up our marketing muscle! – Bert van Loon is a freelance strategist.

According to @BertVanLoon of @SagaReach MarketingContent, by 2022, your #marketing talents should be on par with your #content abilities. To Tweet, just click here.

Customize and personalize your discussions.

1639325515_170_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The key trend for next year will be to put the individual in the spotlight. The year 2020 was all about coping with the shock of COVID (and surviving), while the year 2021 was all about settling into new routines and forming new connections entirely online. The year 2022 will be all about developing and expanding those virtual ties. Although we may be able to undertake the odd in-person visit or event, the most of our client and consumer engagements will be virtual. Audiences will want content to make them feel as though they have a genuine connection with the brand/organization. This will need a greater emphasis on personalisation and hyper-targeting. — Imprint’s Andy Seibert

In the year 2022, it will be all about cultivating virtual connections. According to @Imprint AndyS of @SagaReach MarketingContent, #content must make people feel like they have a meaningful connection with your company. To Tweet, just click here.


We’ll witness a trend away from mass-market content marketing and toward tailored content (marketing) offerings for one-on-one audiences. Marketers should, in my opinion:

  • (Re)define your company’s positioning in terms of attaining a larger goal and satisfying specialized consumers’ requirements.
  • Define the “fan” journey of your audience.
  • Define how your tale develops in tandem with that trip.
  • Define and create individualized, relevant material for a “audience of one” to communicate that narrative.
  • Determine the distribution routes and automation technologies that will be used to connect with that audience.
  • Decide what data you’ll need for those encounters and get started.
  • Remember to lead your team through these transitions as well. – NXTLI’s Michiel Schoonhoven

According to @Schoonhoven through @SagaReach MarketingContent, we’ll witness a trend away from mass-market #ContentMarketing and toward tailored content (marketing) offerings for one-on-one audiences. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325516_878_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022We will witness an increase in microcontent engagements with our audiences in 2022. The software and infrastructure are in place, and customers demand rapid and easy touch, engagement, and communication from our brands. This implies that content marketers should concentrate on the quality of their content for conversation design, chatbots, and voice, as well as the quality of the small, modular content blocks that various search engines utilize. – Crossphase’s Tim Hanse

Microcontent interactions with viewers will increase in 2022. Customers want companies to respond quickly to their requests for contact, experience, communication, and involvement, according to Tim Hanse of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.


According to a recent survey, 74% of marketers know how to identify the relevant accounts, but just 11% are confidence in their ability to engage their customers! To improve engagement and profitability, marketers must provide tailored content experiences strategically across the whole purchase cycle – even post-sale. — Uberflip’s Randy Frisch

According to @RandyFrisch of @SagaReach MarketingContent, marketers must create tailored #content experiences throughout the purchase process — even after the sale – to improve engagement and profitability. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325517_208_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022As disruptive video technology becomes more generally accessible via video mark-up language, marketers will begin to harness the possibilities of customized video at scale (VML). Mega brands with large client databases and vast finances will be the first to change. But it won’t be long until using customised video to engage your customers is as simple and affordable as sending an email. – 256 Neil Gordon

According to Neil Gordon of @256Media through @SagaReach MarketingContent, marketers will begin to harness the promise of customized video at scale in 2022 as disruptive video technology becomes more generally available. To Tweet, just click here.

Take advantage of current social trends.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Amanda-1-125x125Marketers should use livestreaming to their advantage. We typically limit ourselves to utilizing it for on-camera interviews or webinars, but there’s so much more we could be doing with it. Could it be used to promote the launch of a new product or service? To produce a live newsfeed or entertainment presentation including video, music, graphics, and other elements? If you haven’t begun livestreaming yet, I recommend watching and learning from others, exploring the program, and getting started. Have you started livestreaming? Begin to think beyond the box: How can you go beyond typical interviews on the livestream? What are some creative ways you might utilize it to surprise and excite your audience? Examine some of your favorite live programs or events to see if you can include components into your own livestreams. SagaReach Marketing’s Amanda Subler

Learn from what others are doing if you aren’t currently livestreaming. Have you started livestreaming? What else can you do with it besides standard interviews? @SagaReach MarketingContent through @AmandaSubler. #CMWorld To Tweet, just click here.

1639325519_331_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Three trends stand out to me: The Great Resignation (also known as “The Great Resignation”) is a It will be critical to promote unique advantages while also standing out as a firm that values its employees — for example, by promoting CSR activities, DEI projects, employee testimonials/personal stories, and career growth chances.

Considerations for Chip Shortages: To preserve customer loyalty and retention, brands will need to rethink their advertising strategies and be ready to match consumer demand when inventory becomes available.

E-commerce: Consider how to easily integrate shoppable units into journalistic landing pages. Talk to your native advertising partners about methods to blend these two experiences into a seamless article page and/or build shoppable units through slideshows/carousels if you already have e-commerce connections with certain suppliers. — Nativo Inc.’s Lizzie Blumenthal

In 2022, Lizzie Blumenthal of @SagaReach MarketingContent argues that highlighting CSR activities, DEI projects, employee testimonials/personal stories, and career growth chances would be critical.

1639325520_131_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022In 2022, the creative economy will continue to expand and acquire traction. Making NFTs accessible to your community will help them feel even more connected to the material you’re producing. Consider an NFT approach and what you can provide uniquely right now. — SagaReach Marketing’s JK Kalinowski

By making NFTs accessible to your community, they will feel more connected to the #content you produce. Start thinking about an NFT approach, advises @jkkalinowski of @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

SagaReach%20Marketing_Headshots_Oneill-1-125x125The Great Resignation, along with the rise of increased automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, will begin to transform the landscape of creative marketing operations and augment the work of creative and strategic positions in firms. Material enrichment systems will allow marketers to provide more relevant content that is more closely aligned with what consumers are experiencing right now in the next years. The increased engagement that results from learning and implementing these platforms and techniques will be well worth the effort. In creative fields, however, it is critical for human talent to showcase their personalities and differentiate the originality they are capable of – both without and, perhaps more importantly, alongside machines. — KO Insights’ Kate O’Neill

According to @kateo via @SagaReach MarketingContent, “people in creative areas must express their individuality and demonstrate the uniqueness they’re capable of – both without machines and alongside them.” To Tweet, just click here.

Boost, grow, and improve

1639325521_538_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022By 2025, digital platforms will account for 80% of B2B sales engagements (Gartner). To be ready, B2B marketers must optimize for digital-first consumers by using the following strategies: 1. Customer intelligence for content choices based on data 2. Self-serve content that customers demand, including virtual events to mobile video; and 3. Industry expert and internal SagaReach Marketing content collaborations. — TopRank Marketing’s Lee Odden

According to @LeeOdden of @SagaReach MarketingContent, B2B #ContentMarketers must optimize for digital-first customers. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325522_920_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022To get the most out of your core content, focus on marketing optimization technology. Over the last several years, martech tools have advanced substantially, opening up new potential for content reuse. You can’t rely on Google to direct your readers to older material since there’s so much of it. To repurpose content and bring it in front of your audience in a new manner, employ new martech tools and emerging channels.

Examine high-value content for chances to repurpose current content components. Improve the management, analysis, and monitoring of historical material with contemporary tracking. Use current martech technologies that meet your organization’s profile and budget to implement content distribution and control. IQVIA’s Buddy Scalera

According to @BuddyScalera through @SagaReach MarketingContent, you can’t depend on @Google to bring consumers to older #content; instead, employ new martech tools and emerging channels to refresh and display it in a new manner. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325523_559_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022In 2022, I expect more content marketers will concentrate on content amplification. Because organic reach is non-existent, we’ll have to be proactive in ensuring that our content reaches more of the correct individuals every day. That begins with figuring out how and where we’ll successfully amplify our content and incorporating that into our content plans. Converge’s James Tennant

Because organic reach is non-existent, I predict we’ll see more content marketers focused on #content amplification in 2022, says @JamesConverge via @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325523_439_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The pace of international growth will accelerate. As local ROI slows, many companies will begin to consider worldwide growth into new markets or expanding their presence in current global markets. Keep in mind that this isn’t a content game translation; rather, it’s a content game transcreation. Make sure that local content marketers may use your English-language material as a starting point for creating content for their market. SEM International’s Michael Bonfils

Firms will consider entering new markets or expanding their presence in current ones. According to @MichaelBonfils of @SagaReach MarketingContent, it’s not about translation — it’s about content transcreation. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325524_126_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Major publisher mergers and acquisitions, in my opinion, will make it difficult for smaller companies to compete in organic search. Internal amplifiers such as AI and NLP should be considered by content marketers to get more out of their present resources. In addition, when corporations acquire more and more real estate, Google will need to adjust the way it analyzes diversity in its SERPs. Content marketers must keep an eye on their SERPs for changes and invest in competitor research. — MarketMuse’s Jeff Coyle

In 2022, @jeffrey coyle suggests using internal amplifiers like AI and NLP to get more out of your current #ContentMarketing resources. To Tweet, just click here.

To develop, you must become more agile.

1639325525_688_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Content marketers should plan for a change in customer behavior as we approach 2022. Many customers now work from home, and their daily routines are shifting. To ensure that timing and cadence of communication are correctly linked, content marketers must reevaluate them. – Digital DeLane’s Juntae DeLane

According to @JuntaeDeLane of @SagaReach MarketingContent, reevaluate the timing and cadence of your #ContentMarketing to ensure they’re correctly matched with customer behavior. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325525_946_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022As the hysteria about the epidemic dissipates, ambitious brand owners should restart their expansion ambitions. In 2022, wise marketers will realign their content strategy, grasp how their target audience’s demands have evolved, and adapt to meet those needs. Your content marketing efforts may have been put on hold due to the epidemic, but don’t simply push “play” again immediately. Rewrite the words and change up the music; the same old song isn’t going to bring you to No. 1 anymore. Make sure your new plan is a hit! – 256 Paula Connor

You had to suspend #ContentMarketing due to the epidemic, but don’t simply start it up again. According to @PaulaROI via @SagaReach MarketingContent, rewriting the lyrics and changing the music will not bring you to No. 1. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325526_877_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers will need to continue to work in a world trapped between lockdown and “new normal” as we approach towards 2022, and ensuring that their marketing strategies enable them to be reactive as well as proactive as required. StoryFuel’s Melanie Deziel

Make sure your #ContentMarketing strategies allow you to be reactive as well as proactive in a world trapped between lockdown and the new normal, advises @mdeziel through @SagaReach MarketingContent. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325527_321_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022Marketers will shift their focus away from individual assets and toward ecosystems of high-value, owned content for two reasons: 1) to enable large-scale first-party data collection, reducing their reliance on third-party cookies and audiences; and 2) to create a connected digital experience fueled by customer-centric content. – Skyword’s Andrew Wheeler

According to @acwheeler33 of @SagaReach MarketingContent, marketers will cease concentrating on individual assets and instead construct ecosystems of high-value, owned content. To Tweet, just click here.

1639325528_251_100-Content-Marketing-Trends-and-Predictions-for-Success-in-2022The new marketing is product content. Marketers, particularly in SaaS organizations, must consider content holistically. To boost SEO, use keyword-rich technical documentation sites. Collaborate with a cross-functional team of content creators to fill out the whole customer experience, which includes more than just conversion. Also, provide your support to the team developing digital self-service, since that experience will promote renewals and expansions. Most essential, don’t reinvent the wheel and generate client confusion. Collaborate with groups that are already accomplishing these goals! Reltio’s Megan Gilhooly

Product content is the new marketing, according to @megangilhooly of @SagaReach MarketingContent. Support the team creating digital self-service, as that experience will drive renewals and expansions. To Tweet, just click here.

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The “digital marketing trends for 2022” is a list of 100+ content marketing trends and predictions. The article discusses how these trends will impact the digital marketing industry in the future.

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