10 Things You Need To Know To Be Successful

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You hear about the 10-point plan to be successful, like “the first thing you need is a great idea” or “you have to know your customer”. But do these slogans really make sense? Here are 10 things that it might not mean what they seem.

In today’s marketplace, many people are trying to achieve success in their career or business. This article will focus on ten key steps that you can take towards achieving your goals and becoming successful at what you do.

Success is a journey. There are no shortcuts to success. Successful people have realized that they need to be persistent and work hard in order to achieve their goals. They also realize that there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success. Read more in detail here: 5 things you need to be successful.

10 Things You Need To Know To Be Successful

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Kristina Azarenko’s freelancing career-focused essay gives some very helpful professional recommendations to assist SEO freelancers not only enhance their careers, but also set them up for continuing success.

Kristina, I congratulate you. Excellent work! Thank you for contributing your professional views and ideas to SagaReach Marketing as a contributor. 


Freelancing is idealized and portrayed as a way to get away from a nagging supervisor that doesn’t appreciate you.

When individuals start working for themselves, however, they often discover that they ‘leave 9-5 to work 24/7.’


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This may have a negative impact on your self-esteem and mental health, but it doesn’t negate the benefits of freelancing.

If you approach it with the appropriate perspective, it may be a rewarding experience.

You’ll discover SEO freelancing ideas in this column that will help you attract more (and better) customers, create a long-term career, and enjoy what you do.

But first, consider why so many individuals opt to work for themselves.

The Benefits of a Freelance Career

I have outlined a few disadvantages of beginning an SEO freelance company. So now it’s time to weigh in on the benefits of this voyage.

When you work as a freelancer,…

You have greater influence over how you spend your time and how you live your life.

It is not necessary to get authorization to see the dentist during business hours. If your tasks allow, you can even take a complete weekday off. It is entirely up to you to choose your own timetable.


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Your pay has the potential to rise fast.

According to SagaReach Marketing data, 60% of SEO specialists make the same as or more than the US median wage while working full-time.

However, one’s ability to advance is frequently restricted by their years of experience, and it’s difficult to significantly boost your wage inside a same firm. To earn a greater raise, you’d usually have to move jobs.

When you work as an SEO freelancer, though, you don’t have to wait for a ‘3% annual raise.’ You can produce more quickly.

In my first year of freelancing, I more than quadrupled my former full-time employment compensation, then in the following year, I more than tripled it again.

That isn’t an unusual outcome; there are several more success stories from SEOs who opted to establish their own businesses.

Furthermore, since you may turn your freelance company into an agency or anything else, there is absolutely no limit to how much money you can generate.

Working directly with clients.

It was one of the most essential advantages for me since I wanted to have a greater effect on the success of my customers.

You have a deeper understanding of your customers.

As a company owner, you have a better understanding of your customers since you have learned more about priorities and assessing work vs. effect.

It allows you to focus on the most important advice rather than attempting to repair all SEO concerns.

I began my business two years ago with no prior business or freelancing experience, so I had to fast learn everything.

Here are my ten most useful recommendations, which I hope will assist you in getting your SEO freelance company up and running (and keep you sane while doing it).

1. Make Contact With Other Freelancers

There are those who have been there before you, no matter where you are. They have knowledge and expertise that you can use.

Getting advice from such folks may save you months of research. Aleyda Solis, Luke Carthy, Andrew Optmisey, Kirsty Hulse, and Troy Fawkes, who were upfront with me and provided me with good advise, deserve special thanks.


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A few pointers on approaching individuals for guidance…

Be considerate of their time.

Don’t simply send a DM with a list of queries or anything generic like ‘help me.’ People would gladly assist you if you create connections instead.

Inquire about specifics.

The answers you get are determined on the questions you ask. As a result, make sure you ask targeted questions that will help you shift the needle.

You are solely accountable for your choices.

You ask for support, not for them to take responsibility for your company. So apply your common sense and observe what works and what doesn’t.

2. Establish an online presence

You have the potential to be the finest SEO ever. However, if no one knows about it, it will be difficult to succeed.

We live in a society where there are so many voices on social media, and yours should be heard as well.

You may utilize LinkedIn to increase your visibility. You may utilize Twitter, launch a newsletter, or do it all at the same time. It’s all up to you.


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But believe me when I say that having a strong internet presence makes it much simpler to communicate to potential.

Two months before I resigned my work, I began creating my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. It did assist me in attracting my initial customers and students to my SEO course.

3. Approach yourself as if you were a business.

You are now an accountant, a salesman, an account manager, and a legal department when you start your own firm.

You also have to pay your taxes (which might be terrifying at first).

This must be included into your service rate. Calculating the hourly rate you earned at a day job isn’t enough. To pay all additional costs, you’ll need a few times more.

4. Understand how to charge for your services.

Even if you’re now the sole employee, you now have the knowledge that you’re running a firm.

Profit is the primary purpose of every firm. So the next step is to accept it and stop selling yourself short (it might be easier when you see your first tax bill).


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Here are some pointers:

  • Don’t labor for nothing.
  • Instead of invoicing by the hour, use project-based pricing.
  • Continuously improve and raise your rates as a result.

5. Understand how to sell

“You’re not in the business if you can’t sell,” I was told when I first began. Every time I saw it, I would grimace.

I didn’t want to sell; in fact, I was apprehensive about doing so.

Also, there’s a frequent assumption that if you’re skilled at your job (in our instance, SEO), you’ll instantly attract a lot of customers.

That is not the case. In truth, selling and SEO are two distinct abilities. You’ll need both of them to succeed.

When I embraced this reality, everything changed for me. I began to learn how to sell.

I’m not referring about door-to-door sales or sending obnoxious LinkedIn messages to your acquaintances. It’s a lot more nuanced than that.


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You’re selling whenever you pick up the phone and contact a prospective client.

You’re selling even if you’re simply conversing or discussing your previous successes.

You’re pitching ideas, outcomes, your expertise, and your firm. Any interaction with a potential customer is a sales pitch.

The earlier you grasp it, the better.

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6. Establish Procedures And Systems

Many people tell me they still don’t have a clear approach for doing an SEO audit or other repetitive operations.

It’s OK if you don’t have any procedures or systems in place just now. But now is the time to begin constructing them.

Creating procedures can help you increase the efficiency of your freelancing company and increase your profit margins. Processes may also be useful for delegating later on, if you decide to employ someone to assist you.

You don’t have to make anything elaborate. A process might begin with a basic checklist that you can build upon over time.

10-Things-You-Need-To-Know-To-Be-SuccessfulNovember 2021, author’s screenshot

7. Develop Assets

I began constructing a course at the same time that I launched my freelance company.


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While I wouldn’t advise everyone to embark on such a large project (since it’s difficult), it’s still beneficial to begin accumulating assets (for example, an ebook or a paid membership).

Selling items in addition to services, in my opinion, makes you a much better SEO since you gain a lot of marketing abilities.

You begin to perceive audience research in a new light, master copywriting, and get a deeper understanding of your SEO clients.

Furthermore, assets provide you with passive income and keep you occupied when there isn’t a lot of client activity. Who knows, they could evolve into something greater in the future.

8. Prepare yourself for a long trip.

It’s not simple to get started as a freelancer. You’ll have to find out a lot of stuff fast. It may also be isolating.

All of this might lead to continual overworking and mental health difficulties.

In fact, according to a Twitter survey I conducted, work/life balance is one of the three most difficult aspects of freelancing:

1640419447_489_10-Things-You-Need-To-Know-To-Be-SuccessfulNovember 2021, author’s screenshot

So, before it becomes too difficult to remember who you are outside of your company, take care of yourself and your work/life balance.


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Here are some suggestions:

  • Have a group of people who will cheer you up (your spouse, friends, fellow freelancers).
  • Have a pastime that is unrelated to your job (and, preferably, does not need the use of a computer).
  • Make a schedule for your free time.
  • Set clear limits for yourself; don’t work in your jammies for 12 hours a day.

All of these minor details will guarantee that you’re running a marathon, not a sprint (yeah, this is an SEO reference).

9. Be Aware Of Your ‘Laws’ And Obey Them

You can’t take on every SEO assignment that comes your way. You won’t be able to work with all of the customers that come to you.

Attempting to assist everyone will simply exhaust you.

Instead, you must be clear about what you do (your skills), how you assist (your services), and who you assist (types of clients you work with).

1640419447_641_10-Things-You-Need-To-Know-To-Be-SuccessfulNovember 2021, author’s screenshot

At initially, it will be difficult for you to say no to new tasks. It will, however, pay off in the long term.


Continue reading below for more information.

10. Assist Others Along the Way

You are priceless. You can assist someone who is a few steps behind you in anything, no matter where you are in your freelancing career.

You may contribute in any manner that fits you, for as by writing a blog post, tweeting a tip, or answering a question in a Slack group.

Simply remember that your expertise counts, and one day (very soon) you’ll be the one assisting someone who is just getting started.

The Last Bricks

It’s much too short of a life to remain in a job you despise or work on tasks you despise.

You will have no boundaries when you embark on a freelance career for yourself.

I have faith in you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 10 ways to be successful?

– Work hard and never give up.
– Let your potential be seen by keeping a positive attitude.
– Take the time to learn new skills that will help you in accomplishing your goal.
– Believe in yourself, but dont forget to trust others as well! This can lead to success if done correctly.
– Be unique so people remember who you are when they encounter you again!

What do I have to know to be successful?

A: The most important thing for any person or business is to be honest with themselves and truthful about who they are. If you cant manage that, then it will be very difficult to figure out how youre going to succeed.

What are 8 things you need to be successful?

1. Be a good listener
2. Ask questions to understand your customers needs and problems better
3. Think outside the box; think creatively about how you solve these customer needs and problems
4. Keep it simple, but not too simple that people don’t know what they are getting or will be confused by the service/product 5. Use effective marketing techniques like social media influencers, word of mouth advertising

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